Op-Ed: Karma Revero – An Old-School Zombie

2017 Karma Revero




The Fisker Karma is back, but like a plot twist from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it’s not really the Fisker Karma. After Fisker went bankrupt, two totally separate scavenger companies grabbed some Fisker DNA and created the two totally separate zombie facsimiles that are now hitting the market.

  1. A Chinese mogul salvaged some of the brain tissue, threw it in an incubator, and grew a totally smarter Fisker Karma called the Karma Revero. It has a four-banger GM engine, about 50 electric-only miles, and a solar roof that can push the car a whole 1.5 miles. Don’t laugh. Let’s see you push the car 1.5 miles.
  2. Another company comprising Henrik Fisker himself, professional Tesla disser Bob Lutz, and some other guy, salvaged the body only, shaved the mustache — presumably after slapping some sense into Fisker — stuffed an old Corvette powertrain into the car, and there ya go. Heck on wheels! TeslaMondo’s sources say Lutz’s next project will be stuffing a Lotus Elise powertrain into a Tesla Roadster.

Meanwhile, the auto world has moved along just a bit. Both of these cars reek of decay fresh out of the box. But that’s okay. Everyone has a soft spot for old-school zombies, and these cars are bona fide ambulatory dead. Even deader than Lutz’s Caddy ELR creature? Well, let’s not push it.


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This is about the worst dis’ing of another maker, and “it has a plug in it”. What gives?

What gives is that TeslaMondo is an ardent Tesla Motors stock promoter, so he slams anything he perceives as a competitor to Tesla Motors.

TeslaMondo blog posts should be read for entertainment value only. Be very wary of any supposed facts or figures from this source, unless they’re confirmed by a more neutral, more reliable source.

That said, his blog posts are often quite entertaining.

Could not resist: 🙂 (awesome movie, do see it)

Karma builds an American made PHEV with Volt-like EV range, using batteries built here in America by A123 (same batteries as the SparkEV), and this is all he has to say? Whine that the body design is the same age as the Leaf, which has also remained basically unchanged since it was released??

Boy, I bet he would be a real joy at a Land Rover Defender meet, or a Porsche 911 club ride.

He calls it what it is..& it is what it is!! If the shoe fits, wear it!!

Lessee, according to its Wikipedia page, the Fisker Karma was produced between 2011 and 2012. That makes it a whole year older than the Tesla Model S. Of course, the latter has had a recent facelift of the nose, but otherwise the Model S body style is unchanged since 2012.

But I’ll bet TeslaMondo would bristle if you suggested that the 2015 Model S was an “old school” design.

This article has some amusement value, but the underlying premise that the Fisker Karma’s styling is outdated, is ridiculous. Personally, I never cared for the entire front end, with its exaggerated swollen fenders and the outrageous mustache/grin grille, but I guess some like that type of flamboyance. To each his own, and Vive la différence!


The Karma story goes much deeper than the styling of its flagship.

This is a marque that could have been buried in the dust of history but has been revived by a venerable entrepreneur with vision and courage.

It’s already a far better car than it’s predecessor, but this is only the first step on a long path.

Will this first re-introduction succeed? Only time will tell. But every American should celebrate another US manufacturer entering the market.

Ummm… it’s now a Chinese-owned company. But the car is assembled in America, and I presume that means mostly American workers, so at least that part of the business is good for Americans.

It’s especially American since Bob Lutz
(Pam, Pam Pam!!!) came out of retirement to make an All American ‘ol Boy. Of course his absolutely invaluable with his vast knowledge of the auto industry.

They’re super lucky to have Bob, and Bob is super lucky to have half of their budget, for his priceless direction.

“Eh, jus shove a Big Block V8 into it ya dummy!” – BL

The dinosaurs rule again Awesome!!!

I know I’m repeating myself, but I wish IEV would stop republishing TeslaMondo “articles”.
Yes, I know they’re labeled as “op-ed”, and one can see the “TeslaMondo” as Author in the IEV article list, and that noonne’s forcing me to read the stuff.

Still, their (his?) blog articles are so cringeworthy and one-sided they’re not funny, and certainly not a valid source for any factual news or relevant analysis.

I’ve directed several people to IEV as a good source of EV news & analysis. Two of already reacted very negatively to TeslaMondo-sourced items — and being new to IEV, they don’t realize it’s an external one-sided blog.

The reposting of BMWBLOG articles is a similar problem, just not so bad.

I don’t care how new they are to reading IEVs. If it’s labeled “Op-Ed”, then they should know what that means. If they don’t, then Google makes it easy to look up the term.

Your call for banning TeslaMondo blog posts, wavelet, is pretty close to advocating censorship. Every educated person should occasionally read things outside his or her “comfort zone”. Far too much of what’s wrong with current American politics is because people are no longer spending any time listening to those who don’t share their own views.

And politics aside, TeslaMondo is often amusing.