Kelley Blue Book: The Affordable, Long-Range EV For The Masses Is Here Now, No Waiting Required


The positive Chevrolet Bolt reviews continue to pour in.

The Chevy Bolt EV arrived in both New York and New Jersey in March as the GM plug-in winds its way to being a nationwide offering by September

This latest one comes to us via Kelley Blue Book.

The publication states that the Bolt has not only plenty of room inside, but that its tall roofline gives ample space for passengers among us.

As for the reported “five seat” capacity, that is an operation one should only take GM up on when in a pinch, as seating for just four is Kelley Blue Book’s preferred configuration; although the outfit does not there is lots of cargo room, including a “hidden” compartment under the floor.

Overall, there is reportedly “little to complain about” when it comes to the ergonomics of the 238 mile EV.

On the range side, KBB is impressed too:

“You see, the 2017 Chevy Bolt is a pure electric vehicle, the first affordable pure EV with a real-world range in the neighborhood of 230 miles. And that’s the beauty of it: I wasn’t ever worried about the range. Even though I didn’t even leave the house with a full charge, the 180-200 miles estimated was more than enough to make it to my destination without worrying about hypermiling or other energy-saving measures.”

Even handling, something that’s not often covered when reviewing electric cars, was highlighted, as the review finds the Bolt EV a “pretty fun” car to drive, complete with aย “nicely sorted suspension and some legit moves.”

KBB concludes:

“The affordable real-world electric vehicle is here now, people. You don’t have to be on a waitlist for a promised competitor. If you want an electric vehicle that you can use like a regular car now, and don’t want to pay nearly $100,000 for the privilege, the only choice is the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.”

Clearly a shot at the expensive Tesla Model S and the long waiting period for the Model 3.

Source: Kelley Blue Book

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No waiting required… unless you live outside of CARB states.

We might see a Model 3 in Texas before we see a Bolt.

Are you in the DFW area? While it is not for sale yet of course, Classic Chevy in Grapevine is taking deposits now.

More importantly, I’m told by them that test drives are coming soon. (Like… very very soon.) So if you haven’t had the chance to take it for a spin, give them a call to find out when they’ll have their test model.

I doubt that for two reasons.

You already have Bolts to see (floor models) and if test drives start soon (as said before) then they’ll arrive to customers only a few weeks later.

Second, and the bigger reason. That is that last I checked you can’t even buy a Tesla in Texas because Tesla only uses direct sales and Texas bans direct sales.

Can’t buy a Tesla in Texas? Not true! You got internet? You can buy a Tesla! Texas probably has internet access, so No, not true!

However, you can see, and sit in, but not get a Store offered Tesla Test Drive, in Texas! Or, talk Prices with them! (Because Texas Auto Dealers can’t handle real competition!)

But if you can check, and filter for Tesla HPWC plug, you can probably find Tesla Owners in Texas, that share a home charger, and some of them could be happy to help you out!

Not that hard to get a Tesla in Texas. I see about 10-15 a day in my area. More than all other plug-ins combined.

It’s the same thing in Pennsylvania.

A Haley Dealership in Richmond Virginia has already started selling the Bolt they have one parked in front of the dealership already.

We,were told,we can order one now and get it in June even in non carb state Arizona. Tech have also been trained in case of any repairs needed. They have been working on the,Volt for a few year.

Similar to the EU, order now and you can take delivery in 2018. That’s pretty awfully similar to the model 3.

not if you live in Norway, they got the Bolts in summer. Test drive is available now

Now in non-CARB Washington State

In your alternate universe.

So, those 182 Bolts on the Chevy dealer lots within 40 miles of Seattle are all “false news”?

ffbj, your repeated bashing of Bolt for no reason other than your personal idiotic bias is getting really tiring…

Facts are here. Yes, you seem to live in your alternative denial.

Virginia is not a CARB state, and there are 165 available here now.

And many of the sales are from out of state, people fly in and drive their new Bolt EV home or have it shipped.

Say 13 sitting on the lot at the dealer in Virginia (linkie) I got my Volt.

So you can’t order from a dealer out of state ๐Ÿ˜‰

“No waiting requiredโ€ฆ unless you live outside of CARB states.”

So, I didn’t know Canada, Norway, Germany, South Korea are all considered as CARB States..

Ontario has a huge rebate for EVs, but I can’t find any to even see, let alone drive. I chatted with a representative on, and she said there’s none available from the GTA to Barrie, and that dealerships are no longer placing orders. A dealer I visited said the same.

