Jeep “World’s Quickest SUV” Claim For Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Ignores Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X killer???


Tesla Model X killer?

According to Jeep, when touting the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk as the the world’s quickest SUV, the Tesla Model X doesn’t count.

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X will hit 60 mph well over a half-second sooner than the Jeep. But unfortunately it’s not an SUV.

Jeep officially revealed its best performer to date in the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. The company calls it:

“The quickest and most powerful production SUV on the planet”.

This is due to the Trackhawk’s 707-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 engine with 650 pound feet of torque. Yes, it’s the same one found in the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat models. It can take the Jeep from zero to 60 in a mere 3.5 seconds.

Prior to the arrival of the Trackhawk, we had to look to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (which is about triple the price of the upcoming Jeep), or the $400,000+ Bentley Bentayga, with its 6.0-liter W12, to get acceleration stats even close to this. But wait … what about the Tesla Model X?

The Tesla Model X P100D with the new Ludicrous Mode Easter Egg can pull off a zero to 60 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds. This means that the new Trackhawk is not even in the same ballpark with the world’s quickest SUV.

Tesla Model X

But alas … according to the 2016 Ward’s UV segmentation, the Model X is a Middle Luxury CUV (Cross Utility Vehicle). Hmm … according to the EPA, crossovers don’t even officially exist, and all four vehicles mentioned in this article qualify as “Regular SUVs.” The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety doesn’t classify crossovers separate from SUVs either. These four vehicles are all midsize or midsize luxury SUVs if you ask them. The NHTSA also uses SUV for all vehicles of this type, and doesn’t classify anything as a crossover.

It is true, Jeep is arguing that the Tesla Model X doesn’t count in the race for the world’s quickest SUV, because it’s not an SUV. Now while Ward’s is one of the most respected and reputable companies in automotive, we all know that both vehicles are generally classified together. Jeep turned to Ward’s because it is one of the only well-known references that classifies this way. Ward’s does this as an additional piece of assistance for buyers, to further break down larger classifications to help with clarity. Regardless, (and we bet Wards would agree) these vehicles are midsize SUVs, or midsize crossovers. The Model X weighs more and seats more, but for practical purposes, the two are the same. Different but the same, of course.

We were unable to find any articles in which Porsche or Bentley throw flame to the Model X, saying that it doesn’t, in fact, accelerate faster than their vehicles, because it’s a crossover. Actually, Porsche is instead upping the ante with its upcoming Cayenne S E-Hybrid, which will likely rob the Trackhawk of its fake status, but still not overtake the Model X.

Motoring asked Jeep why the Tesla Model X is not a “proper SUV.” Jeep responded:

“The Tesla Model X is a different class vehicle.We use the 2016 Ward’s UV segmentation data that classifies Jeep Grand Cherokee as a Middle SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), while the Tesla X is a Middle Luxury CUV (Cross Utility Vehicle).”

It seems like a very unfair cop out. No matter which data they use, the Model X is significantly quicker. It’s simply a workaround for false advertising. Good save Jeep…not!

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Worlds ugliest too

I think the reason why is that nobody at Jeep wants people to taunt them with clever insults, like calling it the Cherokee ChickenHawk.

It is disappointing that all that engineering stature and shiny, red paint does not yield victory, but then the Hellcat is famous for losing to Tesla at the tracks.

Maybe if they worked on aerodynamics a little, it would do better. The thing looks like a stack of red girl scout cookie boxes.

Electric versus gasoline. Vast difference when the torque on a generator is 100 percent at 1 RPM. Also remember, Tesla days are numbered since Chrysler is working on electrical vehicles. When it comes to performance, they do not like being second or last. This Jeep is a proven point.

The problem that Tesla refuses to talk about, the Hellcat beast can do 190-204 MPH. While Tesla looses ‘umph’ at 150-160mph. Go figure and this inepted article is a proven point why this ragsheet tabloid site should avoid auto comparison.

