July 2014 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

AUG 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 57

What started out as an improving plug-in sales environment in the United States for 2014 has turned into an unstoppable force as the past two month have showed unparalleled growth.

Once Again The Nissan LEAF Leads The Plug-In Charge For July - Logging More Than 3,000 Sales!

Once Again The Nissan LEAF Leads The Plug-In Charge For July – Logging More Than 3,000 Sales!

Previously in June,  an estimated 11,893 plug-ins were sold, which was up 43% from June of 2014 – a result that came on the heels of a new all-time high being set in May with just over 12,000 EVs sold.

For July, there was no setting of new records as Tesla Motors shifted its production and delivery focus away from the US and into China and RHD (right hand drive) markets.

However, July 2013’s result of 7,392 plug-ins sold was easily bested by the 10,800+ sold this month thanks to another near-record month by the Nissan LEAF and strong improvements by the rest of the industry as well as new entries from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Heading into June the main points of interest look to be (answers in brackets):

  • Can Nissan get close to the record setting 3,117 LEAFs sold in May?  If not, can they set a 17th consecutive monthly sales record? (So close to the record…definitely took down month 17)
  • While Chevrolet Volt sales are currently down year-over-year, can the extended range plug-in continue its year long trend of improving sales in successive months? (Yes indeed…and they crossed the 2k mark for the first time!)
  • Can the debut of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive match the demand seen behind the BMW i3? (Nope)
  • More than 40% of all smart cars (including the petrol ones) sold last month were plug-ins (278), is it possible the little 2 seater can go higher yet?  (Big yes)

Additionally, waaaaaay down at the bottom of the story is the 2014 YTD chart as well as the complete 2013 results.

Update (Nov 5th, 2014): Estimated Tesla July sales grossed up slightly to accounted for Tesla’s Q3 report on sales in North America.


2014 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt: For the first time in 2014,  the Chevy Volt crossed the “2k plateau” with 2,020 sales in July.  This marks a month-to-month improve for each session of the year! (full story)

Previously in June, GM moved a respectable 1,777 Volts during the month of June…which means on a month-to-month basis sales have risen each month this year.

Unfortunately, the Volt is one of two plug-in cars on the market today that are stil showing year-over-year declines.  (Mitsu i-MiEV being the other)

For 2014, 10,635 cars have been sold – which is down 8.7% from 2013 when GM moved 11,643 Volts.  Still, if GM can continue the monthly uptrend, the could be in the black fairly soon.

Before 2014 model year production of the Volt ceased, GM decided to once again have the inventory of the extended range car go nuclear – so there is a lot of MY 2014 stock on hand.  Unexpectedly, model year 2015 production kept up the torrid production pace and near 2,000 of those are also now available.

In April we also saw GM officially re-confirm its commitment to the next generation of Volt by holding a press conference to announce a new $449 million dollar investment into 2nd gen Volt production.  The 2nd gen Chevrolet Volt will be a 2016 model and go on sale in the 2nd half of 2015.




2014 Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF: Nissan continues to dominate plug-in sales in the US with not only their 17th consecutive monthly record, but setting a near all-time mark with 3,019 sales in June!  (full story here)

Last month in June 2,347 LEAFs were sold.

Overall, Nissan has now sold 15,755 LEAFs in 2014, a 34.6% improvement over the 11,703 sold last year – easily outpacing the field for the top spot.

Also during June, shiny new 2015 model year LEAFs started to creep their way onto dealership lots by the end of June, but the disconnect/switchover from the 2014 MY production has caused LEAF inventories to drop to a precariously low level of just under 20 days supply.

Apparently thin inventory levels was only a momentary problem, as MY 2015 production appears to now be at a previously unseen level.


What once was scarce is now abundant as more than 3,000 2015 LEAFs have shown up at dealerships across the country ready to be sold…that after a month of selling 3,000 copies.