Online, it looks like some people got them earlier in the year, but at this point they’re barely any more available than the Model 3 in Canada’s biggest market.

I’m probably gonna have to get a Volt instead.

News I heard at an EV meeting last Thursday: 2018 Bolts will be the next ones to come to Ontario, so Maybe, in November or December! No more 2017’s! All their Allotments are delivered!

So basically, they are not making enough of them to fill the Ontario Market, where only Michigan is Closer! So, waiting for a Bolt EV, is now required in Ontario, same as for a Tesla Model 3!

Sure, some people alrady got their Bolts, and no one got a Model 3 yet, but that will all be changing by July, and by November, there will be more Model 3’s delivered than Bolt EV’s! Maybe sooner!

Dealer in Mississauga at Erin Mills and Dundas has one in the showroom that they aren’t selling. Go take a look if you’re in the area.

We have some available in Sudbury, Ontario

I’m not sure what is happening in other parts of Canada, but as the only foreigner belonging to the Hamilton, Ontario car club (GHEVA), I fully expected at the March 2017 meeting to be one of several Bolt ev’s.

Turned out I was the only one with a Bolt. They said Shame on me for not ordering the CCS connector but I said you won’t have that problem since current thinking at GM is all Canadian models will have them Standard.

I’m sure the car will be VERY POPULAR. Oh, and BTW, it was uncommonly warm here today and was the first day I used the air conditioner. Can’t speak for the hottest weather of the summer but when using it today, the current draw rarely even hit 1kw about the quiescent usage of the car.

So that means in moderate summer weather at least, the air conditioning draws essentially nothing to run.

Jolt! Looks like you can get one in Pennsylvania.
But, GM’s warranty is pretty bad, almost a No-Faith warranty.
I’ve got to wait for 2 years of “early-adaptors” and see…

If they stood behind their product, like it meant something to them…

Where in Pennsylvania?

I went to two local dealers and was told they didn’t know when they were going to get them.

Or in Europe….

And there you go.

It is pretty fun to drive. It seemed to have about twice the torque off the line that my Kia Soul EV has. Torque is the great unmarketed feature of EV’s.

Where is the commercial showing this car sliding sideways across wet pavement, like other cars?

Yes, it has torque. Too much for FWD. Even my Leaf can be overcome by torque if I really punch it. The Bolt should be RWD, IMO.

AWD would be great.

Hoover at 300 mph even better ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice to see another positive review. The internet can skew things, but my experience in the real world is that most people who try it really like the car.

I test drove one when they first arrived here in California. I really liked it and still do. But my wife wasn’t with me and I was worried about whether she would like it. Well, no more. She sat in one and checked it out closely at an Earth Day event last weekend and was clearly impressed. I can’t imagine that changing when she has a chance to test drive one. I had even told her about the reviews on the narrow and not so cushy seats, but she didn’t have any problem with them.

We will probably buy one the second half of this year. I think it will be a blast to own.

You won’t regret it! We’ve had ours since the top of the year and it’s the most fun car I’ve ever owned! We took deliver 12/31/16 and haven’t looked back. I hope you get yours soon!

Model 3 begins production in under 13 weeks, and comes with autopilot, supercharging, and no dealer involved, all for $2500 cheaper in a sexier package.

I guess if you didn’t make a deposit on the Model 3 already it might make sense to make one now, and simultaneously get a short Bolt lease to hold you over or something, if your current car won’t hold out for another year and a half.

I like the form factor of the Bolt/Ampera-e to the Model 3, but it’s just all the other stuff that’s way better hands down.

Things like software, superchargers and updates.

Besides, ya get to wait until Tesla ramps up production and fulfills the first 400k units. Unless you’re on the list already, it’ll be 2020 or so before the order is shipped.

2020? So you dont think Elon & Tesla Factory can get through those reservations by the end of 2018?

Did you miss that story that shows all those large robots lined up ready to install in Fremont?

Also, if a lot of reservation holders want options, that are not yet coming, like Dual Motors, the actual list self filters quite quick!

Outside, or New Reservations, who want a single rear motor Model 3, might get a shot, even before 2018 is up!

Software and updates are overrated, supercharger though is great!

Not so sure about the sexier package you are referring to. The model 3 exterior seems pretty bland to me but the interior is downright ugly and a deal killer in my opinion.

