Karma Revero: 50 Miles Range, Priced North Of $115,000, Tesla Targeted

AUG 12 2016 BY MARK KANE 42

Karma Revero - Karma Badge

Karma Revero – Karma Badge

Karma Revero

Karma Revero

According to latest reports, recently unveiled (and tested) the Karma Revero will be priced higher than the orginal Fisker Karma’s $115,000 price-point.

The new Revero will also have about ~50 miles (80 km) of range, up from the 32 miles (51 km) found in the original PHEV.

No specific pricing has yet been released; but the company plans a full reveal of the Revero in just under 4 weeks, so we expect to see the figure then. By way of speculation, a number around $135,000 has been floating around as rumor since early Spring.

First deliveries are expected no later than first quarter of 2017, while the initial production target stands at 900 in the first year.

Bought an original Fisker Karma? You get first crack at the new breed!

Bought an original Fisker Karma? You get first crack at the new breed!

The original Fisker Karma sold about 2,000 units; and those buyers will get the opportunity to buy the Revero first, with early reservations being accepted this week.

Karma Automotive hopes that the Revero will open the doors for further higher-volume models, just like Tesla did with the Roadster and Model S, although the company will be going down-stream (at least in China) with plans to build the less expensive Atlantic model.

The Tesla Model S is apparently targeted as competitor for consumers that are interested in high-end, luxury plug-ins.

“Karma plans to sell an exclusive sports sedan to people who currently buy the Tesla Model S and other expensive sporty cars. Under Wanxiang Group Corp. and its chairman Lu Guanqiu, Karma is one of several Chinese-backed plug-in car companies that are targeting the U.S. market with electric cars that will take on Tesla Motors Inc.”

Chief Revenue Officer Jim Taylor said:

“We think we’re in Tesla’s court. If it was just about style, we would only go head to head with Aston Martin and Maserati. But these buyers are also interested in the technology.”

Well, to our taste the Karma Revero is different type of vehicle than the Model S, and the company is still more in Tesla Roadster stage than the Model S, but it’s still good to see this standard of plug-in hybrid coming soon.

Among other news Karma Automotive announced first batch of dealers, and Wanxiang is gearing up for $375 million production plant in China.  Also check out Wired’s first drive report on the new Karma here.

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One is left to wonder when a RELVANT, ACTUAL competitor is going to surface. This is so pathetic it’s hard to find words.

There already is! The GM 1-2 punch…$25K post incentive Volt, which gets 53 miles of range…When you get sick of your coworkers hitting on you, offer to drive them to lunch in your Volt! Then when your ego needs a boost, drive your Z06 to work! Both can be had for far cheaper than a Karma, also with it being a rare care, insurance will be sky-high compared to other vehicles of a similar price point…

These guys must be drinking their Bath Water

I can’t believe this is even in the same category or topic. 50 miles? What do they think about when they sit down at their drawing board? This has ICE all over it!

But if you compare it to other EVs in the same category, PHEVs, suddenly that 50 miles of electric range looks fantastic! That puts it close behind the leader, the Volt 2.0, and far ahead of every other PHEV on sale today.

I’ve been complaining that no other auto maker has come anywhere close to competing with the Volt for PHEV range. It’s too bad that the second car in this middle-ranged PHEV category turned out to be a very expensive, limited production “supercar” that only 0.1 percenters will buy!

With 50 miles of E-range and a 2.0 liter Turbo engine in the front it is a BMW 330e Competitor, with a triple price tag.

330e competitor, or i8 competitor?


Model S P90D starts at $109,500 and $147,250 fully loaded.

The Revero will have less AER than a 2016 Volt?

That is a very tough sell at $135k.

Aston Martin sells around 4000 cars a year, so something tells me a large portion of the population does not buy their cars based on the AER-to-dollar ratio.

A Chinese car is not an Aston Martin, no way to compare the markets for those cars.

Henrik Fisker designed the Karma and he also designed the DB9 and the Vantage.

They’re speaking in terms of design.

If they are targetting 900 units per year, how can they possibly be profitable?

I bet GM builds somewhere around 200 pre-production Bolts and Volts before they have a final product. Those 900 cars probably serve the same purpose. Beta testers that someone else pays for.

I have seen a Karma in person and it is a great looking car. I think it will suffer the same fate as the ELR. Too expensive for a cooler, but less practical, Alternative to a Volt.

David Murray asked:

“If they are targetting 900 units per year, how can they possibly be profitable?”

Well, to be very optimistic… how many cars did Ferrari sell in its first year? Or Lamborghini, or Bugatti… etc? It’s not impossible this company could go on to be a success. (But not likely, either.)

Contrariwise, to be pessimistic: How many parts did they get for buying out Fisker? Maybe they’ve got enough parts inventory for most of 900 cars. Maybe they don’t really plan to be in business long, despite all the optimistic PR hype. Maybe they’re just trying to make all the cars they can out of leftover inventory, and then close up shop. (Unanswered question: What about the requirement to sell replacement parts for 10 years after you stop making a car? And will this company sell cars in countries where that’s a requirement?)

Or maybe this startup is the brain child of an entrepreneur with a very unrealistic business plan… like Shai Agassi of (Project) Better Place. Sadly, I think that’s most likely the case.

I doubt parts are that helpful. The entire ICE drivetrain has been changed out from GM to BMW.

Thanks for the info. That certainly makes it appear much less likely they’re only trying to salvage what they can out of leftover parts.

A hybrid for $115k?????

I am sorry, how is that competition for Tesla?

Perhaps they could find some more Hollywood actors who want to look green without actually doing anything.

Justin Biber, Leonardo Dicaprio new ride

I believe Dicaprio drives Tesla.?

JB already owns a chromed Fisker Karma.

Yeah, really.

