June 2012 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

JUL 3 2012 BY JAY COLE 17

As another month has come to a close, it is time to report on the monthly successes or failures of specific brands inside the plug-in industry.  The list will be populated as it is reported by each manufacturer throughout the day.

Overall the industry is expected to be up considerably this month, but against some weak comps due to the fallout from the tsunami last year in Japan, which left Toyota, Honda and Nissan with some barren dealership lots.  Versus the month previous (May), overall sales should be about flat.

2012 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt: GM sold 1,760 Volts in the month of June, which bested the 1,680 Volts last month, and is the second best month for Chev’s extended range electric car.  Total sales for the half year stand at 8,817, which now outpaces the mark set for all of 2011 (about 7,600).   Total production of the vehicle in Hamtramck, MI was only 1,141 for the month, due to the extended summer shut down. (sales pdf here)




2012 Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF:  June sales were a disappointing 535 units.  That figure is still slightly better than the 510 LEAFs sold in the month of May, and the third consecutive monthly increase for the company.  Nissan insists production to the US has been constrained by worldwide demand, and has stated that no huge improvements are expected until the 2013 model year is out in September. (Nissan sales pdf here)





2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In

Toyota Prius Plug-In: 695 Prius plug-ins were sold in 14 states in the US for June of 2012.  Overall, Toyota announced sales of 19,150 (vs 4,340 from June 2011) for the entire Prius family of cars. For May Toyota sold 1,086 copies of the plug-in version of its best selling hybrid, down from an all-time high of 1,654.







2012 Ford Focus Electric


Ford Focus Electric: Ford sold an impressive 89 Focus Electrics last month, given that last month, Ford stated that “the company delivered the first Focus Electric vehicles to retail customers this month,” with total electric sales for the month coming in at 6.  (Total for year: 97)




2012 Mitsubishi i


Mitsubishi i: In June the Japanese automaker only sold 33 copies of its supermini electric vehicle, that compares to May results of 85 copies, bringing total sales since the car launched last November to 328.   Mitsu began a attractive lease deal (at least on the surface) late last month and that may help sales somewhat for July.




Smaller, boutique car companys, Fisker, Tesla and Coda do not currently publish monthly results.  We can confirm that Tesla did sell at least 10 Model S Signature Performance edition cars for the month.  (First impression of the car, and the video of the launch/first delivery ceremony earlier this month can be found here)


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?!? Why did you make this report when there is no data from each type of vehicle ?!?
Also, you stress plugin hybrids (pih) but not EVs.
What about the Coda, Smart, Honda Fit, etc. ?

MOD EDIT: Last line of post deleted. (We are not paid by anyone to promote GM, they (and Ford) were simply the first out of the gate…we report all news without influence from any automaker or 3rd party)

Coda is a private company, and as such, does not report out monthly sales figures.

Honda Fit EV, while recently announcing a lease deal, has (of yet) not delivered any actual cars, hence no sales to report.

SMART ed was a test program in the US, and has since closed, hence no sales. The new production Smart Coupe and Cabrio, is only available to order in North America in Canada at the moment, and will not start deliveries there until spring of 2013.

The monthly electric vehicle sales report is put out as soon as the first two or three (of 5) major EV producing car companies report, so readers can get there information in a timely fashion (GM, Ford and Nissan in this instance). Nissan is usually quick reporting, but the other two (Toyota and Mitsubishi) are seemingly always slow – but are reported as soon as they are available whenever that happens during the day.

Since these cars are presumably all eligible for a Federal Tax Credit, shouldn’t these small companies be reporting their monthly EV sales to the Federal Government? If they don’t have to, how will the Feds accurately project 2012 tax revenue? Guess it doesn’t matter since not all buyers are eligible for the tax credit. This makes me think, can a retired (no income) person who buys an EV sell his tax credit info (VIN)?
My retired father buys a Volt then sells me the VIN for $3,000 so I can put the VIN in my taxes and get the full $7,500 credit (Net credit $4,500). I’m willing to bet that has already happened. The only way the Feds can deter that from happening is by cross referencing taxes against State Registration records.

Here I go again putting bad ideas in people’s heads.


It shouldn’t matter much. The limit is 200,000 per manufacturer. Tax credits are hardly going to run up a huge tab in the spring for the government – but if they were selling at rates like the Cruze or regular Prius, they might care more. But with Fisker and Tesla selling a few dozen per month, I doubt it’s worth the expensive paperwork in DC to even track them.

It’ LOGICAL to assume that the Feds don’t care. The idea is to spur alternative fuel sales. Why would they care who buys the car or who gets the tax credit?

The picture of the Prius is not of the plug-in version. You might want to substitute 🙂

You got us, you are the first to notice! We had been using a picture of a stock Prius to fit the rest of the motif, because the PIP does not come in black as a color option yet.

Now we have to change it, 🙂

Here is the estimate for the full year 2012, published just this morning: http://www.thestreet.com/story/11606766/1/2012-electric-car-sales-forecast.html

Good find.

Actually one of our writers just finished a recap of that piece even as I type now. Should be up shortly.


Good to see Ford has finally delivered more than a few (~120 as per cars.com) Focus Electrics to dealers, got to help potential buyers decide. Also, some C-Max Hybrids are listed, seems early if data is accurate.

On Volt sales, do wonder how much MY 2013 was a damping factor on demand in June, difficult to know, guess we have to wait for a couple of months to see.

Noticed a Yahoo article “9 electric cars you can actually buy”. They seemed to leave the Volt out all together. That’s kinda worse than using the wrong picture. Maybe they considerate the Volt a hybrid, or maybe they are just adding to the confusion.

It seems the PIP sold 695 units last month. Quite a drop from May. Must be a very disappointing result for Toyota as that’s nearly a 40% drop month over month.


Thanks Gene,

We just finished listing to the conference call ourselves, and an article on the Prius Plug-In specifically should be up shortly.

Even though I am a Volt owner I still want the Leaf to succeed.

Nice compendium of numbers. Can’t get this level of reporting anywhere else. Some followers say the Karma sold in the few-dozen range, but hard to tell.

The Fisker dealer in Palo says it sold over 60 of them in that dealership alone. I see a bunch of them on the streets every day.

Yeah, And Jay only reports the black ones… \ / All kidding aside, good reporting.