Just 2 Minor Changes Coming For 2018 Chevrolet Bolt


Chevy Bolt Interior

We didn’t expect any major changes for the 2018 Model Year, but these changes are as minor as they come.

In it second Model Year of availability, the Bolt will see just 2 very minor changes.

Change number one is that the heated steering wheel will now become automatic, meaning that when certain criteria are met, the wheel’s heating element will turn on/off by itself. Mind blown. Okay…maybe not. The automatic heated wheel is offered as both a standalone option and on the Comfort & Convenience Package.

The second change is even more minor. The 2 LT version of the 2018 Bolt will lose its map pocket on the front passenger seatback.

Neither of these changes are likely to impact sales, so it’s business as usual for the 2018 Bolt EV when it heads into production in mid-December.

With changes this minor, there’s no reason to wait for the second-year Bolt. Go ahead and buy the 17 Bolt now, unless you just loathe that map pocket and/or must have an automatic heated wheel.

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No front seat padding makeover?
Oh well, heated steering wheel is at least a start.

A minor change to the seats likely wouldn’t make the list of changes. Plus, an announcement of the fact of a seat change would be an admission they screwed up the seats, which GM would not want to do.

On that note, a seat tweak is definitely coming. Maybe not for MY2018 (or maybe it will), but the seats are definitely being worked on. A little GM birdie told me that.

Did that birdie tell you when / if Bolt will be able to tow about 1000 lbs?

Wow, a little bird in the hand, is worth two insidEVs….

Why would it not right now??

It’s able to now, just not with a warrantee.

With the tires on the Bolt I cannot imagine towing 1,000lbs. It would need more grip.

That was said months because of all the complaints about the seats. Not too surprising that it did not make into this years models.
Maybe next year.

Or to take a page from your notebook, maybe they will do an OTA update.

Apparently all changes even seat padding require lead times for engineering , testing and certification. I am encouraged that the Bolt is doing well paving the EV roadway I dare compare as the Ford Model T did so many decades ago!

Agreed. This is not going to be a change that is likely to be telegraphed. Probably be a running change or redesign depending on the severity/difficulty of the fix, but definitely not something that’s going to show up in an option-package list.

It better happen soon, before another 230+ mile range, 6+ second 0-60mph, $37.5k EV comes along to pull me away from buying one.

Right now, I’m carless; getting by in my van. I’d be in a Bolt right now if not for the front seat.

Why don’t you take the van seats out and mount them in your Bolt EV?

I don’t own a Bolt yet. And how am I going to drive the van without a seat to sit in? I need the van (so I can bring home the bacon) whereas I don’t ‘need’ a car.

The heated steering wheel was already an option.

It will just turn on automatically now in addition to pressing the button. Kind of a pointless addition if you ask me lol.

Right. Well they are not putting a lot of money into a car that isn’t making them any.

The Bolt is profitable on a per unit basis.

Increased production and two new Bolt-based BEVs within a year will help to recover the R&D costs associated with its development. Not to mention ride sharing applications with cruise and maven. 🙂

Yes, R&D is properly applied over the life of the generation. We won’t know true profitability until we know sales over about 5 or so years, and sales keep climbing as GM continues to roll out more states and more overseas markets.

I’ve seen attempts to repeat the $100K Volt claims again now with the Bolt, but that is as silly and incorrect as when they tried to claim that the Volt cost $100K each to build because they applied the R&D costs incorrectly.

Not just the generation.

Any car which uses Boltec also can be counted to amortize the R&D costs.

GM addressed the seats problem with a fix only GM could provide, they removed the map pocket from LT trim…Seat problem solved, GM listened to us…

Ya, I know I’m not the only one who wouldn’t get a Bolt because of the front seat issue. Definitely not a good place to cheap out if you ask me.

I was ready to get one until the test drive killed it for me. I can’t recall any car with seat worse than that. How did it make it into production …

It already has a heated steering wheel.

I am having my seats done at my local upholsterer it’s a 500 upgrade but worth every penny. Adding lumbar support and additional dense foam in bottom cushion. Can’t wait. Worst part of the car

I thought I had read somewhere that ’18 was supposed to get adaptive cruise control as well? Bummer as that’s a feature I’d really like especially if I’m spending this much on a car…

I think many had hoped that would be the case. I’m sure that’ll still happen at some point, perhaps for the 2019 model year.

The 2018 model year could also be fairly abbreviated, if they try to switch the production cycle over to mid-2017 like their other vehicles.

