John McGuinness At The 2015 SES TT Zero Race – Video

JUN 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

2015 IOMTT Zero

2015 IOMTT Zero

John McGuinness is the professional TT record breaker. Just after his 2015 SES TT Zero record of 119.279 mph average speed, he broke the all-time record setting 132.701 mph on an ICE bike.

Here is video with part of the race lap by John McGuinness on the Mugen Shinden Yon.

“John McGuinness broke his own SES TT Zero record in the TT 2015 SES TT Zero Race, setting a stunning lap average of 119.279mph over the famous 37.75 mile mountain course!”

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Wow that looks fast and fun


fast and fun, yes.

But this looks insane and impossible:

I hope the electric bikes will soon be faster than the ICEs


I’d like to know how it felt for him to ride the Mugen.
I mean it must has been fantastic, only 13mph difference but without any clutch to use, no vibration and no noise. It is closer and closer to beat the ICE now.

Richard Gozinya

That statement needs a huge asterisk. Yes, they’re making progress. But you have to keep in mind that the Superbike record was done on a six lap race, not the single lap of the TT Zero. Which means we’re still a very, very, very long ways off from parity, let alone superiority.

It’s all kind of a trip, really. Given how efficient electric motors are, but how crappy the energy storage is. Whereas an ICE has a sort of opposite, but more extreme difference.

Richard, I agree there needs to be an asterisk for it only being a single lap race, and not a multi-lap race. But with that said, the course all-time record lap of 132.701mph that McGuinness set on an ICE motorcycle, was also measured as a single lap speed. And that lap was measured with McGuinness ALREADY being at race speed when he started the lap (flying lap) with hot tires. In comparison, the 119.279mph on the electric bike was measured starting from a dead stop at the line with cooler tires. For perspective, he ran a 131.850mph opening lap on the same race where he set the record single lap record. So starting from a dead stop with cooler tires cost him nearly a full mile per hour on the ICE. So while I get the whole single lap asterisk, there is also another asterisk that actually makes the EV speed more impressive. Because the EV record lap speed is comparing dead-stop/cooler tire times to flying lap/hot tire times for the ICE bikes. I don’t know how fast the electrics accelerate to track speed vs. the ICE’s, but I’m guessing that crossing the line at race speed would gain a… Read more »