Previously in May Nissan sold more pure electric cars than anyone else had  in history, as an amazing 3,117 LEAFs were sold.





2014 Cadillac ELR

2014 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR: The plug-in Caddy broke out of its sales trends in July, as some aggressive promotional incentives seemed to hit their mark.

In total 188 ELRs were sold – almost double their previous high set last month when 97 copies where sold.

Year to date totals have now hit 578 units!

This month result also brings some sanity to the “days inventory” number that had been well north of 500 for the past few months.  While 250 days worth of ELRs on hand is still not all that great, it is far closer to norm.

Sales should stay strong for the summer GM continues to be willing to put “cash on the hood” to ease the pain the ELR’s $75,995 pricetag.

Of note:  Cadillac has a new boss this month, unfortunately for us (and those following plug-in vehicles) it comes in the form of one historically anti-EV persona – Johan de Nysschen.  (story on that here)





2015 BMW i3

2015 BMW i3

BMW i3: Although sales improved for the second consecutive month, it is still at a level most will feel is disappointing.  In July 363 i3s were sold.

Previously in June, BMW sold a slightly less than expected 358 units, which was still up 7% from May.

In the car’s first month sales, BMW did surprise us then by setting a new record for plug-in sales in a debut month with 336 units sold!

Originally expected in April, some hold-ups with the EPA/Monroney stickers prevented the i3 from getting to customers.

Thankfully this was a short-lived…and BMW delivered both its first BMW i3 REx (to InsideEVs contributor Tom Moloughney) and first all-electric i3 delivery in May.

Surprisingly, the BMW i3 has a healthy amount of inventory around the country, and even grew slightly in July with close to 1,000 copies now available for purchase.

In July, BMW also launched a new low cost DC fast charger that uses the new CCS (COmbo) standard.  BMW says it will charge the i3 80% in about 30 minutes (max power 24 kW) and costs just $6,458 to dealers and approved BMW partners.



2014 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S: Tesla does not give out exact monthly sales… so we never know for sure what the numbers are until their quarterly updates.

As this is a list of US sales, we are now forced to shift away from tracking strictly production and deliveries for the company overall as they are now delivering throughout Europe…so no one freak out when US sales don’t match total production from here on out.

As foretold by the company, Summer of 2014 can loosely be translated as “no soup for you” United States.

Relatively speaking, very little production and/or deliveries of the Model S occurred in July on US soil as Tesla focused on China as well as fulfilling RHD commitments to places like Hong Kong and the UK.

Also not helping July (or August) sales was Tesla shutting down its Fremont assembly facility for two weeks in preparation for the upcoming Model X, and to expand Model S production by 25%.

We estimate that 800 Model S sedans were delivered in the US in July.

Looking ahead, early August will also not yield much in the way of US sales before the more “premium” of Model S deliveries happen late in the month.  September on the other hand, should see Tesla sell cars at the highest rate of the year.

Update (Nov 5th, 2014): Estimated Tesla July sales grossed up slightly to accounted for Tesla’s Q3 report on sales in North America.




2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED

2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED

Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED:  With only a few days left on the lots in July to sell the new B-Class electric, Mercedes managed to move 41 copies in its debut month.

Refreshingly, the B-Class ED actually showed up a little earlier than originally expected in the United States, with the official launch of the car happening on July 15th.

That being said, and unlike the BMW i3 launch, very little inventory product has yet arrived in the US on dealer lots (~100 units).

The car will be available in limited states in 2014 (CA, CT, MD, OR, NJ, NY, RI and VT) — and then nationwide to the unwashed masses in early 2015. “Job 1” of B-Class ED production was completed on April 11th (full story here).

The B-Class ED starts from $41,450 ($100 more than the BMW i3) and has an all-electric range “officially” of 87 miles.

However, for an extra $600, one can purchase the extended range package which allows the driver to access more of the B-Class ED’s 36 kWh battery, and allows for an expanded driving range of 104 miles.  A fact that we think might sway more than a few people away from BMW’s $700 cheaper, 81 mile i3.



