Karma Launches The Revero From $130,000, 50 Miles Range – Full Details

SEP 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 93

2017 Karma Revero - 50 miles of electric range, $130,000

2017 Karma Revero – 50 miles of electric range, $130,000

It has taken a bit to get to this day, but the relaunch of the Fisker Karma, reborn as the Karma Revero, has officially happened – almost 4 years after the production of the original extended range Fisker ended in November of 2012.

2017 Karma Revero: 0-60 mph reduced to 5.6 seconds

2017 Karma Revero: 0-60 mph time reduced to 5.4 seconds (6.4 seconds in original Fisker Karma)

After Fisker went bankrupt in 2013, Chinese part supplier Wanxiang bought the company’s assets shortly thereafter and vowed to not only re-start production, but improve the quality and performance of the former company’s flagship.

On those counts: mission accomplished.

And while the original Fisker Karma had a price tag of $103,000 back in 2011, the new 2017 Karma Revero starts from $130,000 – although there aren’t many options to take it much higher (alloy wheels, paint, interior finish and colored brake calipers).

The most notable change (other than the MSRP) is a slightly larger battery, moving from 20.4 kWh to 21.4 kWh, which in part helps give the car ~18 more miles of all-electric range.

Naturally, the batteries still come from battery maker A123, which Wanxiang also bought out of bankruptcy around the same time it purchased Fisker’s assets.

2017 Karma Revero - online orders being later this month

2017 Karma Revero – online orders being later this month

2017 Karma Revero Interior

2017 Karma Revero Interior

Here are the major features and changes in the new Karma Revero:

  • electric range: estimated 50 miles/300 miles total (32 miles in the original Fisker Karma)
  • 260-horsepower, GM turbo 4 cyl engine (same as the original)
  • rear-mounted electric motors are rated at 301 kw (403 hp), with a combined torque of 981 lb-ft (unchanged)
  • 21.4 kWh battery (20.4 kWh in the original)
  • available DC fast-charging up to ~40 kW
  • on-board L2 charger upgraded from 3.3 kW to 6.6 kW
  • 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds (vs 6.4 seconds in the original)
  • solar roof

While the original Fisker’s interior infotainment system was much maligned, things have definitely improved in that department with the addition of the Rightware Kanzi digital dashboard system, a UI proven and used by major OEMs, including Audi and Nissan (more details on that here).

At the launch of the Revero we also got some details on the solar roof, which Karma execs have been touting for its ability to now charge the HV battery (and not just the 12V anymore).

The media notes say “the solar roof can generate up to 1.5 miles of electric range per day, depending on weather conditions,” translated into hard numbers, that equates to .56 kWh gained in 7 hours.  Revero lists the roof’s rating at 200W.

The Karma Revero's solar roof can now also charge the car's HV battery as well as the 12V

The Karma Revero’s solar roof can now also charge the car’s HV battery as well as the 12V

2017 Karma Revero out for a spin in California

2017 Karma Revero out for a spin in California

Random notes of interest from the launch and via chief marketing officer Jim Taylor:

  • only 22 Fisker employees remained when the company went bankrupt, head count is now currently at 697, with a plan to go to 967 by the end of 2016 (which seems specific, and the same/existing number just mixed up)
  • Karma contacted many of the original Fisker owners in the US (over 1,000), and 80 of them signed up within the first 2 days to buy a new Revero
  • top speed: 125 mph

So who is the target market for the Karma Revero?  The company explains:

We are not for everybody, and we never will be.
No one needs a product like this.
We exist for those who have to have one.

Orders can be placed directly at one of the existing Karma dealers today (see list here), and online by the end of the month. First deliveries are scheduled for Q1 of 2017, with a production target of 900 units for the first year.

Also check out the 2017 Karma Revero’s online PDF brochure here.

Gallery below:  Some options and general specs on the new Revero

2017 Revero Exterior Color Options (click to enlarge)

2017 Revero Exterior Color Options (click to enlarge)

2017 Karma Revero Interior Finish Option (click to enlarge)

2017 Karma Revero Interior Finish Option (click to enlarge)

Colored Calipers? Why Not?

