First Karma Revero Deliveries Happening This Month

2018 Karma Revero


2018 Karma Revero

Only slightly behind schedule, the first of the $130,000 Karma Revero plug-in hybrids will be delivered later this month.
2017 Karma Revero

In anticipation, Karma Automotive has released its first-ever TV spot, which aired this past weekend on CBS during the 2017 U.S. Open Polo Championship (Karma is a sponsor of that event). There’s not a lot to see in the ad, but since it’s called “Delivery” and shows – what else – scenes of the PHEV being delivered in California and Florida, you can probably guess what the main message is.

Jim Taylor, Karma Automotive’s Chief Revenue Officer, said in a statement that:

“The spot marks the rebirth of one of the most honored silhouettes in automotive history. We felt this moment in time deserved to be recognized.”

The Karma Revero is the refreshed, renewed version of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid. Karma Automotive bought the remains back in 2013 and has spent the intervening years talking to Fisker owners and coming up with a plan to update the car for a new era. Part of that plan includes building some units in California – mostly hand-built there – and then a bigger factory in China to make most of the new cars. We haven’t been able to drive the new version yet, but with deliveries happening soon, we look forward to getting behind the wheel before too long.

Last year, Karma Automotive said that Revero deliveries would start in the first quarter of 2017, with a sales target of 900 or so for the first year. A little over 2,000 of the original Fisker Karmas were sold while that car was available. May is, of course, in the second quarter, but those of us who have been following the electric car scene for a fair number of years know that, in the grand scheme of things, a few months is nothing.

Watch the ad below.

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Nice! I have to admit I had my doubts that they would reach this point. It is good to see this happening. I’m glad they took the time to fix the problems the original Fisker Karma had, instead of rushing to market.

This will provide a nice choice to people who personally prefer a PHEV over a pure EV (there are valid reasons) but still want industry leading Volt-like 50 mile pure EV range.

Right now if you want a premium PHEV, you can only choose low range premium PHEV’s from companies like BMW and MB. This is the first premium PHEV with Volt-like EV range.

Is it a Tesla Model S competitor? Not really, the same way the BMW i8 isn’t really a Tesla Model S competitor. It is a BMW i8 competitor. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Now onto their next model!!! They have announced plans for building something like 50,000 moderately priced EV or PHEV cars. Once they finish the Revero rollout, hopefully they will have more details on what that will be.

It’s premium on price and external looks only. I drove an original Karma for a test drive and wanted to get it over with pretty fast. It is a “look at me” car – but I’d rather drive a Gen-2 Volt over this.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I recall the Gen1 Karma specs were less than the Gen1 Volt.

Then there was the overheating under the hood. Hope they fixed that, most likely they did.

Good luck to them! I definitely had my doubts.

Yes, Fisker had a cooling fan for the ICE cooling system that could overheat and start a fire under the hood. Fisker did a recall and fixed that before they went bankrupt.

Wanxiang America had to do stuff like fix the infotainment system, and get the range up to 50 miles, hardened motor splines, etc… Not to mention move the body construction work from Europe to the US and fix the body panel issues.

The cooling fan was not for the ICE it was for the low temp system not the ICE

Lots of car companies have made a good living out of making look at me cars

You forgot the best premium priced PHEV.

The Cadillac CT6 for $75k.

Would rather have the CT6 than the Revero at $130k and would rather wave a $75k or $130k Model S to either.

Rob — Nope. I didn’t forget it. It only has ~30 miles EV range, well short of the current Volt range of ~50 miles.

But the CT6 is indeed a good choice if you aren’t looking for industry leading full highway PHEV range. Each person’s needs are different, and it will work perfectly fine for many. But it has slightly less range than the original 2012 Fisker Karma. For buyers who value that pure EV range, that would be a factor in choosing the Revero.

Of course if money is a huge factor for a buyer, none of these cars are likely the best choice. That’s the Volt for a car with lots of PHEV range.

Will they do well in the market? Hard to say. I’d say good luck, but I believe they believe it’s karma.

I still prefer th BMW I 8 over Fisker Karma.

If 15 miles of pure EV range is plenty for your needs, and you don’t need/want 50 miles of EV range, then certainly the i8 is a good choice.

Cheshire cat?

Glad to see that the Karma Revero has made it into production!

Can’t say that I personally like the exaggerated body style or the “grinning” grille, but diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks and all that.

With 50 miles of claimed range, this is also one of the longest-range PHEVs being made. I suppose the EPA range will be less, but still it’s great to finally see other PHEVs challenging the Volt for electric range!

Here’s hoping that Karma can make a success of the business.

Go Karma!

Odd commercial. Can’t say they will sell many of these.. especially when you can pick the old model up for less than 1/3 the price.

There are people that want one of these?

They have a waiting list, including a significant number of people who bought the original Karma from Fisker.