2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: For July 63 plug-in Panameras were sold.

Previously in June, Porsche has a strong month with the Panamera, and the S-E Hybrid was no exception selling 111 copies, the 2nd best result to date.

Otuside of the June’s result, it seems as though Porsche has found a fairly consistent selling level for the S-E Hybrid as 52 and 62 were sold in May and April respectively.

The high water maker was set in the first month of the year, with an amazing 141 sold.

This month the company announced that the Panamera S-E Hybrid’s SUV successor – the Cayenne S-E Hybrid, will be aggressively priced from $76,400, leaving us little doubt it will sell in far greater numbers than the plug-in Panamera.

The Panamera S E-Hybrid has a combined 416 hp output (333 hp electric) and can get north of 60 mph in about 5 seconds, with a top speed of 167 mph. Pricing starts at $99,000. Also of interest, the S E-Hybrid is currently available at all Porsche dealers nationwide – a rare thing these days.





2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet SPARK EV: Sales of the Spark EV were up about 50% this month to 128 units.

Coming off a fleet-inspired record in May, Spark EV sales normalized a month prior in June with 85 copies being sold.  May’s result was new benchmark for sales on the tiny Chevy was set at 182 units after 97 were moved in April.

During April, we also learned that although the Chevy Spark EV had been cancelled for Europe, but it will be reborn in 2nd gen trim as a Opel Something-Or-Other in about 2 years.

Since then, the rumor du jour has been that the next generation of Chevrolet Sonic will actually be that car…and have a 200 mile range (full story here)

General Motors closed 2013 with 539 Spark EVs sold over all. For 2014, that number has already been passed, with 551 sold.

However, no one should read anything into any monthly sales number when it comes to the Spark EV … at least if they are trying to get a handle on Spark EV demand, as GM basically sets their own monthly sales number by curtailing inventory. GM could sell a lot more if they wanted to. We figure that any 3-digit number probably satisfies GM’s internal projections for the car




2014 Fiat 500e

2014 Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e:  When it comes to reporting plug-in sales, we have had another Tesla on our hands here (as in they don’t report sales).

Chrysler/Fiat had been giving us a bit of the stonewall treatment when it comes to reporting 500e sales. But thankfully that ‘black hole of knowledge’ seems to have ended, thanks to data from Baum & Associates via HybridCars.com (big props).

For July, 119 Fiat EVs were reportedly sold.

Previously in  June, 166 electric Fiat 500s were sold, which was just a single unit shy of May’s 167 sold.

Also in the “good news if you live in Oregon” category, Fiat has announced the 500e will arrive in its second US state “this summer.”

As for the car itself, the 500e’s 24 kWh lithium battery has been rated by the EPA to produce 87 miles of all electric range, and MPGe efficiency in the city is pegged at 122, and 108 on the highway, for a combined 116 MPGe figure.



2012 Mitsubishi I (2014s incoming)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV: If you don’s ship any inventory, its hard to sell cars. Mitsu learned this lesson last month in July as only 17 were sold….this result comes on the heels of June’s 22 cars.

The good news for this summer is that ACTUAL NEW 2014 i-MiEVs have finally started to arrive at dealerships in the US after a 1 year hiatus! Kinda.

We have to note that Mitsu has only shipped a ‘token’ amout of little electric kei cars to America so far.

Exiting June, only about 200 2014s in total have found their way onto US dealership lots. We’ll call this the Outlander PHEV effect, as that vehicles unparalleled success has caused production and battery supply issues for the company.

Currently there is less than 100 2014 model year i-MiEVs available to be had in the US.  Going forward, the return of the 2014 i-MiEV in the late spring from $22,995 means there is going to be a lot of i-MiEV sales to report..at some point…when they fill like selling them.

