Karma Automotive Officially Opens Tech Center In Troy, Michigan

2017 Karma Revero


Karma Automotive has officially launched its new technical center in Troy, Michigan.

Under Wanxiang, Karma Automotive is re-introducing the Fisker Karma as an upgraded and re-engineered 2017 Karma Revero.

2017 Karma Revero

2017 Karma Revero

Orders are now being accepted, while deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2017.

The technical center in Michigan starts out with 36 employees, with an ultimate goal of reach ~150 in three years time.

Separately, Karma is moving its headquarters in California to Irvine.  Karma HQ will now reside in the former Kawasaki Motors USA site, while production of Revero takes place in Moreno Valley.

“Karma Automotive held the Grand Opening of its Troy, Michigan Technical Center located at 1875 Research Drive yesterday.  Attendees included many government officials and suppliers to the auto company.  Troy Mayor, Dane Slater, joined Jim Taylor, Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer along with Senator Marty Knollenberg, Congressman David Trott and Representative Martin Howrylak for the ribbon cutting.”

Grand Opening of Karma Automotive Troy Technical Center

Grand Opening of Karma Automotive Troy Technical Center

Scott Sabin, Director, Troy Technical Center said:

“Our Detroit Technical Center is growing fast.  Today, we have 36 employees and we look to grow to 150 over the next 3 years. Detroit is the center of engineering expertise for the automotive industry, so it makes sense for us to have an office here.”

Karma Revero specs:

  • electric range: estimated 50 miles/300 miles total (32 miles in the original Fisker Karma)
  • 260-horsepower, GM turbo 4 cyl engine (same as the original)
  • rear-mounted electric motors are rated at 301 kw (403 hp), with a combined torque of 981 lb-ft (unchanged)
  • 21.4 kWh battery (20.4 kWh in the original)
  • available DC fast-charging up to ~40 kW
  • on-board L2 charger upgraded from 3.3 kW to 6.6 kW
  • 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds (vs 6.4 seconds in the original)
  • solar roof
Motor City in the Fall. The birthplace of automobiles welcomed the Revero

Motor City in the Fall. The birthplace of automobiles welcomed the Revero

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981 lbs of Torque and its still slow

It’s a Dog ~ All of it!


It looks like a Model S went to slutty Halloween party.

Not “the” Bob Lutz!

Looks pretty good. Only thing that caused me disinterest is the price tag.

Now if you offered it for $50K, that would be more like it.

50 mile AER is better than those 15-20 mile European Jokes.

You can go somewhere with 50 miles, and not have to plug in absolutely everywhere.

I like to NEVER use gasoline in my everyday routine driving. In my ELR (as I say, my most ELECTRIC car ever in view of how much electricity I use for the car in comparison with gasoline), I’ve gone as far as 2,300 miles between times the engine has even started, and 5,000 miles between fill ups.

If I, or someone like me, were to be interested in this car, this 50 mile AER is doable because only extended trips would require gasoline.

Doesn’t bother me at all, since the over $100k, sometimes 150K Tesla owners usually have an ICE backup to make sure they can always charge their car in a power failure.

In most PHEV’s, it doesn’t matter that I’m carrying around this ‘dead weight’, since the gasoline and the ‘toy engine’ weigh less than the equivalent otherwise huge needed battery.

Finally a good car that will kill the most overrated Tesla. A car made with class and quality.

Very false claim, especially knowing that they just accepting orders and didn’t deliver even one piece yet 🙂 regards to class, depending what do you mean, for some even suv is a class, when for the others it’s waste of space, fuel and money, and especially risk of rolling.

In some European countries American typical SUV classified as a truck and you cannot drive it with car driving license, you need to have both categories, B and C (C1 in some countries)

Just how come extra 1kwh in the battery adds 18 more miles of range? 🙂