Jay Leno On Success Of Tesla Motors – Video


Jay Leno Speaks In Regards To Tesla Motors

Jay Leno Speaks In Regards To Tesla Motors

“We’ve reached the point in America where success is now jeered.”

States Jay Leno in regards to Tesla Motors.

Definition of jeered:


past tense: jeered; past participle: jeered

make rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice.
“some of the younger men jeered at him”

synonyms: taunt, mock, scoff at, ridicule, sneer at, deride, insult, abuse, heckle, catcall at, boo, whistle at, jibe at, hiss at

“the demonstrators jeered at the police”

antonyms: cheer

shout rude and mocking remarks at (someone).

“the performers were jeered and heckled”

Jay’s right.  Tesla is often mocked now, which according to him indicates the automaker has achieved success.

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Leno is looking rough.

So what, this is evidence that he hasn’t sold his soul to Satan for eternal youth? The dude was in his 40’s when I was in high school. I’m turning 40 myself next year.

I think he just needs to recharge.

another ‘I see what you did there’ moment?

intended as reply to Kubel’s “Leno is looking rough.” but didn’t take as (first) reply, if it matters.

I really look forward to the new site..

I have to agree with Jay… And that certainly explains the English. 😉

🙂 🙂 🙂

I fail to see why we need the definition of “jeered” published? Is that such an uncommon word that the unwashed masses are unaware of it?

Based on the average humans I’ve witnessed in my life– adding the definition was probably a prudent inclusion.

I am not a native speaker, so it certainly helped me…



I think most of the jeering is done by people that have never driven an electric car or a Tesla

Oil burnin’ Rednecks are everywhere. 🙁

Watch it now! I’m a redneck, and I own two electric cars, 0 pickup trucks!

Hmmm. You can call yourself a redneck, but, I think you really don’t qualify.

Well, Musk is the guy who legally stole Tesla with a hostile take over from Martin Eberhart…. And when reporters, Jay Leno included here apparently, say that Musk “founded Tesla”, Musk never corrects them..

So, I just remember how people used to absolutely fawn over Steve Jobs, when ultimately, he will go down as as a semi-visonary, semi-lowlife.

Hopefully, Musk will fare better, but so far the press has been far more positive than negative. How else to explain the lofty stock price? Enjoy it while it lasts.

ouch, Bill.. no XMas cards for Elon I take it?

Bill is generally spot-on with this. Given that Elon never corrects anyone when they state that he “founded Tesla” it shows lack of hubris at the outset. There is a lot of Wizard of Oz going on with Musk and Tesla. Good car, black-arts financial partnership with wall street.

For those wanting to correct me, I say “lack of hubris” meaning he doesn’t have the self confidence to point out that he didn’t found the company and give credit to anyone else other than himself, maybe JP and rarely says his employees are top-notch and making a great product. I rarely hear him ever mention the employees.

There are still many, many people who revere Steve Jobs. Yes, he was an a-hole, yes, he was intimidating, but he pushed the envelope. That’s why he’s remembered fondly.

Elon Musk will likely be the same way. Even if it comes out that he pushed his employees beyond the breaking point, etc., he will be remembered for pushing the envelope.

Wasn’t Tesla going out of business with previous “management”?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

So, I just remember how people used to absolutely fawn over Steve Jobs, when ultimately, he will go down as as a semi-visonary, semi-lowlife.

And yet both men have achieved more in terms of wealth and influence, and done more for the world, than either you or I. Go figure.

HOHO I doubt that. I’ve never purchased any Apple product, and its not for religious reasons since some of their stuff, especially for the Macintosh, was quite nice as was their operating system. Just too pricey for what you get, and there were substitutions. But somehow it is possible to survive without APPLE. If you ever see the movie JOBS it may change your opinion about him.(The movie actually went really easy on him and didn’t mention the really bad things). But I would hope that Musk is better than Jobs. Steve Jobs and I are (er…were) the same age. I wouldn’t have traded my life for his. He had the much better knack of knowing what would ‘fly’ in the marketplace than I would have, certainly. But I’ve kept myself in better health, not that any of us is going to live forever, but there are certain things you can do to minimize chronic illnesses. For Leno, I’d suggest he take some copper, since those who have jet white hair for decades are on borrowed time. Albert Einstein comes to mind. Jobs Opening a bunch of sweat shops oversees? See what I mean? People *STILL* fawn over his corpse.

Not now but in a few years how much will your used ICE be worth on a trade-in for a new EV????