I seem to remember they had a real long 2017 model year because that MY had more incentives from California, etc. but I don’t know any of this for certain.

Only speculation from people. I have been speculating ACC or Supercruise will come for 2018 or 2019.

GM authority and a few other sources have said ACC is likely at some point and the feature was merely delayed.

But with the announcement of the Buick EV a few months ago… it might only be available on the Buick version first…?

Again, I have no actual information. Just guessing. 🙂

” would require blended brakes and we didn’t want to do that”…

No chance of supercruise either…ICE CT6 rear model is surprisingly large, would eat a huge chunk of the Bolt’s cargo area…

The CT6 has less trunk space than the Bolt at 15.3 vs 15.6. And the Bolt has a large open area beneath the false floor that is already segmented.

I don’t see why this would not work for the Bolt (or Buick EV) but would for the CT6.

😯 😯 😯

I’m absolutely gobsmacked. I’ve been saying that GM has been sending pretty strong signals that it’s not really interested in selling this car, but I never expected GM to just ignore the widely reported problem with the front seats!

WOW! Just wow. How disappointing!

So what do you personally think about the seats, since you’ve obviously sat in them to write such a sensational comment?

I find them acceptable. Not super comfy, but just fine.

I have a 12 year old Subaru currently, and commute 105 miles round trip, just over an hour each direction. I’ve spent considerable time behind the wheel of a Bolt and can say that its seats are worse than those in my Subie. It definitely drives better, more smoothly and is like 1/4 the cost to operate, but the seats really are one of the factors holding me from just pulling the trigger on one. They’re not terrible, but they’re cramped enough that it’s definitely noticeable after an hour in the car the difference vs my car.

For a half an hour or so, on a long drive they get annoying. I think I would get a seat pad for sure, which may bother some people, but for $25 it’s better than being uncomfortable.

Just took a long road trip in them. Longest stretch of driving was 6 hours straight with one stop to charge for about 45 minutes. And two stops for food (which we ate while sitting in these seats).

Seats are perfectly comfortable. They are nothing to write home about either, but if they don’t bother you after 30 minutes, they will not bother you after 6 hours. 🙂

Yip. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Must be a lot of sensitive butts in America…

Chief complaint of the Gen2 Volt? No home link/garage door opener…We’re now on the third model year without it…

GM seems to be moving away from it except on high-end models.

I can hardly blame them. Garage door transmitters are small now who cares?

Honestly, the time of getting to your house and using a radio wave to open the garage door is probably nearing and end. There’s not a lot of reason to use that over wireless internet anymore. And wireless internet can be far more secure (if done right, no guarantee of that of course).

I just bought a new premium garage door opener. It has Wifi for door status / scheduling / opening and closing from an app. It still uses rolling code RF via remote/homelink. The app is great – it shows if the door is open or closed, when the last time it was used, how long it has been open or closed, alerts, etc.

Once GM moved on from “homelink” in the rearview mirror, they now use the “Universal Home Remote” into the overhead console…

Standard on all Caddys, optional on all Buicks except for the convertible, optional all on GMCs except for the Canyon, optional on all BIG Chevys, not available the on the Spark/Sonic/Trax/Cruze/Bolt/Volt/Colorado…

So GM is intentionally omitting it from the smaller vehicles…Yet they all have CP/AA, onstar and wifi…

For the social people where our friends live on coast, I need the ability to “load” multiple signals…

Overall point is, this is the number one chief complaint of the Volt, it appears the Malibu’s overhead console with the UHR fits into the Volt’s slot…This has never been addressed over three model years…

Onstar and Wifi are a trick to make them monthly revenue. CP/AA are because safety ratings are hinged on them.

Why does everyone think their #1 complaint about the Volt is the #1 complaint? Prove it.

There are learning remotes out there you can buy. Buy one of those with 3 buttons and load up 3 signals on it.

gm-volt.com (forums) search “homelink” then “garage”…Ball’s in your court to disprove and to provide the Volt’s chief complaint…

It’s easy to install one in the headliner. Buy direct from home link and power with overhead lots. Available in all colors to match headliner. Cost about 200. Well worth it

Wow, just wow! Maybe it’s because people are making a mountain out of a molehill!

Do you have one Pushy? I’ve driven thousand mile trips in my car with no problems. I’ve loaded in large people that commenters assure me won’t fit in the seats.

You can’t fix a meme. And that’s mostly what is going on here.