Do you really believe Chrysler is working on EVS? I think not, now that President Tweet is destroying EPA and CAFE regulations, Chrysler and all ICE manufacturers will continue to make gas guzzlers and most humans will continue to buy gas guzzling pollution machines. But when gasoline prices reach $4 per gallon, they will whine and blame Obama lol

“Tesla days are numbered since Chrysler is working on electrical vehicles…” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Omg thanks for that.

“Hellcat beast can do 190-204 MPH”

Not true of the jeep, but even if it could, almost no one would ever drive at that speed. That means you’re paying to buy an expensive car feature you’d never use. Think about that while you’re crawling along in traffic at 10 MPH average speed: top speed “feature” over 85 MPH is waste of money in US.

If you want to organize a race on the Bonneville salt flats, then yes then Jeep will win (not likely to happen). In the real world lined up at a stop light, the tesla will win (very likely to happen).

Or if you actually need off-road capable car with decent towing capacity, eh?

Seriously, the X is very fast CUV good for bicycle towing, if you want to go anywhere farther then 100kms. And it would prefer to stay on paved roads as well.

Why do you fight the Jeep so much?Because it’s not Tesla?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not a body on frame SUV.

The Jeep is a unibody CUV too.

From what I have seen of people taking the X offroad it has not gotten stuck.

I don’t know who takes a $100k vehicle on the Rubicon trail though.

Just how often do you think people are going to go rock climbing in this thing? Slightly off the beaten path, dirt roads, snow, yeah, but the model x can do that too. It’s the only electric standard passenger vehicle I know of that’s tow rated at 5000 pounds.(2268 kilos)

Well, ok then. See your standard bearer at the strip? Oh, and Tesla’s top speed isn’t a function of its propulsion, but its gearing.

Tesla’s are regulated to 155 MPH. Besides, Jeep having one of the poorest reliability ratings of any vehicle means it would likely break before the end of a race.

I’m trying to imagine what kind of exotic nightmare fiend of a car you could make if you put a Two-speed transmission in line with the Tesla powertrain. I expect Porsche and Ferrari are busy keeping the stick shift alive on their electric vehicle drawing boards. If Tesla were to do that, I’m sure a screen would pop up, confirming that engaging “hi gear” drive voids any crash safety ratings.
President Tweet. Love it!

Also remember, Tesla days are numbered since Chrysler is working on electrical vehicles.

Please tell me you’re joking.

A great number of auto makers have been working on “electrical vehicles”, or rather electric ones, for many years. Tesla is out-competing all of them in the price ranges Tesla chooses to compete in.

Chrysler? Chrysler isn’t even trying to compete.

They should’ve called it “The World’s Fastest V-8 muscle SUV from a traditional manufacturer.”

Then the new owners would know not to accept the challenge and get spanked by a Model X, like their Hellcat little brethren. Hahahahahaha

Curious and what POS vehicle do you drive son?

He might be driving the BUS in your bad dream, you old man you.

When does a car become CUV, SUV, passenger car? Passenger volumes of Toyota Prius (94 cuft) and Chevy Bolt (95 cuft) are about the as Tesla X (94 cuft). Are Prius and Bolt considered SUV like Tesla X?

Jeep has 104 cuft passenger.

Just remember, the Suburu Outback is a truck. There, that should clear things up.

They game ground clearance, and other things to get into the less fuel restrictive categories.


Yes, the Outback now looks very UN-SAFE, it’s narrow stance, and sits so high off the ground.

the delta of “CUV” and “SUV” are in the suspension design.

“CUV” are usually car based, FWD/AWD layout and can tackle light off-roading (dirt, mud, sand, snow in AWD though), but wouldn’t be able to handle trail ruts, rock climbing, bombing through the mojave unless heavily modified.

“SUV” most are RWD/4WD, truck based (some come standard with a locking diff) will be able to handle both light and more off-roading in their stock setup (i.e. Land Cruiser, Grand Cherokee, Hilux, Everest, Range Rover, Tahoe, Expedition, Patrol, etc)

If they would have said “fastest & most powerful” vs. “quickest” they would have been OK; since the Cherokee has more power and has a faster top speed. It’s just not as quick off the line.

to be clear not the most powerful either…

the P100D has 762 HP with 750+ lbs./ft of torque advertised…

to the wheels P100D numbers are 589hp and 920 lbs/ft torque!!!!

