Johnson Controls Teams With University of Wisconsin-Madison To Test Next-Generation Battery Technology



University of Wisconsin Madison.

Johnson Controls and the University of Wisconsin-Madison will team up to research and develop “next-generation” battery technology in a new laboratory at the Wisconsin Energy Institute.

This partnership will strengthen Johnson Control’s ability to develop innovative energy storage technology.

Vice president of advanced products for Johnson Controls Power Solutions, Christian Rosenkranz, adds:

“This partnership will help advance the energy storage industry by expanding the reach of our university research partnerships.”

“With the help of the UW-Madison, Johnson Controls will test cutting-edge energy storage concepts while training a new generation of engineers.” 

The university will benefit by providing students, faculty and engineers with access to state-of-the-art battery testing technology.

The director of the Wisconsin Energy Institute, Mike Corradini added:

“We deeply appreciate Johnson Controls’ generosity in making this suite of battery test equipment available to faculty, students, and other researchers at UW-Madison.”

“The availability of this valuable new resource represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of integrated clean energy systems and cutting-edge storage technology at the university.”

In the lab at  UW-Madison, the focus will be on stationary and vehicular energy research. The lab is known as the “Johnson Controls Advanced Systems Test Lab.”

The project will have industry scientists with UW professors, graduate students and undergraduate students working together to add on the strong foundation of being the leader in energy, power and controls research.

Johnson Controls already has a similar partnership with UW-Milwaukee.

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Not to nit-pick but I’m pretty sure that picture is the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee campus not Madison.

Definitely. I went to UW-Madison and still live in Madison. That is not a picture of anywhere nearby…

That’s Madtown. Lake Mendota just got bigger due to Antarctic Glacier loss. On the bright side … State Street is now a canal and the fishing is great! 😉

I think so too. I was in Madison once and it’s not on a Great Lake.

48v micro-hybrid not going so well?

I am left clueless about what this mysterious new technology ought to be except it apparently cuts some edges.

Well, they haven’t invented it yet so it is still mysterious.

This is funding for a lab to enable some basic research, which has yet to be defined.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

If JC had any real breakthrough on battery tech, they would be trumpeting it from the rooftops, instead of foisting it off on interns. Maybe, they are angling for a government grant or something.