In 2012 588 were sold, in 2013 there was 1,046 moved; but even with only 6 months of sales left available to the new, inexpensive i-MiEV, Mitsubishi should have no issues destroying these previous marks.

The new pricepoint of $22,995 also INCLUDES standard fast charging and a host of other standard features that used to be options. The MSRP price reduction equals $6,130 less than the outgoing 2012 model. Want to know more about the new cheapest EV in America? Click here!

Our forecast for i-MiEV sales for 2014? Next to nothing until the Fall, then all they can build and ship (which might be a problem according to Mitsu’s Chief) thereafter.



2014 Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV: In July 42 electric Hondas were sold, down 27% from 2013 when 63 were moved.

Previoulsy, (and continuing an uninspiring, compliance-lead trend); Honda sold 38 Fit EVs in June.

For the year 263 have now been sold, which is down 26% from the 354 moved through July in 2013.

So, the story continues to be: Inventory, where is the inventory?

Well, there isn’t any, and it isn’t coming as Honda is building about 40-odd units a month until the fall…when they will DISCONTINUE production of the car – that story here. Honda has an estimated 200 Fit EVs left to sell out of inventory heading into July.

So why is the Fit EV America’s most in demand car to be cancelled? Well, Honda has found the holy grail when it comes to selling a limited number of compliance vehicles. Lease them out cheap ($259/month including partial insurance with nothing down)…and give customer unlimited mileage on those leases. (all the details here)

So if you get one…count yourself “lucky”.



As Always, Black Is The Proper Choice When Selecting The Color Of An Electric Car

2014 smart ED – As Always, Black Is The Proper Choice When Selecting The Color Of An Electric Car

SMART ForTwo Electric Drive:  The smart EV is turning into the surprise hit of 2014, as the company set another sales record in July with 298 sold!  Of note, that was the 5th consecutive monthly record for the ED.

Someone has to be smiling at Daimler’s HQ both this month and last as the smart Ed almost took out the BMW i3 for sales during both months.

Previously,  an astounding 278 fully electric smarts were sold in June.

In May, sales of the smart ED just edged out April’s result (203) with 206 units moved…which bested March’s 186 sales.

The smart EV is now technically available nationally, although there isn’t inventory yet spread out across the country to make physical sales everywhere. However if you are looking for a cabrio edition of the little smart after months of being out of stock, a recent small shipment of those has them available at select locations.

The smart ED is the first plug-in for America to be offered with a “battery rental” option, which brings the cost of the Smart ED down to $19,990, but adds a $80 month battery rental payment, as well as includes a wider (and longer) battery warranty.

Check out all the specs, options and pricing here. The 2-seat Smart electric car gets 68 miles of range from a 17.6 kWh battery.



2013 Ford Fusion Energi

2014 Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi: In July, 1,226 Fusion plug-ins moved off lots…which is down from last month, but June was a result like no other for the Ford.  July’s number represents Ford’s 3rd best month with Fusion Energi to date.

Speaking of June, Ford sold an astounding 1,939 copies of the electric Fusion…which was 44% better than May, the previous best month on record for the Ford.

Of note in June not related to sales: The Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi, both had their EPA ratings slashed by the company, and compensation cheques are heading out to owners.

Both Energi vehicles now have a 88 MPGe rating (down from 100 MPGe), a 38 MPG extended range efficiency (down from 43 MPG) and a 19 mile all-electric range (down from 21 miles) – full story on that here.

For 2013, the Fusion Energi was the surprise hit of the Ford family, finishing the year with just over 6,000 sold – not bad considering it was only introduced in February. The upward trend has continued throughout 2014.

The Fusion Energi basically offers the same package as the C-Max Energi, but in a larger sedan package. The third plug-in to be offered from Ford has just been rated by the EPA at a combined 88 MPGe and has an electric range of 19 miles.



2014 Toyota Prius Plug-In

Toyota Prius Plug-In: Sales of the Prius PHV continued to be strong in July as 1,371 were sold, a 61% improvement over 2013.