Hellcat is: 672hp and 606 lbft of torque to the wheels…

(yes, i am a tesla owner P90D model x)

I believe what I was reading was referring to the P90D, but yes the P100D has 760HP. However the Cherokee Trackhawk has 707HP, so don’t confuse it with the Hellcat.

Tesla produces false horse power ratings. They even admitted to it on the models S

Ha ha you guys are funny.

Why do you care? The Model X is not an SUV (its a crossover) so who cares what a vehicle in another segment does?

Nobody is going to cross-shop these two so it’s an irrelevant comparison.

Finally, sensible reply. Bravo sir.

Nobody? Really? I say 2 people on the planet will cross shop! But seriously, Jeep’s questionable move won’t matter, because the comparison is going to be made by car mags anyway! The techies are gonna yell “we’re quicker” and the gassers are going to yell “we’re faster”. The world will keep spinning either way.

Yeah, I always roll my eyes when anyone says car A will “never” be cross-shopped against car B. Surely on a planet of over 7 billion people, someone somewhere is considering buying one of these cars or the other.

On the other hand, there probably isn’t a large segment of the market that is cross-shopping a V8 SUV against a BEV crossover SUV.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


why is an ICE even graced to be mentioned?

I don’t think Model X is CUV.
CUV = unibody
SUV = body on chasses

According that Model X is an SUV

Both the Tesla Model X and the Jeep Grand Cherokee are of unibody construction. They are both CUVs, not SUVs.

Take your gun and shoot it in the V8.
This old tech needs to end it’s misery.

They are waiting for you to save us from the old tech misery.

Personally, I’d never buy a Jeep. They’re the ugliest box on the planet. Can’t understand why they appeal to so many people. There are much nicer looking and functional SUV than Jeep.

SUV = Body on frame. It’s a truck.
CUV = Unibody, based on a car platform.

The Grand Cherokee is a body on frame truck, it’s a true SUV.

All that’s irrelevant because who in their right mind would want to buy a Chrysler product anyway.

Actually, though some Jeeps are traditional body-on-frame, the Cherokee is a unibody vehicle, just like the Model X.

If we want to get really specific about SUVs, neither vehicle is a traditional body-on-frame SUV by definition. Both would be classified as unibody vehicles. There are few body-on-frame vehicles left in the market, but the SUV name has stuck to classify both products (even though it’s incorrect). Though the crossover name has come into play, and people still confuse the two, or use them as one in the same.

The Jeep Trackhawk is “The quickest and most powerful production SUV on the planet”

…with a name which starts with “T”. 😉

Wikipedia identifies the Model X as a “crossover SUV”. Now that’s not to say that Wikipedia should be considered the absolute authority on how categories of passenger vehicles should be defined, but IMHO that does raise a valid question: Whether the category “CUV” or “crossover” is a sub-category of SUV, which is how many or perhaps most auto makers today are generally treating the term, or whether “CUV” is a category entirely separate from “SUV”. I submit that’s a matter of opinion, and not fact.

In other words, Jeep’s argument that the Model X “isn’t a SUV” is merely a semantic argument, not a factual one, and therefore IMHO it’s just a case of Jeep trying to apply spin to deny the actual reality.

I have no idea how the Jeep Grand Cherokee gets away with being categorized as an SUV when it’s of a unibody construction. The thing is a CUV just like the Tesla Model X.

Both are extreme environment trashing devices.
The one that wins this trashing competition should get “Ultimate Trasher Machine” reward.

Jeep, to thee I say: “Waaaa wa”.
Nice SUV, but Model X is quicker and nicer. Sorry, please play again Jeep.

Aiight Jeep… Trackhawk is a quick SUV and IMMA let you finish. But the Tesla Model X P100D is the quickest SUV of all time!!!!

Everybody knows by now that reciprocating mass an controlled explosions is whack y’all!!!