Jurvetson Posts Video Of Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg, Plus Images Of His White Model 3


Venture capitalist, Tesla board member, Tesla insider, owner of the first Model S and the second Model X, Steve Jurvetson has now become a lucky early owner of the fifth Tesla Model 3.

Model 3 Easter Egg

Additionally, he’s among the first to find and post video of an Easter Egg hidden in the Model 3.

Video description:

“The Navigation system works on Mars, but there is no traffic. These are just some of the sparkly discoveries in the new future-facing user interface of the Model 3.”

Along with the video, Jurvetson posted some images of his white Model 3. According to Jurvetson’s Flickr account, he’s the recipient of Model 3 #5, which he gifted to the woman (which he refers to as his Gen Gen) in the images as a birthday present. Lucky girl!

Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

All Image Via Steve Jurvetson – CC-2.0

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Microsoft gets rid of Paint. Tesla adds it.

Paint is fine for those of us who drive on the right side of the road, and use right hand (vast majority of people). But for those who drive on the wrong side (eg. UK), only a minority left handers and ambi’s can use it. It just goes to show you why LHD is wrong for most people.

When I think about it, RHD will make the use of a central touch screen a major pain in the butt. And all cars will rely mostly on touch screens sooner or later :-D. And even worse – the same is true for LHD and lefties 😀

P.S. I like the M3 central screen anyways since I don’t live in the UK or am not a lefty 😀

Thanks for bumming out this left hander. Here I was expecting to draw unicorns all day long in my future Model 3, now I’m crushed.

Move to UK or do what my father did: have someone (your father?) slap you upside the head whenever you grab something with your left hand first. Then you become sort of ambidextrous like me.

Well maybe in a few years, autonomy will become so good and reliable that you can just it in the passenger seat and draw. XP

Agree with you except when driving stick. I seem to be able to drive stick more aggressively RHD, with the left hand shifting gears. Feels like a motorcycle.

Stick is dead/dying so this is the future/present.

If all else fails., Buy ’em stuff !…..lmao

I’d rather Tesla put its efforts into hitting delivery dates and improving quality, than developing cute Easter eggs simply because they can.

Same software ported from Model S / X. Minimal waste of energy making the 3 as cool as those vehicles…

Please find something real to B’itch about. Thx.

You get your hands on early M3 and this is a video you make and post??? Really???

More like HE is the lucky one… wow