In June 1,571 plug-in Prius were sold.

Of interest, the only “Prius family” nameplate to show an increase for July was of the plug-in variety.  The same was true last month.

Year-to-date,  10,671 plug-in Prii have been sold so far in 2014, 112% more than last year, when 5,031 moved off lots. The Toyota Prius PHV is now the second best selling plug-in in the US – but just 36 units ahead of the Chevy Volt.

Much like the Nissan LEAF was for almost all of 2013, the Prius PHV has been a demand vs allocation story over the past 5 months since Toyota reduced the price of the plug-in by $2,010 to $4,620. The allure of the car, now from $29,990, has essentially meant Toyota can set the amount they want to sell.




2013 Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi: In July 831 C-Max Energis were sold – Ford’s 2nd best monthly result of 2014.

Considering Ford moved less than 3,000 of the C-MAX in total again this month (including the gas version), the plug-in once again did very well for the Blue Oval.

The best month for 2014 was in fact June, when 988 C-Max Energis were sold.

Of note in June not related to sales: The Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi, both had their EPA ratings slashed by the company, and compensation cheques are heading out to owners.

Both Energi vehicles now have a 88 MPGe rating (down from 100 MPGe), a 38 MPG extended range efficiency (down from 43 MPG) and a 19 mile all-electric range (down from 21 miles) – full story on that here.

For 2013 overall, 7,154 plug-in C-Maxs were sold, good for being the 5th best selling plug-in for America.

In 2013, the high water mark for the C-Max Energi was set in October as 1,092 plug-ins sold. It would not surprise us to see the C-Max Energi live only as long as it takes to introduce a Focus Energi.





2014 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric:  Last month we lamented how Ford couldn’t come much closer to finally breaking the 200-level for sales with 197 sold…but Ford found a way.

In July, 198 Focus Electrics were sold.


The Focus Electric is the undisputed Oak Tree of plug-in sales as the last 19 months (and 22 of last 23) have all notched 100-and-something sales. Oh Ford Focus Electric – you make us sleepy.

Once again…that is 19 MONTHS IN A ROW in the hundreds – how is that even possible?  Is Ford messing with us?

Also as announced recently, the Focus got a slightly refreshed look for the 2nd half of 2014. And if you squint really hard, you might be able to spot the changes in the 2015 Focus Electric here.

And no, the battery intrusion into the trunk has not changed – that will have to wait for a full platform upgrade in about 3 years – provided the car continues to be produced alongside the rumored Focus Energi.







2014 Toyota RAV4 EV (+1 to kdawg for the file)

2014 Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota RAV4 EV: In July 68 electric SUVs from Toyota made it to customer’s driveways in America

And other than to say Toyota will sell between 50 and 200 RAV4 EVs each month its hard to get a better feel for what future month’s results will bring.

June was no different as 91 were sold, after moving 149 copies in May.

The highest selling level for any one month for the RAV4 EV was August of 2013 when 231 sold.

Overall, Toyota did experience a resurgence in the 2nd half of 2013(~2,600), and they are now decently on their way to selling the required number of EVs to satisfy CARB compliance. Once there, the RAV4 EV is no more. To date, 1,902 have been sold in total.

Speaking of which (CARB compliance), the vehicle displacing the RAV4 EV, the Toyota FCV made its official debut in the US in late June…if you are into that sort of thing, check out the story on Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle here.

To bump 2nd half sales Toyota has taken a page out of Honda’s playbook on their compliance vehicle and is now offering the RAV4 EV lease with something the mainstream players can’t – unlimited mileage leases.

How many RAV4 EVs will be sold next month, or this year? No one knows as this is one of the hardest plug-ins to put your finger on – percentage wise no vehicle fluctuates more in sales month-to-month than the Toyota SUV.