I think the III is definitely a better looking car, but it seems like the Bolt has too much headroom to allow the car to be more streamlined and sporty looking while the sexier III has fairly tight rear seats with fairly poor headroom.
I am kind of laughing at the fact that the car I need, large enough to seat 4 adults comfortably and with at least 200 miles of AER, is running into problems achieving what I want, cool looking car that is mildly sporty.

Look at the Nissan Leaf II in September.
Lower price, ProPilot, 200+miles.

So, you are sure that 200 miles LEAF will have lower price than the Bolt with similar equipment?

And performance too?

It has CHAdeMO. It’s almost a better deal than the Bolt for that reason alone.

My dad always said, “It’s like a bird eating **** on the street, everybody to their own taste.”

Another thing to consider: at the base price where the two cars are comparable, the model 3 comes without the premium interior, premium wheels, premium paint etc. While it may still beat the Bolt on looks (depending on your taste), it won’t look as amazing as people might be expecting.

The premier Bolt at $42K and the average optioned Model 3 at $42K.

It’ll be interesting to see how they compare at the same price point.

Bojan, I am liking a lot about my base Volt, I just wish it had more rear seat room for the adults I drive around for work reasons. (I am a Realtor)

Base is ok, I just need a roomier car and want it to be sporty and have 200+ miles of AER or a genset. Within a couple years I will probably expect a BEV to have 250 miles of AER and be capable of charging at at least 75 kW, though 150 kW charging would be better by 2019.

Right now I would be ecstatic to be able to charge at 75 kW in a $37k/240 mile AER vehicle that looked like the III but was roomier like the Bolt.

My Volt is paid off, looks good and has never had a mechanical or electrical problem. I may be waiting a couple years to get the car of my dreams.

Are you not uncomfortable with the lack of component testing as reported by major news sources recently? Musk is taking quite a chance here by skipping this step. I hope all works out of course, but recalls and negative publicity are expensive, and time consuming.

Subsystems have been being tested for the Model 3 for some Months now, as reported in EV News Stories.

Pretty sure that tests components, included in SubSystems.

You’re not going to get a Model 3 with autopilot for $2500 less than the price of a Bolt.

Let’s be fair here: for 2500$ cheaper, you get the base model 3, which doesn’t have autopilot.

I feel that this happens a lot when people compare the two cars, they compare the prices of the base models while comparing the features of the fully loaded models.

…and the Bolt will have access to the nationwide network of CCS chargers being installed by VW (and others), so the ability to use the Supercharger network, especially if not for free, isn’t really an advantage for Teslas within the next six months.

So will Tesla!

Maybe. We’ll have to see what VW’s network ends up looking like.

We know the superchargers are well spaced, very highly available, quick, and all use the same sane billing system (no cards or broken screens). These are very important properties for a nation wide charging network.

Tesla aims to increase the number of Superchargers in the US by 150% in a year. That’s one and a half times as many chargers on top of a network that already blows away what VW proposes. Tesla’s fast-charger network will undoubtably remain top dog for the foreseeable future and VW’s will not come close.

You won’t be getting supercharging and autopilot for $35k. Those are extra.

Except you probably aren’t getting all,those things for the base price?

I’m really starting to think the folks that run this site need to make another. One should be Inside “Tesla and all things Elon” and the other should be “Inside Unpretentious EVs”.

This is going to shock about 70% of the people here, but Tesla is not the end all and be all in electric cars. Their products are not without flaws and limitations. Tesla has yet to build a car that is suitable for me. Maybe someday as Elon promises to be all things to everybody, but so far not yet. The Model 3 is a day late, a dollar short and it does not fit my requirements well enough. To me it’s a disappointment.

The Bolt’s doing the job now. Today.

“Model 3 begins production in under 13 weeks, and comes with autopilot, supercharging, and no dealer involved, all for $2500 cheaper in a sexier package.”

Optimist much?

-Model 3 will start shipping to real customers sometime in second quarter 2018.
-AutoPilot and SuperCharging are extra $$.
– “sexier” is in the eye of the beholder. Once you bang your head on the glass getting in the back seat it might not be so sexy.

OK. The ‘no dealer’ thing might be a positive. Unless you got a trade-in.

Are you kidding me?

“Sexy” is in the eye of the beholder?

Anyone that isn’t blind and that can see clearly see the same object the same as every single other human.

The Model 3 has a shape. The Dolt has a shape.

The Model 3 has a sleek sexy shape. The Dolt has an ugly dorky looking non sexy shape.

Something being sexy is not an opinion. It is a fact of the actuality of it.

