Joe Rogan Shocked By His New Tesla Model S: Video


Warning: Some profanity in the clip above.

Joe Rogan is now the owner of a Tesla Model S and he loves it. The former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter-cum-comedian is a self-proclaimed car guy who finally took up one of his podcast guests on their suggestion to try one out. That guest, of course, was Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whose appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast raised eyebrows and sunk the automakers stock price when he took the lightest of puffs of a spliff while being interviewed.

In the clip above, Rogan gets quite expressive when talking about his new car. A P100D, meaning it is the Performance variant, he says, “It literally doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem right. It seems like it’s punching its way through a wormhole, using alien technology. (He also makes a number of other positive, declarative statements that include swears, so be warned.) Comparing it with his 518-horsepower Porsche GT3 RS, Rogan says, emphatically, his Tesla will “leave it in the dust.”

After spending the first few minutes talking about his Model S, the conversation meanders through a stretch of odd hybrid-tech territory and some Elon-Musk-oriented conversation. Soon, though, we learn Rogan has his sights set on another Tesla model: the Roadster. Saying, “I’m going to get one. 100 percent,” he goes on to enthuse about the future battery-powered sportscar.

He talks up the 1.9-second 0-to-60 miles-per-hour time, its styling, and other attributes. One thing he doesn’t like about the Roadster, apparently, is its lack of mirrors. The concept images he and his guest peruse as they talk doesn’t feature mirrors, though it’s likely they will be available. We’d repeat what he says about his desire for actual mirrors but this is a family site. Click play above and hear it for yourself. Enjoy!


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I heard its dope!

You’re hi.

Skip this and just listen to his interview with Elon… the best interview with him.

Hearing this Joe Rogan guy talk makes me lose brain cells…

Funny, I had the same thought reading your post.

Right? He is horrible, isn’t he?

He doesn’t come across as being particularly smart, but that’s okay, because he doesn’t claim to be.

A fuel option? Wow….

n/m didn’t hear the audio at work…

Better late to the party than never. I’m glad people like him are buying electric cars.

“The former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter-cum-comedian. . .”

Joe Rogan was never a mixed martial arts fighter. He’s an actor/comedian-cum-mixed-martial-arts-announcer.

Another one got bitten by the electric zombie bug. Welcome to our army.

Maybe not use the word “shocked” in relation to electric vehicles in headlines. There are fools out there who may get the wrong idea. 😐

I have to agree. Its the second such headline using, “shocked” in a week.

The vernacular is plenty large enough to find a more appropriate adjective.

I’m not word a cop or punctuation police in any way. Just seems obvious for a pro EV website to avoid wordage in headlines with potential to draw negative attention to EVs for no logical reason.

I put this in the, “high workload to editor” column, not the, “wordplay sensationalism means more clicks” category. Even so, the angels are in the details.

Utterly gobsmacked, I love it!

He was never an mma fighter.

Joe Rogan is not an MMA fighter cum comedian. He is an actor/comedian who enjoys martial arts as a serious hobby and hosts many UFC television events.

Its always a bit surprising that folks who don’t know that wireless inductive chargers for Teslas or other EVs/ PHEVs even exist buy $150,000 Tesla P100Ds. Or how it was a deer in headlights moment before both guys could name a hybrid (Prius), let alone an electrified car that has a gasoline range extender ( which they could not). Gas junkies seem to desire a Tesla because the tech is beyond cutting edge, and performance is awesome. Funny how Jay Leno said he bought his Model S because he felt obligated, and Rogan says he bought one because Musk is a great dawg, came on his podcast and is a friend! Leno did an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage (before TV show) whereupon he tells a story about mistakenly calling Musk at 3:00 am because he was out if the country. He said he was so embarrassed, he bought a car from him! You can’t make this stuff up! Truly, these guys bought Teslas because no car has ever been so attractive yet done the things Teslas can do while being so practical. It’s the explaining and justifying that cracks me up. How about: “I bought one because they are… Read more »

While I don’t think you’re wrong on any of your points, I think it’s important to understand that it’s good that folks eventually come to the EV camp, regardless of reasons why. Rogan is a great example- while some folks here would consider him an idiot, he does have the ear of THOUSANDS of folks (his podcast is one of the highest ranked in the nation). Word of mouth is huge, and to hear Rogan so supportive of Tesla is really good.

Yes, well said; but the EV revolution is not going to triumph because Jay Leno and Joe Rogan bought Tesla cars. It’s going to triumph, eventually, when Joe and Jill Average perceive an electric car as a better choice than a gasmobile. In other words, EVs need mass appeal. It’s good that one finally exists in the form of the Tesla Model 3; but we need a lot more models selling in large numbers before the gasmobile becomes obsolete, even in first-world countries. It will likely take even longer in third-world countries and emerging countries like India.

Joe and Jill average will not buy a car. They will do instant self driving taxis because it is much cheaper than buying a vehicle.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

You have just described the most boring of all transportation futures, and one wherein the average citizen would have to be dependent on centralized 3rd parties for all of their transportation needs.


Joe reason that it cant charge Wireless is Epic 😄,