2014 (yes, 2014) Honda Accord Plug-In (via automedia)

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In (via automedia)

Honda Accord Plug-In: Relatively speaking, the Accord plug-in had a decent month by its (pretty low) standards, as 41 were sold in July.

Previously in June, just 28 more Accords were sold; that was after selling 46 plug-ins in May… which was also the yearly high if you choose to look at the results through rose-colored glasses.

The all-time, high water mark for sales in any one month was October of 2013 at 71 units.

So, to say Accord PHEV sales are flat in the US would be an understatement.  For the year-to-date 221 have been sold, which is off 13% from last year’s 254 result.

Practically speaking, the Accord plug-in is the anti-Fit EV, as they just can’t sell these things. The classic “we will build it if you ask us to” seems to be in play here, as there is little to no dealer inventory for a customer to just walk in off the streets and drive off in a plug-in Accord.

As for pricing, the Accord PHEV doesn’t come cheap, as Honda has put a sticker of $38,780 on the car, which was markedly higher than consumer expectations for the car.

We expect Honda to revisit incentives on the car in the near future – or maybe just stop offering it entirely. The Accord plug-in has a 13 mile all-electric range, and has been given a MPGe valuation of 115 MPGe, the highest rating of any plug-in extended range vehicle.



2014 will see the introduction of quite a few new plug-in models, many of them being the premium variety.

BMW i8 Coming This Summer

BMW i8 Coming This Summer

Here is a list of what is on the horizon, and when it is expected:

  • BMW i8: July/August 2014 – about 300 cars allotted for 2014 for fall, more in 2015
  • Kia Soul EV: Q3 2014 (details on the car can be found here)
  • Tesla Model X: December 2014 – Tesla has said they will make first delivery in 2014, but real production doesn’t get started until April 2015so if your last name is Musk or Jurvetson, you might get one in 2014
  • VW e-Golf: Late 2014arriving in the fourth quarter, but only to selected states

BELOW: Chart of 2014 results so far, as well as 2013 year end results:

2014 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla NA Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Quarterly Totals from Earnings Report (Q1 Sales reported @ 6,457-3,000 Intl Delivers, Q2 7,579 total-approx reported International registrations, Q3 7,785 total deliveries ~ 3,900 US) *Fiat 500e data estimated for Jan/Feb

2014 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla NA Sales Numbers – Reconciled on Quarterly Totals from Earnings Report (Q1 Sales reported @ 6,457-3,000 Intl Delivers, Q2 7,579 total-approx reported International registrations, Q3 7,785 total deliveries ~ 3,900 US) *Fiat 500e data estimated for Jan/Feb

2013 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla Numbers have been included in this graph. Tesla Total US Sales Based On Quarterly Disclosures (Q1 & Q2 from filings, Q3 based on shareholder letter, and Q4 based on company estimate of half of sales out of North America) *Fiat 500e estimated based on available data.

2013 Monthly Sales Chart For The Major Plug-In Automakers *Estimated Tesla Numbers have been included in this graph. Tesla Total US Sales Based On Quarterly Disclosures (Q1 & Q2 from filings, Q3 based on shareholder letter, and Q4 based on company estimate of half of sales out of North America) *Fiat 500e estimated based on available data.

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Here is some fun statistic.

9 out of 14 months Nissan sold over 2k – from Mar-13 to apr-14. It had never sold > 2k previously.

Now, 2 out of 3 months Leaf has sold > 3k – though previously never sold over 3k.

So, I think 3K is the new 2k. Expect Leaf to sell over 3k regularly from now on.

At least until the incentives are curbed (from HOV lanes to state rebates).

I think the biggest hit will be when Georgia reduces the incentive. I expect improvements in overall sales by then to maintain 2.5k+ per month, though.

What could raise sales to the 5000 market with or without a large system of rebates is when they double the range of it to 150 miles. In that I suspect this car is taking some sales away from the Nissan Versa which sells over 10,000 a month. The reason why I think this is that the Nissan Versa and the leaf are the same size.

