Juan Pablo Montoya a Tesla Model S Owner

MAR 22 2014 BY STAFF 6

  • Juan Pablo Montoya – Formula 1 racer
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – IndyCar driver and Indy 500 winner
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – NASCAR Driver
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – Endurance racer and 24 Hours of Daytona three-time champ
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – You get the idea
  • Juan Pablo Montoya – Tesla Model S owner
If it suits Juan Pablo’s demanding driving style, then that’s one heck of a nod to Tesla and a glowing endorsement of the Model S’ abilities.


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“I am Juan Pablo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”

Haha! I wish I could vote on comments here. 🙂

…more like let me demonstrate what this baby can really do with someone who can actual drive!


Juan Pablo Montoya.

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