Jeep Wrangler PHEV Production Inches Forward With New Announcement

AUG 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 26

FCA selected a plant for key components for Jeep Wrangler PHEV

The upcoming Jeep Wrangler PHEV, which will be the first plug-in hybrid Jeep when it goes on sale in 2020, will be produced at the Toledo Assembly Complex.

FCA recently announced that a key component – the power electronic module for the Wrangler PHEV – will be produced in-house in its 54-year-old Toledo Machining Plant inPerrysburg, Ohio.

The power electronics module is going to be highly integrated, consisting of these two things:

  • the Power Inverter Module, or simply inverter, and
  • the Integrated Dual Charger Module, which combines an on-board charger and DC/DC converter in one (that kind of stuff seems to be currently the way to go for most all manufacturers)

Here is what FCA says:

“The Power Electronics module for the Wrangler houses two key electrified powertrain components – the Power Inverter Module and the Integrated Dual Charger Module, which consists of the On Board Charger and the DC/DC Converter. The Power Electronics module is packaged in a protective structure under the vehicle between the exhaust and the prop shaft. Toledo Machining will assemble the sub-systems for the module, upload the applicable software for the Power Inverter Module, and also conduct final testing on the coolant and electrical systems. Finished modules will be delivered to the Toledo Assembly Complex where the Wrangler PHEV will be assembled.”

Brian Harlow, Head of Manufacturing, FCA North America said:

“The insourcing of this highly advanced work to Toledo Machining is a reflection of the commitment the workforce has made to improving their processes through the implementation of World Class Manufacturing. As the most iconic of the Jeep nameplates, it is critical that we flawlessly execute the launch of the Wrangler PHEV. The Toledo Machining employees have made a strong business case as to why we should put our faith in them to deliver a great product.”

Toledo Machining Plant, Perrysburg, Ohio

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A trail rated rubicon PHEV would show that offroad vehicles can be silent on the trails and still perform like any other Rubicon..

Bulk torque at low speeds is what makes a good offroader. Electric motors have that in spades.

And the easy control for improve traction.

Just need chargers at the trailheads.

A PHEV in 2020?

I sadly believe that the predictions about EV’s popularization, are very optimistics. We will have ICE and PHEV cars massively for years.

and then we have all the planes. . . there are at all times on average 1 million people in an airplane, every day – year after year. Think of all the aviation fuel they consume..

Good things electrification is coming to aviation too.

The aviation fuel consumed is less than gas consumed.

I hope it has at least 50 miles on electricity. if it has less, it will be another useless car.

Meh, that’s asking a lot for such an non-aerodynamic vehicle. 40 miles would be good. Even 30 would be OK.

It’s those 10 to 15 mile European compliance car PHEVs that really suck. (And the Plug-in Prius.)

I doubt it, especially if they are to save on cost and leverage existing tech from the Pacifica PHEV, but that’s just my educated guess.

Regardless, 30 – 35 AER in a vehicle like this would be outstanding and sell like hotcakes!

They might be able to put in a bigger battery pack since there should be more space available. This is not a “mini”-van that needs to seat 7 people. I hope 16 KWH at keast to maximize the tax credit.

A Pacifica is 203.6″ long and 79.6″ wide while a Wrangler 4 dr is 188.4″ and 2dr is 166.8. x 73.8″ in length.

.. the Volt isn’t a useless car, which 2011-2015 year’s was 40 miles or less, so that’s a logical fallacy.

If you have one of the many years of Jeep Wranglers that got 18 mpg combined, you burn about 835 gallons a year at 15K miles/yr.

Replacing one of those Wranglers with a PHEV Wrangler with just half that range, at 25 miles, you would cut that 835 gallons down to 350 gallons. Charge twice a day and you can cut even more.

That is roughly the same amount of gas saved by entirely removing a 30 mpg mile car from the road and replace it with a pure BEV. Now, is it useless to replace a 30 MPG gas car with an EV? If you think removing a 30 mpg car and replacing it with an EV is a good thing, then this is a good thing too.

I have a Wrangler and my Volt basically paid itself with just the gas, wear and tear and maintenance savings. Not even counting the benefit on my body with the much better ride quality of the Volt.

30 miles of AER would be fairly good. 40 would be shockingly good. That is not a very aerodynamic box to be pushing around. Utilitarian, but not slick.

I would imagine that it would be at least loosely based on the Pacifica Hybrid which is only rated for 33 and the Wrangler isn’t exactly a paragon of aerodynamics by any stretch of the imagination.

Ding-dong, the wicked witch is dead! plug-in programs can now move forward!

Can’t wait. This will be awesome.

I wonder what all the motor heads will think when trucks and SUVs come as hybrids or plug-in hybrid. They’ll probably be shocked that they actually drive real well and finally shut their mouths about a Prius being worse for the environment than a Hummer. They r losing, that’s for sure.

The problem with the Prius is that it is small, ugly and slow (my opinion, but one I think many Americans share). Only a committed environmentalist or a committed penny pincher would even consider driving one. A PHEV Wrangler, or pickup will win over many hearts and minds. Don’t know why Jeep started with the Wrangler instead of the Grand Cherokee but whatever, it’s happening. As the tech improves and more people start driving plugins, and as those people start sharing their positive experiences with others, it will eventually spread to many more vehicle types and manufacturers.

I don’t know why anyone would ever want to drive a Wrangler or pickup… Talk about crappy vehicles for everyday life, like having to use ice-climber boots for everything.

M3 Owned- Niro EV TBD - Former 500e and Spark EV,

A step forward is just that — forward. I welcome any electrification.