KEBA’s 22 kW Charger Functions Even When Submerged In Water And Frozen – Video

SEP 25 2014 BY JAY COLE 5

So, The K Probably A Good Unit To Use In The Winter Then?

So, The KeContact P20 Probably A Good Unit To Use In The Winter Then?

Not so long ago, the good people at eMotorWerks (via the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) showed us that their JuiceBox could be completely submerged in ice water for 5 minutes and still charge a Nissan LEAF.

And although we realize the “15 minutes” of fame for the ice bucket challenges has long since passed, EVSE maker KEBA also shows us something extraordinary with their DC wallbox- the KeContact P20, capable of 22 kW charging.

Not only is the KeContact P20 able to still charge a BMW i3 while submerged in ice water…it is also still capable of charging as an ice cube!

More information on the KeContact P20 can be found here.

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Good one. I use to wonder how rain proof these chargers were. This video shows that they are good in handling rain and harsh weather.

Ice is only 0C while standard temperature range for industrial components that make up an EVSE is -40C to +85C. So all you have to do is to use waterproof connectors. Not impressive.


Yeah, stupid stunt is only good for the average lay person who does not realize that the “charger” is not a 22kW charger at all. It’s just a glorified power cord. Inside the box is a circuit board with some low voltage electronics and a big contactor. So water/ice or whatever proof you want it to be is simply a packaging issue. Outdoor use can be as simple as NEMA-3R rating.

Cute but overkill. I don’t need to charge underwater in the arctic. NEMA-3R is enough.

BMW i3 is a 1-phase charger. Default with 16A, optional with 32A.
To get 22kw AC you need 3-phase 32A. This is not possible with BMW i3.