Jaws Of Life Tear Apart Carbon Fiber BMW i3 – Video


CFRP No Match For Jaws Of Life

CFRP No Match For Jaws Of Life

Germany’s ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) demonstrates in this video how the jaws of life can tear through and open up the BMW i3:

Via Google Translate from German:

“Cutting and spreading tools of rescue workers also work in a car made ​​of carbon-fiber (CFRP). This has proved together with fire fighting forces in a simulated rescue operations including cutting experiments on a BMW i3 the ADAC accident research.”

It’s painful to watch the i3 get torn apart, but it’s comforting to know that the traditional rescue tools work on the advanced materials used in the BMW i3.

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This and the Tesla rescue videos are always hard to watch and seem like a waste of a good vehicle..but must be needed for insurance and legal reasons. At least they are over with!


ja solche Tests sind sehr wichtig. Genauso wie Ladekabel vom Typ2 und Ladestationen/Wallbox für Ihr Elektroauto.

Erhältlich bei:

Tschüß ÖL! Tanke Strom 😉

I doubt that the response page is the right place to advertise an online shop. I won’t buy there just for this reason.

The shear strength of CFRP is relatively low compared to Al and Steel.

Why don’t we not bow to the marketing hype, and start calling CFRP “reinforced plastic” instead of “carbon fiber”?

Stephen, you are right about the lower shear strength. It was obvious from the behaviour of the tools. Nice to see. I was worried about the rollover structures being an impediment to a roof removal. An unfounded worry.

I was also heartened by the effectiveness of a sawzall demolition blade. An added bonus of no sparks?

The dash-lift, third-door, and roof removal evolutions all looked to be reasonably normal. All good news.