Kelley Blue Book Tests Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid


Why is the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid KBB’s Best Buy Award winner for hybrid and electric vehicles?

We recently shared Alex on Autos’ review of the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. He truly loved the car and highly recommended it as a “no compromises plug-in family sedan.” Alex explained:

What do I mean by no compromises? I mean an honest to goodness trunk, 212 horsepower, a wide and comfortable back seat, standard active safety tech and a price tag just $800 more than an Accord Hybrid (after tax credits). Why would you buy anything else? I’m not sure either.

Now, Kelley Blue Book seems to feel the same. Not long ago, we shared KBB’s 2018 Hot Plug-Ins Hybrids. The Clarity impressed with its roomy cabin, high horsepower, adequate acceleration, “normal” sedan size and feel, great regen, and standard 8-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Moreover, it qualifies for the full $7,500 federal EV tax credit and offers 47 miles of EPA-estimated electric range. It comes as no surprise that KBB picked the Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid over all other hybrid and electric cars for its overall value.

Video Description by Kelley Blue Book on YouTube:

The 2018 Honda Clarity isn’t just one car model, but the name for a trio of ultra-efficient sedans, each powered in a different way. The Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid was named the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award winner among electric and hybrid vehicles. Here’s why.

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This is the fifth hybrid or hybrid electric my wife and I have owned. (2007 Camry hybrid, 2007 Ford escape, 2013 volt, 2014 fusion energi and now a clarity). This car combines the best of all of them. The ride, size and refinement of the Camry with the range of the Volt. I absolutely love this car and anyone on the market should give it a try. Also, if you are in Texas, there is a $2000 state rebate while supplies last. To get it, there are a lot of hoops but easily doable.–ntig–program

WOW we are almost identical in progress (hycam, volt, energi) except I’ve had a couple more hybrids here and there. TBH, the looks aren’t the greatest but I know it will grow on me as time goes by because as of right now the Clarity looks to be the front runner for my next car.

The Clarity PHEV is the car that the anointed GM Volt 1.0 faithful, have been begging GM to build for more than a few years. The Clarity, looks aside, is definitely a Prius Prime contender in total overall refinement.

I think the Helpful Honda Folks, Finally have a hit on their hands! Now will Honda make enough of the PHEV Clarity, to compete head to head, in sales numbers, with the P. Prime, which dominates the PHEV sales segment in N.A.

They are building them there three at one my dealers here in Ohio

This car would be on my short list if I wasn’t so tall.

It’s a big car

It’s not tall. I want a minivan height Odyssey box

This is a very good deal in CA. The presented model with all the options at $34k will cost you $24.5k (after all credits and rebates), assuming you pay msrp. Compare that with the other hondas and this becomes a very easy decision. The fuel savings will only make this sweeter.

With SCE rebate, it comes $24,050. If you looking to own a PHEV then get the Clarity. You’ll have no regrets.

SCE (aka CA rebate 2) was included…
Approximately $9500 total. Full fed + $1500 ca + sce 450
Crazy good!

Really nice, BUT why not a CRV-type body? Aren’t they following the consumer trend? That’s what I’m waiting for. The Outlander PHEV needs competition.

My guess is the sedan gets 20% better efficiency due to aerodynamics. Also, they probably want something on the fuel cell platform to spread out costs. I imagine something CUV will come soon, if not from Honda from GM.

SUV height will shrink AER by a third! Just look at Pacifica hybrid! Same 16KWH battery gives 33 miles about 2/3 of 48

Wish the Clarity PHEV has stronger EV mode like the Volt…

I accept the regeneration for what it is – somewhat wimpy.. But I don’t like the 4 grades of regen that you have to constantly re-engage. But other than this significant failing, its a great mid-size plugin.

Regen is always blended with braking too, so even if you choose not to use paddles you still get regen.

This is a great car AND a great value but too big for me; also somewhat weird looking though that is par for the course with Japanese cars. Odd that the gasoline tank is so small (7 gal.) and the highway mileage not so great. Overall the Prius Prime is better sized (for me) though even weirder looking, has a battery bump in the trunk, and so much less EV range but substantially better gasoline mileage. The P prime with a $7,500 tax credit sized battery under the floor and/or back seat (ie, not raising the trunk floor) would be the best of all currently possible worlds for me but, alas, is only a dream. (The added battery capacity would be +/- free after the increased tax credit.) Maybe Honda will do this with the new Insight. One can hope, though I would like to buy by July 4, 2019 because of the end of my C-max energi lease. The Ioniq or Niro PHEV are also an option for 2019 because they are making auto emergency braking, etc. standard or available on the base model (I think), but the lack of electric heating is a concern. In the SF bay… Read more »