Colored Calipers? Why Not?

2017 Karma Reveo Solar Roof

2017 Karma Revero Solar Roof

2017 Karma Revero

2017 Karma Revero


2017 Karma Revero Spec Sheet (click to enlarge)

2017 Karma Revero Spec Sheet (click to enlarge)

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Still looks good!
it will look even better if it was a cabriolet!
I think there will be a market for this
and with apple car play and android, they must have done some improvement on the drivetrain since range improved about 40% and battery just 10%.

They are using the BMW i8 controls. I would also guess that the batteries are higher density than the last time which would mean they can get the same (or 10% better) KWH with significantly less weight for battery. So improved drivetrain and electronics even if the gas engine is the same coupled with likely shaving some weight off and that’s probably the ticket there. http://www.autoblog.com/2016/04/26/fisker-karma-bmw-i8-revero-report/

Ah yes, the convertible Fisker Sunset variant! That was a sexy car. That would be nice to see built some day, but getting the less expensive Karma Atlantic into production needs to be the top priority.

My favorite car designer’s, Henrik Fisker’s, car is finally relaunching again! But it’s unfortunate of him how the chinese the company, the one who was the reason behind bad batteries in Fisker Karma and who were the only reason behind Fisker Karma’s extinction, is relaunching it again… but that’s alright Fisker’s design of this car is a legendary, Fisker you are a genius!!!

what’s with the batteries???

the batteries which they used in previous karma was creation of the chinese Wanxiang (currently owns Karma Revero); the batteries were so faulty that it shut down production of Fisker Karma and ultimately Fisker Automotive. Now they are still using the same batteries in Karma Revero as well…

Repeating wrong facts 3 times doesn’t make them true.
Wanxiang didn’t manufacture or design the problem batteries in the original Fisker Karma. They were the work of A123, a US company.

A123 as it happened was bought out by Wanxiang afterwards, after A123 went bankrupt in 2012.

Thank you, wavelet. A good and concise summary of the facts.

wavelet completely nailed it.

And to add more detail, the A123 battery failure was traced to one single piece of machinery that was used to build battery cells for Fisker cars. It was not calibrated properly, and it was misaligning parts of the battery cells in a way that caused them to essentially brick.

There was actually nothing wrong with the A123 design itself, and A123 actually resolved the problem long before the American A123 owners went bankrupt and Wanxiang bought them out of bankruptcy.

Wanxiang-owned A123 has no known history of building bad battery packs. In fact the A123 supplied the batteries for the GM Spark EV, and according to owners who post here, those owners love their Spark EV’s and have not reported any problems with A123 batteries.

heh. I should have read the post below before posting. SparkEV covered my last post already…

2014 SparkEV uses A123 batteries, and they are doing just fine. Fisker’s problems were their own fault, nothing to do with the battery. Had they done proper engineering like GM did with SparkEV, they would not have had any problems.

Interestingly, 2014 SparkEV has bit over 21 kWh of batteries. I wonder if same number of cells / configuration is used in new Fisker. Fisker should’ve just licensed battery pack from GM’s 2014 SparkEV.

Also of interest, if Fisker cells are the same as 2014 SparkEV cells, 2014 SparkEV could be capable of 301 HP and 981 ft-lb of torque, over double of 140 HP / 400 ft-lb in OEM. That kind of weight/power ratio could be competing against Tesla P series!

A123 had a quality control problem, Fisker had a meet the deadline so what problem.

Long story but short version is A123 the battery maker went bankrupt and was purchased pennies-to-dollars by the Chinese….same Chinese company that also purchased Fisker Karma (also bankrupt) for pennies-to-dollars.

But A132 battery issues is not solely what had bankrupted Fisker:

CHANGE THE NAME &., YOU GOT A BRAND NEW CAR ! JUST LIKE GM USED TO DO.(ie:Put a Cadillac sticker on Nova & Presto * it’s Cadillac!) ..Good Luck !