You clearly have wonderful taste in things trying to defend the ugly Dolt lol

To some people, a Hummer is sexy. And it’s way boxier than Bolt.

Hummers are not sexy in any way though. They may look “cool” but they are not “sexy”.

There are no curves or sleek elements that would make it a sexy shape.

Aston Martin’s are sexy cars. All of them. They are sleek/low slung, have clean minimalistic designs and and have the curve in the thighs near the rear wheelbase.

Curves are representative to women and when a car has the curve in the rear it is considered sexy, just like a woman with nice toned and shapely legs.

A Hummer is a box and does not possess any of those design traits. Again it may look cool or badass but it is not a sexy design in any way.

Sexy is an incorrect term to describe it’s aesthetics.

Yeah,Well,That’s just like your opinion Man!

Learn the difference between objective and subjective.

LOL. People trying to logically argue a subjective opinion.

Especially this line: “Anyone that isnโ€™t blind and that can see clearly see the same object the same as every single other human.”

Remember the dress color debate? Blue or Gold?

I agree with you, but the dress is not a good example for your point.

The dress was actually blue in real life. The problem was a poor picture.

Perception is reality.

Which is darker, A or B?

Reality is reality, perception is perception.

The cylinder makes my point.

That’s why the dress is a bad choice. In reality, it’s blue even if it appears white and gold in a bad photo.

See, easy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Color = frequency of light as interpreted by the brain. So in the dress photo, some people’s brain saw gold, some saw blue. Just like with cars, some see sexy, some see not sexy, even though they are given the same data.

I agree that the Model 3 (prototype) is a sexy car. I strongly disagree that the Bolt is ugly though. I would describe it as either “normal” or “nice”. I’m really surprised that anybody actually thinks it’s ugly. If you think it’s so ugly, then are there any ~$30k hatchbacks that you think are sexy?

By the way, when you said “Something being sexy is not an opinion. It is a fact of the actuality of it”, you meant that as hyperbole, right?

Fwiw, if I had the option, I would happily take the form factor and utility of the Bolt with the appearance of the Model 3 (prototype).

I wish the Bolt looked more like the Ford Focus ST. Roomy, decent not great aerodynamics and a reasonably sharp, sporty look.

That’s a pretty good looking car, but it’s also a very rare variant of the Focus. Plus, I would rather have the additional headroom and legroom that a Bolt offers over a Focus, and that partly dictates the shape of the Bolt.

I hear you Mikey. I guess I just wish that GM had kept the roomieness of the Bolt while taking design clues from hot hatches. It would have reduced the rear seat headroom a bit, but I can wear a ten gallon hat in the back seat of the Bolt, and I am fairly tall. It seems like GM designed TOO MUCH headroom into the Bolt as a reaction to having TOO LITTLE in the Volt.

“OK. The โ€˜no dealerโ€™ thing might be a positive. Unless you got a trade-in”

I’d say that’s a plus too. When we test drove the Model S about a month ago, the Tesla gallery said they would match Carmax trade in appraisal for our Volt. I assume they will do that for any car.

Carmax gives decent trade in value. Although sometimes you can haggle a normal dealer into giving you more. Unless I find a private buyer, I’ll be selling our Spark EV to Carmax when getting our Bolt EV also.

I don’t get how being forced to pay MSRP (in a non-dealer sale) is a “positive thing”.

Personally I would rather bounce a dealer off another dealer and get a better deal. When there is more competition the consumer wins.

Are you thinking Reservation Holders are not Real Customers? Per “Model 3 will start shipping to real customers sometime in second quarter 2018.”

They will be shipping to non Tesla Employees by September, short of stupid stuff happening.

September delivery to non-employee customers seems unlikely to me.

Here’s Musk’s ideal timeline:

“the production schedule that Tesla has given its parts suppliers:

1,000 per week in July;
2,000 per week in August;
4,000 per week in September;
5,000 per week by the end of the year.

That would happen in a perfect world. But it’s not a perfect world and there will likely be at least some minor issues that push things back. I expect a more realistic but still optimistic expectation might be Tesla hits the 1,000/week build rate a couple months late in Sept. and maybe ramp to 2,000/week in Nov.

At that kind of pace non-employee deliveries might not occur until quarter 1 2018.

Waiting is required if you don’t want an ugly vehicle that you’ll feel embarrassed driving around.

Some people have good taste and most people don’t.

All the guys I see in Dolt’s look exactly like the type of people that would drive a vehicle that looks like that.

No care of sense of style. It’s based on how they dress too. They wear generic bland colored clothes that don’t fit properly on their bodies.