The Leaf and Volt aren’t even much of a surprise to me anymore. The main ones i’m curious about are the ones I have to wait forever on.. Like the BMW i3 and the Ford products.

Really good numbers coming out for the us July ev sales. I also see that the worldwide sales for June were probably the best ever. Is it possible to do a breakout for the worldwide sales? As in by country, just to give some perspective, unless there was already an article and I just missed it, which would be my bad.

This may have been suggested before, but for every model could you show in what states it was available for the month?

For example, isn’t the Accord PHEV available only in CA and NY or some such?

It would not be easy to fit that in the chart. A LOT of the cars are only available in limited areas and they are often changing where they are available.

I think the wacko limited availability is what is the 900 pound Gorilla that is sitting on top of a lot of EV sales.

A example is Ford pure EV and Chevy’s Pure EV those two could have sales of 500 to 800 a month right away if they where not so strange about selling them. In that they keep giving off mixed messages to people if they should get it or not.

I believe the Focus Electric is sold nation wide.. At least sold in a lot more states than the Spark EV. However, I’ve heard the Ford dealers don’t keep them in stock so people have to order them. My local Ford dealers has plenty of the PHEVs in stock, but no Focus Electric.

The Chevy Spark EV is sold in the CARB-ZEV states of California and Oregon.

Yep. I was trying to find a dealership nearby with a Focus EV so a friend of mine can drive one. Nope…

I’m betting the B Class ED is in the 100-150 range for the first couple months. Mainly because it is CARB only for this year vs the i3 is national.

Hah, 41. I was only off by a little. 🙂

But it was probably not a full month…so how much could we extrapolate for a full month?

As for the i3, I see it outselling the Smart ED, 500E and i-MiEV combined by the time 2014 closes.

Im getting ytd 2014 sales up 33% (sorry if I missed it) and that’s w/o Ford which add another 3000 or so.

That’s great.

and there,s no stopping that little leaf.

I don’t think we will surpass last month’s sales, but if we want to break 10K, we need Ford/Fiat/Porsche to pull in about ~2k in sales. Very doable.

What I find interesting is how so far it looks like the minimum 10,000 EV sales is becoming the new 5000 minimum in EV sales. I hope we can get 15,000 and 20,000 to soon become what 10,000 is now.

I’m surprised the BMW i3 isn’t selling better. I would have expected sales twice or three times that high by now.

I was also shocked by the low number of Teslas sold.. I knew it would be lower this time for a variety of reasons, but I didn’t think it would be that low. I thought maybe 1,000 units at least.

And the poor little i-Miev with 17 sales. That’s absolutely pathetic.

I get a different total sales on the Rav4 EV than the number you get of 1811. 2600 total to be sold in model years 2012 – 2014 to comply with California Air Resources Board – Zero Emissions Vehicle (CARB-ZEV) mandates: On sale: September 24, 2012 Sep 2012 – 61 ……….. 61 Oct 2012 – 47 ……….. 108 Nov 2012 – 32 ……….. 140 Dec 2012 – 52 ……….. 192 Jan 2013 – 25 ………… 217 Feb 2013 – 52 ………… 269 Mar 2013 – 133 ………. 402 Apr 2013 – 70 ………… 472 May 2013 – 84 ………… 556 Jun 2013 – 44 ………… 600 July 2013 – 109 ……… 709 Aug 2013 – 231 ……… 940 (at this rate, 2600 will be complete 1st week April 2014) Sep 2013 – 167 …….. 1107 (at this rate, 2600 will be complete 1st week July 2014) Oct 2013 – 91 ……… 1198 (at this rate, 2600 will be sold out 2nd week of Jan 2015) Nov 2013 – 62 ……… 1260 (at this rate, 2600 will be sold out 3rd week of Aug 2015) Dec 2013 – 28 ……… 1288 (almost halfway to sold out !!!) Jan 2014 – 63… Read more »

I drive a smart diesel and I’m interested in going to a smart ED eventually. Why does the arcticle say “As Always, Black Is The Proper Choice When Selecting The Color Of An Electric Car”? By the way, I’m in Canada and all-electric range in the winter time is a big concern up here.

