Karma Revero Spied Hiding New Front & Rear End

MAR 14 2018 BY C SMITH 7

Karma Revero

The plug-in hybrid seeks to distance itself from its Fisker roots.

We’ve nabbed the new Karma Revero testing once again in the wild, this time near the automaker’s research and development location in Southern California. We’ll resist all the jokes about having good karma, instant karma, and so forth, and simply say our spy photographers were in the right place at the right time to get a look not only at the outside, but the inside of this plug-in hybrid.

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This is only the second time we’ve spied the recast electric sedan, the first being last September when it was still basically wearing the same coverings. The Revero dates back quite a few years when people knew it as the Fisker Karma, but with the brand reborn under Chinese ownership as Karma Automotive, it seems the company is keen to revamp the dated design. In the process, we suspect the Karma Revero may seek to carve a new place in the performance hybrid market.

Karma Revero

That said, what all sets the new Revero apart from the old one? We’re pretty confident there’s a new grille and headlights under the coverings up front, and the hood appears to have a new shape that extends further down the front bumper. Similarly, we can see a new set of tail lights out back and a resculptured rear fascia. The overall design of the car, however, will endure.

Karma Revero

It also appears much of the old Fisker interior will stick around. This is obviously a work-in-progress – the big red “Emergency Stop” button on the center console certainly isn’t standard, though if we’re honest it might be rather cool to have one. The red handle sticking out of the dash also isn’t some secret option but a necessity for testing purposes, telling us this car is likely still quite pretty far away from production. With that in mind, it’s always possible a revamped interior show up between now and then.

At this point, we expect to see the new Karma sedan revealed sometime next year.

Karma Revero

Karma Revero

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Who’s buying this thing?

Why isn’t the Revero in the Sales Report Card?

The Porsche Panamera Hybrids that sometimes get 1 sale per month are included.

Karma refuses to reveal any sales data. We reached out to them regarding the situation and they said they won’t be reporting US sales and they won’t disclose any information to InsideEVs. Sorry!

Thanks for the Info.

Well, if sales is zero, there’s really nothing to report. I see lots of commercials for the car when I browse, but I just don’t see the value.

I can confirm 1 sale of Revero at LA area donut shop with regular licence plate not dealer or manufacturer plate.

I can understand why they don’t want full pictures of the car getting out before they are ready to do a Reveal, but it’s hard to believe they are actually worried about any other auto maker copying their design. The Karma Revero is clearly aimed at a tiny niche market, and there isn’t much chance any other auto maker will be trying to copy the design of this car.

As far as the original Fisker Karma design looking “dated”: I don’t think it’s so much that it’s dated, as that it’s just bizarre and over-the-top. I find that “Look at me!” styling to be clownish, but from previous comments, it’s clear that some people like it.