JATO: Alt-Fuel Vehicle & SUVs Are Fastest Growing Segments in Europe


The European car market rebuilded itself to its highest level since 2007 (16.02 million), achieving 15.57 million new registrations (up 3.1% year-over-year) in 2017.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The growth is currently largely attributed to Eastern and Southern Europe.

It was the first year in a long-time when diesel market share decreased below gasoline market share. Diesel went down 7.9% and stands at 43.7% – that level is expected to decrease even more soon.

In the diesel retreat, alternative-fueled cars are gaining traction. In 2017 some 737,400 hybrids , electric and plug-in hybrids vehicles were sold. That’s 46.1% more than one year ago and 4.8% of the entire market.

We estimate that more than 300,000 come from plug-in models, so the year 2018 should be the first when the alt-fuel category will mostly consist of plug-ins (probably well over 400,000).

The other hot segment are SUVs, which achieved a new record of 4.56 million (up 19.5%). That means the right thing to do is to introduce plug-in SUVs and catch onto both waves at once, right?

Source: JATO Dynamics

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Yep, Diesel is now a dead man walking.

If Europe just doubled down on RE and PEVs they could literally neuter the Putin mafia and his gas station, er country under their thrall.

The myriad reasons for accelerating the transition are beyond compelling and approaching crucial.

The issue with Russia and energy in the EU has little to do with oil and a lot to do with natural gas.

Russia supplies a (dangerously?) large part of the EUs natural gas and a swing to EVs will only increase demand for it for electrical generation.

That is why I wrote that they should also go 100% Renewable energy as fast as they can.

Unfortunately the diesel buyers went to gasoline rather than AFVs. And since the European mainstream models have now mostly direct fuel injection without particle filter it is not much an improvement.
But blame the regulation, it forced less CO2 and was not analysing more immediate consequences.

I don’t know about AFV including dumb hybrids … kind of misleading.

Take them out and include only ICE with a plug (PHEV) … the number will be far worse, I am sure.

“The European car market rebuilded itself” rebuilt?