Karma Revero “starts” from $130,000


Tesla Model S P100D $134,500


Karma Revero:
0-60 5.4sec
Range 50miles AER + 150miles gas = 300 miles

Tesla Model S P100D
O-60 2.5sec
Range 315miles AER


Karma Revero:
Rear Wheel Drive

Tesla Model S P100D:
All Wheel Drive


But…Karma Revero does have a solar roof that generates 1.5miles/day! *

*depending on weather conditions



Karma Revero:
One of the most stunning and dynamic automotive designs in decades

Tesla Model S P100D:
TSLA dropped more than 10% since the day Elon announced it, nobody cares.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . .

Fisker went bankrupt since they announced it.

Less than nobody cares.

Tesla delivers 200 P100D per week.

Nobody cares that TSLA dropped more than 10%, or nobody cares about the P100D? Because I’m thinking people care……yeah.?

Darren said:

“Tesla Model S P100D:
TSLA dropped more than 10% since the day Elon announced it, nobody cares.”

Who in the world would judge the popularity of a car by the performance of a highly volatile stock on the days immediately after the announcement of a new trim level for that car?

A Tesla stock shorter, that’s who.

Despite a rocky start in its production, the Model X continues to see sales grow month by month. Tesla has sold about 10,000 Model X’s in North America alone this year, and probably twice that worldwide. Pretty good for a “premium” priced car!

“No brag, just fact.”

The stock price is one of the most accurate and responsive real-time indicators of public reaction to company product announcements for a publicly traded company. The day Elin announced the P100D the went down.

I am not short on TSLA, I am out altogether. They are on the road to failure. They are not profitable, simple. It is easy to make a product that costs more than it can be sold for and it is a proven formula for bankruptcy, History is littered with such companies.

TSLA has lost more money each quarter than than quarter before for several years. Their stock is trading down 30% in the last two years. They are trending toward insolvency without a credible plan to turn the ship around.

Looking at the fundamentals of their business and their industry indicates they will not be a player in the automotive market in the future. Likely gone in three years or less like DMC or Saturn. And Fisker. Great ideas that were not great businesses.

As for Fisker, beauty and bankruptcy are NOT related.

Darren said:

“The stock price is one of the most accurate and responsive real-time indicators…”

Doubling down on B.S. doesn’t make it smell any better.

Far too many stock investors, both short and long, confuse the corporate performance of Tesla Motors, the company, with market performance of TSLA, the stock.

With a stock as volatile as TSLA, there isn’t much of a connection. And if you don’t understand this, then you have no business “correcting” those who understand the situation better than you do.

Darren, wall Street is the biggest scam on earth behind strongman Trump campaign…wake up man.

“I am not short on TSLA… Their stock is trading down 30% in the last two years.”

You seem to be remarkably good at cherry-picking the most negative number possible from the history of this highly volatile stock. Your claim of not shorting it doesn’t pass the smell test. You certainly display “short” interest, whether or not you’re invested at the moment.

BTW, the stock is up about 680% over four years. Anyone who invested in the first 18 months or so of this stock, and stayed in, has made a heck of a lot more money than you shorters ever have, or ever will.

There is no short term correlation at all between short-term stock price and a company’s long-term success (or lack thereof) — that’s a well known fact, and due to dy trading and similar issues.
Tesla isn’t in a great place right now, having missed its guidelines on Q1 & Q2 sales; it also has (IMO) overly agressive model for Model 3 production, but that’s not related to the stock per se.

TSLA is on the way out. It was a nice run but they will not be a player in 3 years.

Haters like you have been saying that for the last 8 years at least.
At least you’re consistent… consistently wrong.

Right…., approximately 40 BILLION$ in preorders that they are about a year away from starting to produce and once they show the final specs and get out Model 3 on the roads they will get billions more in orders with a CUV version sure to sell even better coming on its heels.

I’d be interested in a CUV version of the Model 3 if it can do some light off-roading.

Good time to grab some cheap stock !

Fisher Karma bought $145.000 sold 6 months after for $48.000.
Revero now is Chinese even worse.

Wanxiang America is the US-based subsidiary who actually owns Fisker/Karma and A123.

Wanxiang America has been a certified OEM manufacturer who has been building car parts right here in the United States for over 20 years. They supply new parts to US car factories building cars here in the US. You likely have Wanxiang America car parts in cars you’ve driven.