And I get it. You don’t care about how you look. That’s how most generic humans think, but dressing well, maintaining yourself and driving a nice looking vehicle are things that stand out from the rest of the human race and just make you feel good.

And I could never settle for an ugly vehicle. Because I have a choice if I want to give my money for it. And I would never do that.

There are plenty of people happy not to stand out. No need to disparage them.

Why so judgemental? Many people care about how they look, but don’t put that is their top priority. Beauty is skin deep. Utility of a $30k+ vehicle is important too. So is quality/reliability (compare the Model S to the Volt to get a taste of Tesla -vs- GM EV quality).

Compare Volt to Model S reliability: Consumer Reports found the 2016 Model S to have much better than average reliability (5 out of 5) while the 2016 Volt was scored much worse than average (1 out of 5).

For 2015 those scores were Model S average (3 out of 5) and Volt worse than average (2 out of 5).

Back in 2014 it was a different story: Model S much worse than average (1/5) and Volt average (3/5).

Recent evidence shows Tesla kicking GM’s butt on reliability

GM needs to get their act together on the Volt’s build quality or they are going to rapidly lose the good reputation they built with the first generation Volt.

May I ask what vehicle you drive right now, including the model and year?

Probably a Prius plug-in. Lol

That’s your only argument?

I intend to own both a Model III (or S) and a Bolt over the next year.

I don’t care what you drive, Volt > Dolt. It doesn’t change the personality or likability of the person behind the wheel.

The only thing that makes you stand out from the rest of the “generic humans” is that you sound more unpleasant to be around than most.

Are you TRYING to make Model 3 dreamers look like shallow, superficial, narcissistic a$$h0l3s? ‘Cause if so, it’s working.

(I don’t think that group of people exemplifies those traits, BTW. I just think YOU do.)

There isn’t a sexy vehicle or fancy set of clothes in the world that can cover up the dark ugliness of hubris and disdain for one’s fellow human beings.

You seem like a very judgmental and shallow person.

Hey, not everyone feels the need to manscape or look like they walked out of a Ferragamo ad.

No need to be an ahole and call out those who are different from you.

Once you mentally graduate high-school, you may feel differently.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

The more I see the Bolt in the wild, the uglier and fuglier the econobox looks.

The more you post, the bigger GM hater troll you look like…

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous


It’s in the name. Thanks Capt. Obvious!

You should add “GM Hating” to your name.

No, it wasn’t obvious. You don’t troll other brands.

So, you should just get rid of your name and change it to “annoying dumb GM hater”. Then it would be clear.

Lol. Ok, that was childish but funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

lol +1

Compared to the H-CR the bolt looks like a dog. H-CR EV would do well I think

Ok I’ll play. Compared to a Huayra the C-HR looks like a dog with mange.

Compared to the rouge the bolt is ugly. You cannot tell me this is the best GM can do.

The Bolt is function over form. It looks okay, kinda generic compact hatchback … much like the Fit. But the payback comes in the great interior space, performance, and economy.

I would have probably advocated for a somewhat lower and longer vehicle to improve looks and aerodynamics while preserving interior space, but I totally respect the design decisions for the Bolt. It’s super practical and will be a great platform to build affordable good-performing EVs for years to come.

Somehow, in every Bolt article, one will find the usual Tesla fan boi/GM hating freaking trolls..

It really seems that they got nothing else to do but paid to troll around the internet.

If you feel that Model 3 is so awesome (which I agree), then why do you feel the need to go around trash the Bolt unless you feel that Bolt is truly a threat to the Model 3 somehow. I guess you must be nervous…

Please, somebody do a “cheaper Tesla” so Tesla 8 can get back out on the road with some “longer range”! The Bolt is not that late, considering the Leaf 2.0, is at least two years late, if anything! I want Tesla to get their cars right, before they get out into the hands of “new to EV” customers. There is going to be some waiting, so it might be good to Chill-ax for a bit and be patient.

Response to Tesla 8, below. Oops!

I like the Bolt. I sure hope LEAF 2 doesn’t disappoint after all this time.

I hope for range choices like a 45kwh pack and a 60kwh, and true thermal conditioning.

If they go with air cooling again, as some at Nissan have indicated, the Bolt would be the hands down choice but for price.This is why I think they’ll offer choices.

That might be because it is covered more than any car lately

Go figure

Anything to keep that TSLA stock inflated!
That’s the whole point of sites like electrek.

