Job #1 For BMW’s New CEO – To Ensure That BMW i Becomes Legacy Of Outgoing CEO


BMW i8s Ready For First U.S. Deliveries

BMW i8s Ready For First U.S. Deliveries

First BMW i3 Getting Handed Over to German Marathon Runner on September 18, 2013.  That's Harol Kreuger Doing The Hand Over

World’s First BMW i3 Getting Handed Over to German Marathon Runner on September 18, 2013. That’s Harald Kreuger Doing The Hand Over

According to Automotive News, BMW’s incoming CEO will be responsible for ensuring that the BMW i sub-brand becomes the legacy of the automaker’s outgoing CEO.

“BMW spent billions developing an electric-drive subbrand and factories to make not only the cars but the carbon fiber used in them.”

“CEO Norbert Reithofer wants the environmentally friendly i cars to be his legacy.”

Effective May 2015, Harald Krueger will become BMW’s new CEO.  He will replace Norbert Reithofer.

Krueger is as much (or more) a supporter of electric cars as Reithofer, so ensuring the i cars as the outgoing CEO’s legacy shouldn’t be a problem for Kreuger.

Automotive News adds:

“…Krueger will lead BMW into battle against its major competitors, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Those brands haven’t matched BMW’s investment in electric vehicles but have moved into new segments and niches.”

BMW will be forced to battle the competing automakers in those “new segments and niches” if the automaker hopes to maintain it position among luxury brands, but it’s in the area of electric cars where BMW has the lead and the chance to be dominant into the foreseeable future.  Other automakers such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz are years behind in the electric car segment and if BMW keeps the pedal down, there’s no chance those automakers can catch up.

What Reithofer started, Krueger can continue, thus ensuring BMW’s lead among German automakers in the growing electric luxury car segment.

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Caption below picture of Harald Kreuger, Handing Over the keys to the first i3, Should read:
“Don’t blame me, this thing was Norbert Reithofer’s idea.”

Troll, I own a i3 and we love it. Mr. Reithofer should be proud that he has the balls to go against the flow and build a truly innovative automobile. Maybe Mr. Disappointed is disappointed with himself. .

Completely agreed. Very happy with my i3 BEV.

If I won a free BMW i car, and I had to keep it (not allowed to sell it), I would pick the i3 over the i8 in a heartbeat. I’d just have to get it painted to get rid of the two-tone :).

Paint it, or just strategically wrap it. I keep looking at the white/black one and imagining what some matching white wrap over some to the black would do for it.

Something like this white hood, but without all the other body work:

It is probably not a car he is disappointed with though. 🙂

I would like to see BMW’s Tesla-fighter sooner rather than later. Hopefully Kruger pushes the accelerator. And not just a Model S fighter, but a Model X and Model 3 fighter.

BMW’s Kreuger can do the job, by bringing the i9:

That does not look like an i at all.

I agree. More variations on the i line of cars would be the best way to build a legacy.

An i5 with a bigger range-extender and a real gas tank built as a PHEV instead of a CARB compliant BEVx would be a big step in the right direction. Push the dimensions out just a bit to make it fit larger adults and more luggage and they would have a killer 5-Series class competitor.

If and when BMW starts producing a plug-in EV with an all-electric range well over 100 miles, and starts offering them for sale in large numbers, then and -only- then will I take them seriously.

Arguing over style is pretty pointless. Ugliness, every bit as much as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, there are people who buy cars according to style. But most of us are more interested in how comfortable the car is, and how well it does what we want it to.

If BMW produces an EV with a real-world driving range of 150+ miles, one which can charge as fast or faster than a Tesla Model S, and prices it competitively, then lots of people will buy it, no matter how often anyone calls it “fugly”.

Funny you say that, but I’d rather have an i8 over a Tesla. And what may surprise you even more is that I’d even rather have an i3 Rex over a Tesla. Besides the fact I think it is more futuristic looking, I think the range extender makes the car far more versatile than a Tesla. Sure, the Tesla has more EV range but as soon as you go out of town you are screwed unless there is a supercharger on the route you want to go. The i3 can take any route you want as long as there is a gas station every 50 miles or so.