What is your problem with a company located in the US, who build parts right here in the US, and is building this car right here in California?

Different strokes for different folks? I kind of doubt Fisker will ever sell anywhere near as many vehicles as Tesla has plans for, but there’s room in this world for many different types of plug-in vehicles at all ends of the market.

They definitely won’t sell a huge number of these Revero’s. Which is why they announced that they don’t plan on building very many of them.

The majority of their factory floor-space and production plans are for their next release, the Atlantic. This is their higher volume vehicle.

They probably won’t sell as many of those either. But every EV or PHEV that replaces an ICE car helps. Having more choice is better than having less choice. There are plenty of low volume models of ICE cars that are sold around the world too.

Don’t forget the i8 which starts at about the same price and is a PHEV like the Revero. Those two are more direct competitors.

BMW i8 0-60 4 seconds. And faster around the track than the Revero.

Yes, the i8 is definitely the Revero’s direct competition. But you will never hear that from Karma, since BMW is a part owner, supplier, and business partner of Karma.

What you lose in 0-60 from the i8, you gain in range, with the Revero having more than double the EV range.

This is a very good example of more choices in a market segment being good for consumers, where the i8 will meet the needs of some buyers that the Revero will not meet, and vice-versa.

the batteries (A123) used in previous Karma were made by chinese Wanxiang were faulty which resulted in Fisker’s bankruptcy. It’s awefull that they are still using the same batteries in this car as well. God bless the ones who buys it…

I don’t believe that’s correct.?

It’s not correct.

Is A123 the supplier for the batteries for the Karma Revero, as it was for the Fisker Karma? Yes.

Does the Revero use the same batteries? No. A123 has emerged from bankruptcy, and is now selling a better and more reliable product.


I agree with Phillip – it wasn’t the infotainment that was the problem… the real problem was the faulty A123 batteries that are owned by this chinese company. To add to the misery of this beautifully designed car they are again using the same batteries!

As I understand it, the Fisker Karma was plagued with a variety of mechanical and electrical problems, only some of which were related to a bad batch of batteries from A123.

And just because A123 is again the battery supplier, doesn’t mean the new batteries are bad. A123 is or was supplying the Spark EV, and hybrid batteries to BMW.

God Help the one’s that buy one..

Exterior still looks good, but the interior looks dated and cheap.

And everything concerning the powertrain is weak. The Tesla S100D will be better when it comes to range and ,while having a higher top speed and lower 0-60, will probably be 30k cheaper.

Not to mention all electric.

Why on earth is everyone still acting so childish about the Fisk -err -Karma?

There’s a point when comparing numbers and playing trump cards is just boring and discourages diversity.

Those who would think positively of the new Karma would be akin to those who would prefer big Citroens over Mercedes or BMWs. A Citroen DS, GS, CX or ZM were never able to perform like a Jaguar, but focusing on numbers neglects what they had to offer.

Hopefully that might change few perspectives.


That red is stunning. Wow

No thanks.

The only reason I see for buying this vehicle is the looks, which I find exaggerated and attention seeking. In this day and age startups and traditional car makers should just leave the hybrid alone and focus on 100% electric long range cars, it’s doable. Wait and see the announcement at the Paris auto show in October.

People compare it to Tesla. It is not far. Every car sux when compared to a Tesla.

Compare it to every other plug in hybrid out there and this is by far the best one in many ways.

Jay… You write the most notable change is a 1 kWh capacity increase giving the car about 18 additional miles of all-electric range.

That is obviously wrong. If you got 18 miles per kWh you’d get 360 miles in total.

Maybe the car has become much more efficient since it was a Fisker, IDK. But the paragraph stating the obviously impossible needs to be corrected.

This is such a beautiful, pointless car!

Well, pointless to you maybe. YMWV.

But the point of this car is that it replaces an expensive ICE luxury car, like a gas guzzling Aston Martin with a vehicle that can travel as many miles on pure EV mode as a Volt.

The other point is that like the Tesla Roadster, this is Karma’s entry point into the market, which they plan on using as a Halo car for their future Atlantic model. They have already announced their intent for the Atlantic, but are holding off on details in order to avoid stomping all over their own Revero announcement — smart marketing.

