Kandi To Launch Cyclone EV By End Of 2014


Though Kandi Technologies is most well known for its EV vending machine, there’s something else Kandi does: manufacture electric vehicles.

Kandi’s newest EV is the pure electric KD17 “Cyclone”, jointly developed by Kandi and Geely.

Cyclone is described as follows (note: no specific details are available at this point in time):

“Cyclone” is a five-door, four-seat vehicle with spacious and comfortable seating area. The vehicle utilizes newly developed triple element non-polymer battery and central control system featuring in both touch screen and conventional buttons. “Cyclone” achieved multiple domestic automobile golden standards and is currently under scrutiny of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”), with the expectation to release to market at the end of 2014.

The Company anticipates “Cyclone” to generate strong positive feedbacks and impacts on China’s public market.

And that’s all we know of Cyclone for now.

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Cool looks like a Tesla infotainment

First time I’ve seen someone clone the Tesla Central Touchscreen by another automaker.

Cool. Its influence is spreading… 🙂

Even the instrument cluster is Teslaesque 😀

It definately looks like it came exactly from the new Volvo XC90. It must be!

I think you are absolutely right.

Others are just too biased toward Tesla.

The new Volvo XC90 uses Apple iCar platform with a large touchscreen and KNOBS for other functions.

If it is Tesla, then you wouldn’t have those round knobs for potentially climate control.

This is almost exactly like the Volvo XC90 dash. It makes sense since Volvo is owned by Geely which is a partner here for this car. I wouldn’t be surprised this kind of “Apple iCar” console will become more popular in cars…

So, did Tesla actually copy the Volvo XC90 dashboard, and still steal all the accolades?

Could this be the $14K Tesla killer in China? Will know by next year.

As usual, you post without doing a single bit of research. You are surely the laziest Troll, I know…


Seems the facts clearly indicate that Volvo is copying Tesla’s concepts– not the other way around. But don’t let reality interfere with your anti-Tesla rants.

BTW, how many of those crazy Tesla fliers did you print and stick on people’s cars in the SF area???


any info about range?

No info. but I am curious about this “triple element non-polymer battery”

anyone knows what technology they speak about ?

‘Inspired’ by the Lancia Ypsilon and Mazda 3 anyone?

Chinese “Chimeric” Cloning is often thought of as a form of flattery… 😉