Jeep Yuntu Concept Is A 7-Seat PHEV SUV

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Jeep Yuntu PHEV Concept

Jeep Yuntu Concept Looks Very Promising In Official Sketches

The seven-seat SUV appears to have a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Jeep has been teasing its Shanghai-bound concept for weeks, but it’s only now we finally have some high-resolution images of the showcar. Believed to be called “Yuntu,” the three-row SUV adopts a futuristic exterior design while remaining rugged as an SUV should be.

Jeep Yuntu PHEV Concept

Up front, there’s a raked windscreen while the corporate seven-slot grille is flanked by a pair of slender LED headlights. Below sits a pair of tow hooks along with an aluminum underbody protection. The side profile is home to the familiar square wheel arches with plastic body cladding also applied onto the skirts. Sleek mirrors come to accentuate it’s a concept rather than a production model, much like the flush doors handles.

Speaking of which, the handles appear to be joined in the middle, which can only mean the Yuntu has suicide doors. Also noticeable are the chunky two-tone alloy wheels with off-road tires, as well as the relatively flat roof with a pair of black rails. The “PHEV” lettering on the front doors indicates the concept will boast a plug-in hybrid powertrain, although technical specifications are not available at this point.

Jeep Yuntu PHEV Concept

Moving at the back, there are thin taillight clusters and a window that extends slightly towards the sides of the vehicle. Sitting between the slender aluminum exhaust tips is the aluminum underbody protection. What’s actually interesting about the Yuntu’s derrière is the fact that it appears to have a vertically split tailgate considering there seems to be a small gap in the middle.

It is believed the concept is more than just for show as reports from China are indicating this Jeep three-row SUV will actually spawn a production model through the local GAC-Fiat joint venture.

The full reveal is scheduled for next Wednesday at Auto Shanghai 2017 and hopefully Jeep will shed some light about whether the Yuntu actually has a shot of hitting the assembly line in the foreseeable future.

Clearly Says PHEV

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16 responses to "Jeep Yuntu Concept Is A 7-Seat PHEV SUV"

  1. Kdawg says:

    “Shore is nice out. Yuntu go fer a ride.”

    1. Kdawg says:

      “Should I put my seatbelt on?”

      1. John says:

        Hey Jeep…Yunto actually build this instead of just talk about it?

  2. ClarksonCote says:

    Well darn, Brian finally has his 7 seater he’s wanted for several years now… 😉

    1. Brian says:

      I think Tesla beat them to it. Twice if you count the jump-seats in the Model S.

      Not to mention FCA’s Pacifica Hybrid…

  3. ClarksonCote says:

    It looks more like a monster truck with those overly large tires.

    Off topic, that reminds me of a crazy freestyle monster truck performance I saw recently.

    1. Brian says:

      It sure would be easier to breath in the Carrier Dome if Monster Jam used PHEV trucks instead of diesel!

      1. Kdawg says:

        Or pure electric.

        1. ClarksonCote says:


        2. Brian says:

          Yeah, I love Bigfoot 20. I thought of posting that same video too. Unfortunately Bigfoot is not part of the Monster Jam tour. That would really surprise the crowd!

  4. F150 Brian says:

    (to ease confusion with the “Brian” mentioned above, I’ll change by name 😉

    This seems like a no brainer if it’s a FWD architecture. They have the PHEV “Caravan” now – just add a small second motor to the rear for AWD and slap an etrail-ready badge on it

    1. ClarksonCote says:

      Haha, apologies. I’m sure the Brian I’m referring to will eventually see that post. 🙂

      Years ago he kept advocating for a 7 seater. Tesla has achieved it as well, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate the other contender here.

    2. Brian says:

      You could also add an avatar (the small icons beside your name):

      Or the name works. I assume the F150 refers to the truck. I’m not a truck guy, so no confusion there!

  5. Nix says:

    Instead of building this, Jeep is busy stuffing stupid big gas engines in their vehicles. Like the trailhawk with the hellcat engine stuffed into it.

    Jeep seems to have zero interest this stuff. It seems to be for pretend.

  6. CVVH says:

    They have done other Jeep EV concepts. Would love to see them actually build one.