So for roughly the same price as a Tesla P100DL you could have a Karma, with vastly inferior specs almost all the way around. No thanks.

However, there is one spec that Karma whoops Tesla on and apparently Elon is so stuborn he will not change this. REAR SEAT CUPHOLDERS! Come on Elon, just put some freaking CUPHOLDERS in the back of the S!

I think the latest consoles do have rear cupholders now.?

Rear cup holders only invites spills. No cup holders no drinks in car.

Right – Well, it beats the Tesla Model S on one specific metric. Speed of refill on roadtrips. Superchargers are great, and will help revolutionize transportation in the US.

But the reality is that they are not as fast as filling a gas tank. And some consumers care about that. Pure EV fans feel it is fast enough for them, but not everybody is a pure EV fan.

So for car buyers who would otherwise choose a pure ICE car in the same price range, because they personally don’t want to wait at Superchargers, this gives them an option that will still get similar EV miles as a Volt.

I’m all for getting more people into more cars that drive more miles in EV mode. So if this car, and Karma’s future Atlantic meet the needs/wants/desires of more buyers that would otherwise purchase an ICE, I say the more the merrier.

Which also happens to be how Elon Musk himself feels about Tesla competitors….

That’s a fair point Nix, and I agree with you about refill time. It isn’t something important enough to me that I would pay that kind of money for the Fisker, I would choose the Tesla every time. But, as you pointed out, I’m not everyone and for some people refill time is that important.

I agree, and for the record I’m personally perfectly fine with using the Superchargers instead of filling up with gas too.

Especially since the Supercharger network just keeps improving and getting faster over time.

I think there is room for competition in the same category as Tesla cars… if you consider a PHEV and a BEV to compete in the same class. Not everyone is going to like any brand of car, not even Tesla.

But there is a lot more competition in this class than there was the first time this car (formerly the Fisker Karma) was offered. Competition including the BMW i8.

As I’ve said before, I wish this company luck. However, I think their odds for success are pretty low, and I doubt the attempt to sell this car will last much (if any) longer than it did the first time around.

Yup, the i8 is definitely this car’s competition. They are both intentionally low volume vehicles, with each having advantages in range, acceleration, etc over each other.

And you are right that Karma would fail if they relied on just this one car. Which is why it is important for them to follow up with getting the Atlantic to market as soon as possible. They basically need to be on market with the Atlantic before 2018/2019 when so many of the major car makers have announced they will be releasing their own long list of PHEV’s. That’s now critical for their long term survival.

Fifty miles AER ain’t too shabby. I wonder though what the luggage capacity is like? Or is it just a boulevard cruiser?

floydboy said:

“Fifty miles AER ain’t too shabby.”

Indeed! I’m disappointed that this achievement has gotten lost in all the negative comments and the comparisons to Tesla’s cars.

I think that puts this PHEV at #2 in range, close behind the Volt 2.0, and far ahead of the rest of the pack… pun intended.

It certainly beats the pants off the BMW i8’s 15 mile EV range!

With similar cells / capacity as 2014 SparkEV (also A123) that gets 98 miles at constant 62 MPH (100 km/hr), 50 miles on PH that’s probably lot heavier would be about right. New Volt has similar (maybe same) capacity as 2015 SparkEV (88 miles range at 62 MPH), and Volt gets about 50 miles rating.

Tesla Roadster 2008 had the highest Mpg-E of all time. Getting 244 Miles from its 53KWh battery pack. About 4.5 miles per KWh is over 130 mpg-e. While going 0-60 in 4.6 with 248hp and 200 torq… Then we get to the SparkEV and i3 with around 115-120 Mpg-e (no performance and no power).
Just throwing that out there

Correction. 2008 Roadster, over 155 Mpg-E

+1. And 21.4kwh is a kwh away from (old) i3. I’m a bit surprised at 5.4 0-60, given 305kw motor power but guess the only way to it is with both battery and engine at full (series) output.

