Jeff Disinger and the Electracutioner Shatter LSR at Ohio Mile (Exclusive)


Completely under the radar, Jeff Disinger packed up and made it to the Ohio Mile ECTA run this weekend, and fairly shattered a record held by the Ohio State Buckeye Current team – even in spite of running in the voltage class below the Buckeye bike.  Here’s the listing on the ECTA site, showing Disinger’s previous A2 record, and the A3 class record of 144.3521 MPH:

ECTA Electric Bike classes

ECTA Electric Bike classes – before this weekend

…and here’s what you can expect to see on that page in short order:

The Electrocutioner's slip from this past weekend - May 2-3, 2015

The Electracutioner’s slip from this past weekend – May 2-3, 2015

As far as going faster goes, Disinger says “It’s got 175 in it no problem… With a few changes I’m very sure there’s another ten to fifteen in it.”  The bike is running one motor at 1400A and 296VDC, and in this configuration was set up not for land speed runs, but for the 1/4 mile, where you’re going to see some “nasty fast” runs – he’s shooting for the 8s.   And, apparently doing that this coming weekend.

Stay tuned, we have more photos on the way, and we’ll have a report of the weekend at the ‘strip as well.  You can keep tabs on Disinger on his Electrafunk Racing Facebook page.

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