Well I’ve almost had my Smart ED for a year already! August 16th will mark 1 year.

Just took it in for the 10k annual battery check. “GOOD BATTERY” was my result. No problems at all. Car has been flawless and a complete blast. 100% charge starting range – 74 miles + ~10 (regen)

Will try to increase the miles for the lease since i almost went over 10,000 for the year thus having to give my ED a break and drive the Volt instead.

2 more years left with this little thing, don’t know if i’ll want to let it go.

Oh and a funny thing that happened when i was waiting at the dealer.

Around noon they started moving some cars out the showroom and it was lunch time.

One guy pulled out a 2014 SL and told his co-worker “lets go” and he said no i want to take the Smart and he was like what?!

And after a little talking the guy ended up turning off the SL, got out and got in the ED and they zipped off lol made my day

EPRI has published a free “Consumer’s Guide to Plug-in Vehicles”. You may find it helpful in convincing others to consider making the switch. You can access the download here: http://www.epri.com/abstracts/Pages/ProductAbstract.aspx?ProductId=000000003002004221

Blah blah blah… Basically what I’m hearing is “My needs are this, so everyone else will feel the same about it.”

I’m eagerly awaiting the Ford numbers today. They’ve been on an upward trend all year. I keep thinking there’s no way they can sustain that momentum, but I hope they prove me wrong!

It looks like Ford had a total of 2,255 plug-in sales for July.

Fusion Energi had a 300+% increase at 1,226 vs 407 for July 2013.

C-MAX Energi had a 90+% increase at 831 vs 433 for July 2013. Oddly enough C-MAX Hybrid has it’s best sales month this year at 2,163.

But the Focus Electric is almost funny at just 198 units, 1 more than June at 197, but 48 more than July 2013 at 150.

Shows clearly, that people like plug-in hybrids over pure electric cars. Just look at Toyota PIP sales. It is barely a plug-in.

While it is true that PHEVs are selling better than BEVs… they are so close it is hard to call one a clear winner. Sure, in the Ford line the PHEVs are clearly winning, but I think that is as much by Ford’s design and plan than anything. The PHEV is certainly easier to sell to a customer, I suspect. It requires less training for employees, and doesn’t require an L2 station.

I admit that I prefer a PHEV at this stage of the game. If L2 and L3 charging were ubiquitous and reliable, I’d probably have no need for PHEV.

Strongly agree. We have to be very careful not to read too much into the current numbers and situation, and in particular, we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that today’s circumstances are a good model for the industry/market even a few years from now. We’ll see many more public chargers, more companies selling EVs, more models, better/cheaper batteries, and most important of all, better public understanding of the benefits of EVs. As I keep stressing endlessly here, we can still make a big difference simply by helping to educate people about EVs. I routinely get questions about my Leaf like, “Does it have enough power to drive through snow?” (got that one again in the last few days, in fact). Many people STILL have this weird idea that EVs are pathetically underpowered golf carts that can’t drive more than 20 miles without being plugged in, carry four adults, etc. Any vehicle with an ICE doesn’t face this conceptual hurdle, and that surely helps push sales to that quadrant of the plug-in universe. By the way, one conversation I’ve had several times involves someone asking me, usually with a triumphant tone, as if the speaker has discovered the One Fatal… Read more »

The model S seems to be a HUGE flop this month! What happened? The sales fell off the cliff. There should be plenty of cars from previous quarters to sell a few in July?

It is not just US. All across the globe, no sign of any robust model S sales. Europe, Norway,Sweden, Germany, China, UK – no where.

Shut down factory to build model X.