The Bolt is two years late, they should of skipped the Spark EV and built the Bolt instead. I should know, I leased a 2014 Spark EV to save money for a cheaper Tesla and would have loved to have a longer range.

By that logic by the time you are able to get your bargain price Model 3 it will be 2+ years late ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not to mention long range travel and faster than L2 charging (availability not ability) or is that only things fan boys worry about?

Bolt seems like a really nice car. One thing that hurts it though is that there are not yet enough SAE-CCS DC fast-chargers, they are not strategically placed, and they generally top out at 50KW. So Tesla still has the edge on doing real long distance driving.

Correct, there are hardly any to speak of.

Go ahead go to Chevy’s website, they will show you just how few CCS chargers there really are.

Sad, but true. So GM is more than two years behind in the EV game. I bet in just 2 short years they will be sweating bullets.

2 years behind….but still ahead of Tesla. Lol

If only Tesla wasn’t 2 years late on everything.

At least they are cutting corners with the Model 3 to get it out relatively on time.

The Bolt also seems to top out on charging.

The Bolt is a placeholder.

It handles the compliance problem, and gives GM and LG more development and experience, but doesn’t commit GM to BEV.

In terms of volume, the Bolt is to GM as the S/X are to Tesla and given that GM doesn’t _need_ the Bolt you shouldn’t expect them to push hard on BEV like Tesla.

While the low charging speed is disappointing and will negatively impact the Bolt’s sales potential, it won’t impact it enough to matter because the upper limit is around 50k per year for now anyway.

The lack of investment in the infrastructure is also a bit disappointing, but given the current unknowns, the low potential volume, the Bolt’s low charging speed, VW’s “fine”, and the general money pit that is charging I can see why GM would think that there’s no point putting money in.

I still haven’t seen any figures showing the Bolt’s charging characteristics using it’s full 80 KW capacity.

There will be 150 KW CCS chargers in the wild before long. It will be interesting to see how the Bolt does on those.

Certainly the seating in back in 5-seat mode is uncomfortable. There’s just no shoulder room. It really underscores how much bigger cars are now, because this car is actually bigger than small 5-seaters (Honda Civic, Chevy Cavalier, Toyota Corolla) were in the 80s. And the Corolla wasn’t even Toyota’s smallest car, the Tercel was smaller (but not a 5 seater).

3 in the back seat of any compact car (EV or not) would not be comfortable for 3, non-midget adults.

But 4 in the back of a Bolt is just fine!

Good luck finding a charger to get you back to your house.

I do it all the time. There’s these wonderful things called “apps” like Plugshare that show these things called “charging stations”. Try it out sometime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s funny that with every positive Bolt article that’s published, there’s always a flood of haters (usually TSLA fanbois) that come and attempt to knock the Bolt down, usually with irrational, nonsensical postings. ๐Ÿ™‚

They can’t stand the fact that there are other EVs out that that might work for other people.

Probably because most of them own TSLA stocks.

I would hardly call 41000 euro’s affordable and certainly not for the masses.

I can’t wait to see the saga of the Bolt unfold this year. When GM has inventory available country-wide I expect we will see quite a lot of Bolts selling in the 4th quarter of this year. I expect modest discounting to be widespread by then to move cars that are priced on the high side for what you get, even after the tax credit.

It really is a car that could have mass appeal, but at $30,000 after tax credit, it is still about $5,000 more expensive than comparable “hot hatches”.

The 2017 model is the shakedown year where GM sorts out initial issues, gets data on customer preferences, etc … the 2018 Bolt should get numerous minor tweaks to improve the car and GM should crank up the volume and cut the price to keep it competitive when there will be plenty of options on the market.

Where do you charge it on a long trip?!? Tesla will get my money, not GM or anyone else without a practical charging network for large battery packs.

Geez, everyone needs long trips all the time too…

You want a better coverage for long trip, then get a Volt because Tesla’s coverage is still not good enough. NOT even good enough in California since you have to plan your trips out of your ways to stop at SC.

SC is the best thing we have today, but comparing to gasoline station coverage and speed, it is still NOT EVEN close!

Volt can take advantage of home charging for short driving and the coverage of gasoline stations on trips!

Anyone will always find some faults with any cars out there.

But somehow Tesla fan bois will always find problems with every other EVs out there.

Bolt is a serious breakthrough. I say good for GM. They did it first. What a car!
I would also thank Tesla and the early EV buyers for providing the motivation. Not to mention the politicians who gave us the federal and state tax credits. That’s money on the table for GM.