In Just One Year, Bjorn Racks Up 100,000 KM On Tesla Model S – Video


Bjørn Nyland catches his Tesla Model S’ odometer rolling past 100,000 kilometers (a little over 62,000 miles).

"The goal is 1 million km." (Photo Credit: Bjorn Nyland)

“The goal is 1 million km.” (Photo Credit: Bjørn Nyland)

This is a milestone for The Millennium Falcon (the name of his Model S) and it’s only the beginning…

He plans to hit 1 million kilometers. But before he gets there, he already has the most kilometers on a Model S in Norway and the second most in all of Europe.

Shall we recap some of the most memorable moments with Bjørn and his Model S, in this one year? I think so:

Remember where it all began… Bjørn’s first-ever Tesla Model S video. Check that out below:

Congrats to Bjørn for accomplishing quite an achievement!

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Does Bjorn do anything but drive?

Then again, if I had a Tesla Model S and plenty of free time, I’d probably do the same. 🙂

100,000 km is 2.5x around planet Earth!!

*distance from pole to equator is 10,000 km, so 40,000 km per orbit.

At least one Model S has over 160,000 km (100,000 miles). Extended range is not an issue … Clearly the Model S is designed to be driven. 🙂

Bjorn is the man!

What an idiot. Never drive and film at same time.

Bjorn: GET ANOTHER DRIVER NOW BEFORE YOU WRECK AND INJURE YOURSELF FOREVER. Before you fall asleep at the wheel, and roll off a cliff like the Tesla guy in California, please get a 2nd driver for your long trips. Its cheaper and better than a bad wreck. You can tell from the film, Bjorn is often sleep deprived and really needs his wife or friend to switch off with him, while he sleeps. He is so sleepy, he is judgement impaired and can barely talk sometimes. Its not worth your life and health dude: pay a little to a friend to switch off driving.

Why would he be sleep deprived? 100,000km a year is only 383km a day if you only work five weekdays, not even a full battery’s worth.

Commercial drivers with 40ton trucks drive ten hours a day. Another guy in the teslamotors forum has just crossed the same line, with a 210km ONE WAY commute in addition to his regular job.