Karsan Announces Atak Electric Bus With BMW i3 Batteries

NOV 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Karsan will attack in 2019.

The Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan, which this month will start series production of Jest electric buses (powered by BMW i3 electric powertrain and batteries), has on its minda also bigger model, the Atak.

The Atak is also equipped with i3 batteries (five 44 kWh batteries for 220 kWh total), but requires a bigger motor. Karsan decided to go with the Dana TM4 SUMO MD to get 230 kW of power and 2,400 Nm (direct drive).

The company hopes that Atak will make a splash in Western Europe where the electric bus market doubles year-over-year. Production and sales are expected to start in 2019.

Karsan Atak Electric spec:

  • five 44 kWh batteries (BMW i3) for 220 kWh total
  • 300 km (186 miles) of range
  • Dana TM4 SUMO MD high-torque, permanent magnet variable reluctance (PMVR) direct drive motor – 230 kW of power, 2,400 Nm of torque (direct drive, without separate transmission)
  • 8 meters of length
  • 57 passengers
  • charging in 2.5 hour

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Not bad! I mean the girls!

Do Not Read Between The Lines

My first thought about the picture: “Not very Turkish”

Now you know that BMW delivers the full package.

They have just blond busdrivers in Istanbul 😂

They look like they’re in High School.

I must be getting old….

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Maybe it’s just me but they look Photoshpoped in.

” its minda also bigger model” huh?

Seems BMW had been pimping out thier battery to 3rd parties. First a boat company and now a bus company. I assume to get the economy of scale going.

they also provide StreetScooter / Deutsche Post with batteries for their vans at fairly large scale

Wow, 220kWh battery pack with 2.5hr charge time..almost as quick as charging the 60kWh pack in the Bolt!

Yes, with everyone crying about a worldwide battery shortage BMW somehow manages to become the 3rd party supplier of battery packs all over the place. They will sell the range extender engine to anyone as well. Puzzling. It’s not as if the i3 is not selling (in Europe, anyway) and they have warehouses of the stuff lying around.