Jeep Yuntu PHEV SUV Might Be Production Bound

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Jeep Yuntu

It’s for China only, but a Chrysler-badged version might show up in the U.S.

Jeep has been teasing us with its Shanghai-bound Yuntu concept for more than a while now. Last week we saw the concept almost in its entirety in a new sketch. But today at Auto Shanghai, the American automaker released in full its newest (and largest) SUV offering to date.

The Jeep Yuntu concept – Chinese for ‘cloud’ – combines iconic Jeep styling with a unique futuristic approach. Immediately noticeable is the famous seven-slot grille and fresh set of sleek, LED headlight fixtures. Even with these innovate new cues, it retains the same rugged personality found throughout the Jeep lineup.

Jeep Yuntu

The reverse suicide doors on the rear open up to expose a unique cabin. A number of ‘floating’ elements can be found throughout, including the three rows of seats and the center console. A massive LCD screen is at the helm of it all, stretching from the gauge cluster, to the center console, to the passenger dash. Eight more screens are found throughout the cabin, each of them acting as entertainment systems to second- and third-row of passengers.

Jeep Yuntu

Jeep hasn’t revealed any performance details on the new SUV yet, but “PHEV” badges seen on the exterior suggest that the concept will boast a plug-in hybrid powertrain, the first of its kind in the Jeep lineup. Even more intriguing is that reports from China suggest that the concept could be more than just a design study.

The three-row Yuntu concept may spawn a production model through the local GAC-Fiat joint venture, though it would be limited to China exclusively. A Chrysler-badged model could make its way to the U.S. For now, the Yuntu remains a concept, it will be on display at Auto Shanghai throughout the rest of the week.

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4 responses to "Jeep Yuntu PHEV SUV Might Be Production Bound"

  1. VazzedUp says:

    “reverse suicide doors” does that mean they open like standard doors, swinging forward?

  2. Rob Stark says:

    Not selling it here and as a Jeep is mind-bogglingly stupid.

    I thought this would beat Outlander PHEV to the US market.

    1. Scramjett says:

      Chrysler has been teasing a SUV PHEV either later this year or early next year for some time now. I don’t know if it’s this or something different, but it could still arrive before the Outlander PHEV the way Mitsubishi is going.

  3. JeremyK says:

    Always thought electric drive would be a great fit for rock crawling or other low-speed situations where high torque and a great deal of control is required.

    Won’t SOMEBODY make a PHEV CUV?!