Looks sexy, but 50 mile electric range only and still gas engine components means it’s not competing with tesla, more likely BMW i8 is what you should compare it to.

Sure. They claim to be competing with Tesla Motors because they think they’re gonna get a lot more attention than if they say their aim is to compete with the BMW i8 and other limited production “supercars”.

Unfortunately, they’re right.

Nailed it. That just clicks. In order to be a Tesla competitor, it’d have to be a different car. I thought I recalled the BMW i8 to be a Model S competitor, initially. Unfortunately, sales volumes speaks, well, volumes about your market.

Calling it an executive sedan tips their game plan considerably; this is a Chinese market vehicle. In China, the wealthy have paid drivers.

Bingo, they want to ride in on Tesla’s coat tails. “Karma plans to sell an exclusive sport sedan to people who currently buy the Tesla Model S and other expensive sporty cars.” Of course this misses the point that, Tesla’s not in it to sell expensive cars. Which is why they’re moving downmarket as fast as they can.

I wonder if the new guys will retain the ‘sustainable’ interior of the old car?

Yes, it is absolutely a BMW i8 competitor.

But they have partnered with BMW (BMW owns some equity in Karma too). So don’t expect to EVER see Karma directly putting out anything about it competing with the i8.

Especially since it now has more range than the i8…

It is not a Tesla competitor, except in price.

The increase in the all electric range is adequate. The key question remaining for the Revero is whether they have improved the performance, not just in a 0 to 60 sense but on the race track, too. If the performance is there I think they can sell them.

What will the top EV speed be? 50 miles is an improvement, but if the gas engine kicks on any time I step on the pedal, no thanks.

Dunno about you, Kdawg, but I’d bet money that this car will kick in the gas motor when you “press the pedal to the metal”.

GM did a great job of engineering the Volt, so that it doesn’t need to kick in the gas motor even under heavy acceleration, until the battery pack is mostly drained.


1. The Karma Revero’s powertrain isn’t the result of GM’s superior engineering. (In fact, the original Fisker Karma was notorious for its various engineering problems.)

2. The Revero is a much larger and heavier car than the Volt.

3. The Volt isn’t designed to be a high-performance car.

4. The Revero’s 20.4 kWh battery pack isn’t much larger than the Volt’s.

Bottom line: Ain’t no way the Karma is gonna be able to show high performance acceleration without using the gas engine for an assist.

Even if it had a slower accel time, I’d like the ability to force it to EV mode.

Ah but sure, didn’t the Fisker Karma had an EV or Stealth mode that locked out the engine? It would be very unbelievable/surprising if that mode was deleted.

Especially when recent footage of the info screen seemed to service us EV and data nerds. It has a few regen selections, as well as output readings in kWh for the motor, ICE, regen and accessories.

Looks like you know a lot more about the car than I do, offib. Thanks, I’m learning a lot today!

I didn’t expect this car to have an “economy” mode, but if they label that a “stealth” mode then that will likely be more appealing to the sort of person who would drop $135k on what obviously will be a second (or third, or 4th) car for most buyers; a limited production PHEV “supercar”.

There were plenty of video reviews on YouTube about the Karma. From owner videos to Consumer Reports.

The 0-60 in regular or performance mode was around 6 seconds. In all EV or Stealth mode, the 0-60 time increases to over 8 seconds. Poor 20kWh pack would’ve maxed out under that…

Like, I think even Top Gear did some of the more detailed.reviews of the Fisker Karma. Which is a weird thing to say.

The original Karma was a piece of junk, nothing different than Henrik Fisker himself. Now he’s out and they think they had a product to compete with Tesla. Well they didn’t when Henrick was in the drivers seat and they won’t now. Buyers beware and do you own research. The history of the Karma is not a pretty one.

How long have I been out?! The nature of the comments is far, far *different* than it was less than 2 years ago.

Different how?

I was listening to Adam Carolla’s podcast, he is a total gearhead from way back, mostly loving old Datsuns and Nissans – he bought one of Paul Newman’s 1985 300ZX race cars. For his CarCast vlog, he drove a Model S and I was expecting crass jokes and complaints. Instead, he was blown away – wondering why traditional car companies hadn’t thought of the features the S had – and they’ve had 100 years to get it right. He later drove around in a Fisker with Henrik in the passenger seat…He seemed to come away very impressed with Fisker as a designer and engineer. In fact, he said the Tesla was good, but plain inside and not fancy like people expect for a luxury car. Now he’s hot on the Karma. So who’da thunk’it? I can say the Karma has pizazz. A silver Fisker drives past my house occasionally and it does turn my head. Sometimes I think it looks a tad like it’s been stretched a bit thin and long, and the grille makes me gag. But otherwise, it is a looker and an attention getter. It obviously doesn’t compare head-to-head with a Roadster nor Model S. It’s in… Read more »


In regards to fit and finish quality, we have heard from the last year or so that Karma’s owner had put in a great deal of time of improving software, hardware and quality issues. Some had massive gaps in their body panels, surely those would be fixed now.

The biggest downside though is that they got rid of the suede interior… That was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen inside a car…

I’m sorry, but what’s the compelling reason to buy one of these?

Is there one?



The compelling reason to buy one is the same as any car. It meets your needs, and you like the way it looks and feels to you.

What angle are you trying to take this? Are you wondering why anybody would buy a car for more than $100K? Plenty of gas cars this high a price too.

Wondering why buy a car with “only” 50 miles of EV range? Again, there are plenty of PHEV’s with less EV range too.

It could be argued that there is no “compelling” reason for the vast majority of people in the world to own any kind of car at all.

So what is your point you are trying to make with the term “compelling reason”?


Karma is another ticket not to have to triangulate your way home, yet replace 90% of your gas miles with electric.