They certainly aren’t the most expensive seats but there’s no crisis here to fix.

Seats are going to change and they will have DCFC on all the models beginning MY19 which being sales Sept of next year

Source? Also if DCFC becomes standard, does the MSRP increase by $750?

Option prices are usually keystoned (ie. 100% profit). So, the bill of materials for the DCFC gear is far less than a 750 price. If GM or someone does build a good DCFC network (well beyond what we have) then the DCFC should be an expected feature as standard – just as a filler hole is standard on all ICE vehicles.

Wow, no DC charging update? WTF GM?

Update to what? There’s hardly any DCFC more than 50 kW. Do you mean the odd step downs in charging power?

Future Proofing? But that’s just a concept, besides they don’t people to get the idea that it’s an interstate car, for then it would accentuate it’s lack of a charging network.

Sparkie – Two errors in your “slow-charge” complaints about the Bolt EV. 1. KW step-downs are standard charging procedures in all EV’s, evenn Tesla’s. Actual measured mph vs time charts that George S Bower and other engineers on the forum have produced show that the various Tesla models step at about the same % points as the Bolt and with higher reductions. Data given to-date suggest the Model 3 will also have similar step-down points and % step-down values. Tests done in Norway using an Ampera-e and a 150 Amp CCS charger found the Ampera-e will charge from 0-100% (238 miles)in about 115 minutes. The Model S 60 only gets to 208 miles in the same time frame and the Model S 70D gets to 242 miles. So the Bolt charges faster than the MS 60 and almost as fast as the MS 70D. We don’t have actual charge time-tests for the Model 3 base unit, but once we do, I suspect we’ll find that the Model 3 SC charging from 0-100% will be in the same time range as the Bolt EV’s. The Ampera-e tests show that the Bolt’s pack mph charge rates are competitive with other long-range EV’s… Read more »

Yeah, all the malcontents complain that the BOLT ev doesn’t have:

80 ampere L2 charging (new Tesla’s don’t anymore either).

No 350 kw fast charging (the only cars that have them are vaporware (Porche Mission and Fisker)

Crappy front seats (but the $4000 CHEAPER LT’s seats are fine).

What update are you looking for? It’s unclear there is a single DCFC in the US or Canada the Bolt can’t already reach full current on.

People are so strange about DCFC.

Should add, the MY18 does have one more update…According to apple, now you will be able to wirelessly charge iPhones…It’s already confirmed you cannot wireless charge an iPhone on the MY17, however, somewhat of a mute point since if you want to use carplay you need a wire anyways…

I was going to point out this same thing. Since a significant percentage of owner will probably own a iPhone that supports wireless charging at some point (if they keep the car 3+ years), this seems like a significant difference.

The 2018 Bolt EV should have at least receive Adaptive Cruise Control. The 2018 Leaf, even with shorter range, is going to steal major market share away from the Bolt EV because it has ProPilot. GM needs to quit offering excuses and start providing what people want.

If the 2017 FFE had it I’d own one now. Every so often I look into importing an eGolf to Pennsylvania (nearest equipped dealership is ~30 miles away from me in New Jersey) because they have ACC.

It’s GM’s plan to get you into a Tesla or a BMW i3.

Silly GM, they thought people wanted 240 miles of range, under $30,000 and asap. Turns out all they really want is ACC in any ol’ battery powered car. They could have just slapped that in the ol’ Spark EV and saved themselves a ton of money and time.

I really hope GM doesn’t pay attention to the “EV community” much. They’re just a bunch of fickle, whiny snowflakes. Fortunately, regular people are buying the Bolt and loving it.

Great comment!

I just turned 20K miles on my Bolt and love it; well done GM.

” would require blended brakes and we didn’t want to do that”…

The biggest problem is that rear suspension.
GM knows what an independent suspension is, so…

Looks like GM likes to fire the team that built the Bolt and the Volt and call it a day.

That’s one thing that probably will not be addressed, the chintzy rear suspension.
Bean-counter decision there.

appreciate the change. its annoying to constantly turn off and on the heated steering wheel to avoid over heating.

This isn’t the entire list. Source: your own forums.


It’s a minor change, but GM modified the wireless charging slot wirelessly charge iPhone 8 and iPhone X. All according to GM. 2017s won’t do it.

It would be nice if they could actually make a RHD version :-/

Turn the seats around and drive it in “R”.

No interest in fixing the seats means I have no interest in this car. Fix the seats, GM.

Damn. I really wanted that map pocket.