JH Photography Presents Tesla Model X Delivery Video


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Video description:

“Picking up a Tesla Model X at Tesla Motor Service North.”

This video, by JH Photography, captures the Tesla Model X in all its glory.

Since a professional photgrapher was on hand for this delivery, you can be assured that there are some shots of the X from unique angles that capture some rarely seen elements of Tesla’s electirc SUV.

Enjoy the X! Next up is the Model 3!

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11 responses to "JH Photography Presents Tesla Model X Delivery Video"
  1. ffbj says:

    Telsa: Stealing the Thunder of legacy car companies since inception; building a generational brand loyalty that those said companies can only dream about.

    1. Sammy says:

      Well said!!!

  2. Tedfredrick says:

    My son gets his X tomorrow. Ordered it on March 3

    1. Three Electrics says:

      That’s pretty quick. I assume he lives in California.

  3. Aaron says:

    Too. Much. SteadiCam. Not EVERY shot has to be moving!

    1. Anon says:

      The camera work is dynamic, without distracting from the vehicle or its details they’re filming…

      It works for me. In fact, I think the snoot-photography has to be some the best I’ve seen of the Model X, to date.

  4. Hires a professional photographer… wears scrubs?

    1. Cerio says:

      He wants the world to know that he’s a doctor. Or a male nurse. 😀

  5. Three Electrics says:

    It’s really hard to judge the door alignment and the consistency of the panel gaps with all that camera motion. We’re not all ADHD.

    1. Anon says:

      You’re complaining about not being able to complain about the Model X?

      HILARIOUS!!! 😀

  6. Foo says:

    I just see dog noses.