The Revero is designed around the European “GT” car market sector. The long time leader of this market sector is Aston Martin, which is what the original Fisker Karma was built to compete against as a PHEV alternative to an ICE GT car. So the Revero has about as much luggage and interior space as Aston Martin’s GT cars:


Which is to say not that much space for trucking around a family for a long trip, just like typical Aston Martin’s. It is more like the space you would want to take your lover on a trip to Monaco from London, not the kind of space you use to pack up the wife and 3 kids and the family pet for a two week summer roadtrip through middle America.

Karma’s car that is supposed to have more luggage space is the upcoming Atlantic. If you need space, that would be the better choice.

Based upon the Fisker Atlantic, the Karma Atlantic should have the kind of space that you would get in something like a Chevy Malibu if GM were to finally put the Volt drivetrain into a Malibu sized car.

Eh, just an expensive play thing for the rich. That’s it.

As a regular Joe, I’ll take a 2017 Volt for $100k less.

You mean the clueless rich. The rich who have a clue will skip it. I doubt even Justin Bieber will go for it now.

In Justin Bieber’s defense, his manager bought the Karma for him as a gift. But that chrome wrap was all Justin’s doing.

You sound like a real fan sven!

Nope. I’m not a big fan of the Karma, but I don’t hate it either. I’m not a fan of any EV or car made by a Chinese-owned company. China is going to have to stop its protectionism before I even consider buying a Chinese EV.

I don’t know why many people “ooh” and “ahh” for this car’s looks. That long hood looks like it’s hiding a large gas engine. I don’t see any beauty in this other than “check out my long hood”. True automotive genius would come up with something revolutionary using the new EV tech, not rehash of same-old same-old.

As for performance for price, it may have made sense back in 2013, but Tesla offers far better bang for the buck. One would have to be clueless to buy this over Tesla. But then, people buy more “cute” Fiat 500e than SparkEV that’s far better and cheaper, so what do I know.

That’s because some people buy the car just for the looks.
Nothing else matters. Like:
-Honey, which one do u like?
-The green one!

SparkEV — Well, if it appeals to some ICE driver who currently drives a long hooded ICE car, so they buy this instead of yet another ICE car, then that’s a good thing.

I’m all about meeting ICE car owners somewhere in the middle, and building BEV’s that meet THEIR desires. They are much more likely to buy a battery powered vehicle that meets their needs/wants/desires than something that doesn’t.

We can’t expect everybody to convert to EV purists, just because we know that a short nose in a pure EV is technically the most efficient package.

If the long nose and a range extender is what it takes to get an ICE buyer who would never buy a pure EV, to purchase something that will burn as much gas as a Volt, I’m all for it.

Regardless of market segment, it’s exciting to see another PHEV with significant EV range and good charging options. 40kW DCFC, but no mention of the standard, I assume CCS?

$130,000 for a gas guzzler…No thanks…Greenland ice is melting…wake up people.

It will likely return similar yearly gas consumption numbers as a Volt.

Do you think the Volt is a “gas guzzler” too?

Once it runs out of battery. Absolutely.

Agree with Pushmi-Pullyu on the Battery history and the car’s prospects. It is actually better than GM’s Cadillac ELR or just about any other ICE/hybrid out there, but much inferior than a TESLA.

“Better” without regard to price is meaningless. You can get 4 Volt (or even Bolt) for the money. It has performance of Tesla S70D, yet cost as high as P100DL.

The specs are a nice improvement over the original. This is basically what a GEN II Fisker Karma would have been by now, if they had stayed in business.

I am disappointed that they didn’t swap to a BMW motor. There were rumors of that, since BMW was the original motor supplier for the Fisker Karma, and BMW got equity ownership stake in the company as part of the bankruptcy settlement. A BMW motor would have fit this car much better, but the GM motor was already a very tight fit. Probably too much re-engineering to make it work?

The other nagging doubt is what the EPA range number will actually be. There is a long history of nearly every BEV car maker over-estimating EV range before the official EPA number comes out. Hopefully Karma won’t follow that ugly tradition?

Cheers to them for bringing a BMW i8 competitor to the table, and now they can get to work on getting the Atlantic to market. That’s the car that really matters.

Correction: BMW was the original motor supplier for the Fisker Atlantic (not Karma)