JH Photography Presents Tesla Model X Delivery Video


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Video description:

“Picking up a Tesla Model X at Tesla Motor Service North.”

This video, by JH Photography, captures the Tesla Model X in all its glory.

Since a professional photgrapher was on hand for this delivery, you can be assured that there are some shots of the X from unique angles that capture some rarely seen elements of Tesla’s electirc SUV.

Enjoy the X! Next up is the Model 3!

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11 Comments on "JH Photography Presents Tesla Model X Delivery Video"

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Telsa: Stealing the Thunder of legacy car companies since inception; building a generational brand loyalty that those said companies can only dream about.

Well said!!!

My son gets his X tomorrow. Ordered it on March 3

That’s pretty quick. I assume he lives in California.

Too. Much. SteadiCam. Not EVERY shot has to be moving!

The camera work is dynamic, without distracting from the vehicle or its details they’re filming…

It works for me. In fact, I think the snoot-photography has to be some the best I’ve seen of the Model X, to date.

Hires a professional photographer… wears scrubs?

He wants the world to know that he’s a doctor. Or a male nurse. 😀

It’s really hard to judge the door alignment and the consistency of the panel gaps with all that camera motion. We’re not all ADHD.

You’re complaining about not being able to complain about the Model X?


I just see dog noses.