Karma Automotive Says Next Plug-In Vehicle Won’t Be Atlantic


2017 Karma Revero - 50 miles of electric range, $130,000

2017 Karma Revero – 50 miles of electric range, $130,000

The much-anticipated Fisker Atlantic appears to be a no go for Karma Automotive in the USA.

Karma Automotive

Karma Automotive

Following the Fisker Karma, the Atlantic was the much-hyped plug-in hybrid car the whole world seemed to be waiting on, but when Fisker went belly up and later became Karma Automotive, the fate of Atlantic in America was unknown…until now.

At the 2017 NAIAS, AutoBlog had the opportunity to speak with Tim Oleston, a Karma Automotive product specialist. Oleston revealed that beyond the Revero (formerly known as the Fisker Karma) the automaker hopes to launch other vehicles, but Atlantic is not in the plans.

As Autoblog states:

“As for the Karma model that’s coming after the Revero, it will not be the Atlantic. Oleston said that the designers are working on “quite a few project,” including ideas that take the “feline muscularity” of the Revero and crank it up a notch. Other than that, he would only hint at Karma’s next model: “It’s not a coupe, it’s not a convertible. That’s all I should say right now.”

So, he’s basically saying the next model is anything but the Atlantic, a coupe or a convertible.

With that said, Oleston might also just be talking about the US, where Karma’s operations are relatively small. ¬†Back in China the company is building a ~$375 million dollar factory said to be capable of producing 50,000 plug-ins a year…which according to plans submitted to the Chinese government for approval (which was just passed last month), some¬†39,000 of them were to be the two door, – with the balance (~11,000) being the Revero.

It’s probably time we let go of our dreams that some day Atlantic would become reality in America. Farewell Atlantic! Hello non-coupe, non-convertible future Karma vehicle.

The Fisker Atlantic Was Originally Planned To Enter Production In 2014 In Delaware

The Fisker Atlantic Was Originally Planned To Enter Production In 2014 In Delaware

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It’s another SUV…

Shooting Brake?

Vapor Ware.


I am In Shock & Dismay ….L M A O…This more like **** Shooting..

What would really sell I believe is an Escalade-like vehicle, 150kwh pack good for 350-400 miles for around $30k, rest of the car for $70k. So for $100k and with 1,200 hp, that would be a beast…

Yes Boris, you’d think GM would have done this to the escalade themselves since they already had a 2 electric motor hybrid ALREADY from 4-5 years ago.

They should just shoehorn in a big battery into it and reap the profits from being the only kid on the block.

The two mode hybrid GM trucks were a joke.

If Karma is looking to the future rather than the past for its next car, then I think that’s a positive sign.

I’m wondering if they are going to jump in feet first with a pure EV next, instead of bringing the Atlantic to market.

I have no problem with that, if that’s their plan. Karma is its own company. There is no reason why they should limit themselves to the priorities and decisions that Fisker made.

If they have a pure EV midsize 5-door CUV, they could hit a sweet spot in the US market that is sitting untapped.

My biggest fear is that they make a great car, and then only sell it in the Asia market because the US falls so far behind Asian EV growth rates.

We’ll see