Karma Adds Dealers And Limited Edition Revero Inspired By California Beaches

Karma Revero Exterior


Karma says the new Aliso Edition is inspired by the “sights and sounds of Aliso Beach”

Karma Automotive today announced the Aliso Edition of the plug-in hybrid Revero. The Aliso Editions will have ‘Revero Aliso’ badges as well custom wheels, unique exterior paint and new interior leather-trim colors. Only 15 will be produced and will be individually numbered.

The interior colors on this limited edition are intended to evoke the feeling of California. Karma’s Barny Koehler states that the design team “looked to California’s vibrant 1,000-mile coastline and dramatic mountains for inspiration.”

Since re-launching the plug-in hybrid less than 2 years ago, the company has been quietly focused on providing a customized vehicle for luxury collectors. According to CEO Lance Zhou:

Our Aliso Edition is an example of what ‘custom’ can mean for Karma. It’s a specially-crafted luxury electric vehicle for a very select few who seek a truly unique product, and something we believe can be a model for how Karma approaches other unique custom editions and contribute to the sales growth of the company.

The new limited edition will go on sale today for $145,000 and is expected to arrive at dealers between November through the end of the year.

There are also now more cities where the plug-in can be ordered and serviced. Additional dealerships in Seattle, Chicago, and Westlake Village in California are all opening up just in time for the newest model. There are currently just over a dozen dealerships across the United States and Canada.

Karma Revero Interior

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Apparently no one cares because I’m the first to comment after 5 hours. Anyway I drove one of the original Fiskers at an investor event way back when they first came out in 2012. Ocassionally I look at these in the used wholesale market and they can be acquired for $35K or less with little use / mileage. I believe one can get service through the new company (not sure). One wonders what makes a new Revero $100K better than a slightly used Fisker. Finally the thing I remember most about my test drive is that the most gorgeous mechanical engineer I’ve ever met was my copilot.

I’m curious how many buyers they’ll have. I suspect not many, since there’s no connection between the new company and Fisker’s old one. For most buyers, who hadn’t had time to hear of Fisker either, this will simply be an unknown Chinese company. Attempts by Chinese to simply buy rights to a famous name and sell unrelated cars (e.g., MG) have failed.

(Note JLR and Volvo are different altogether, since there are independent design & production still in the original locations; the new “Saabs” will most likely be a failure.)

Two differences here are that the cars are related (possibly mostly NOS?) and they are being build in the USA (Karma’s WMI is 50G).

That said they clearly aren’t doing great on the sales front since their recall involved ~50 or so having been sold. The Philadelphia store shows units 16 and 36 in inventory, assuming they are assigning VINs sequentially.

I’d love to see Karma succeed, and the news here about Karma adding dealerships looks hopeful. OTOH, the news about an extremely limited production run of 15 cars… leaves me wondering why they bothered. Sure, I understand that auto makers both large and small sometimes offer very limited production cars, presumably to attract attention just like halo cars do. But those auto makers, even small ones, generally make other trim levels of their cars in significantly larger numbers.

What is Karma’s annual production? I’m guessing it’s very small. Sure, there are auto makers which can survive on selling only a small number of cars per year; auto makers like Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. But those auto makers sell each car for several hundred thousand dollars, or even a few million, apiece. (If my Google-fu is strong, then the lowest priced Rolls-Royce is the Ghost, at MSRP $311,900.)

Again, I’d love to see Karma succeed. But I’m not at all sure they can sell enough to thrive.

Only building 15 of a $150K car doesn’t sound like they’re doing well. If it was priced in the millions, sure, 15 of them should be enough to cover typical demand. At $150K though, you’re below the $200K Tesla Roadster that won’t be limited production, and the $150K Model S and X are also unlimited production…