Jason Mraz Takes “Long Drive” In BMW i3 – Music Video


BMW i3 Featured in Jason Mraz' "Long Drive"

BMW i3 Featured in Jason Mraz’ “Long Drive”

“See @jason_mraz taking the Long Drive in his brand new video starring the #BMWi3”

Tweets BMW i.

Yes, the BMW i3 is the automotive star of this Jason Mraz “Long Drive” video, but in all honesty, we didn’t expect the video to be this risque.

Not so sure this product placement is fitting for the i3, but we’ll let you decide.

Be warned, it is risque and maybe NSFW.

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Finally proof you can get lucky in an EV! Sales should take off from here… Surprised Musk didn’t think of this first!

+1. BMW i3 sales will skyrocket now. Seems BMW paid for it, as both cars are BMW.

For Tesla, Ford just ‘killed the SEX’, to quote Musk.

Also it is kind of interesting that the video is about “taking the long way” in an EV. So apparently they have no range anxiety. Of course it could be the REX version, I suppose.

The song also mentions a Chevy though the video has the i3 in it, kind of odd.

No particular interest in the video here besides the i3, though in general I think Jason Mraz makes some amazing music.

A twelve year old could probably do a better video. If I had misbehaving like that when I was driving, I would pull over, tell them to cut it out and get back to driving. Poor message, sloppy cuts, questionable message.
For instance, how did they survive into old age with all those shenanigans going on while driving? Just about nothing positive to say whatsoever about that video, the song was ok. Not particularly memorable but at least it was melodic. Just an example of how anyone with a smart phone, can do a crummy video these days.
One of the minuses to the democratization of the media. When everyone has the means of production we will truly free, to enjoy the mediocrity of said production.

I like it. Mellow video, good song.

Prn sells….

I like the commercial better:


Good song, nice video. +1

Jason Mraz is great. I loved his CD from a few years back titled, “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things”

All very catchy songs.

Polaroid selfie … haha

Stole Grandpa’s camera.
Least it won’t get on the internet.

Why didn’t they ride in a Chevy Nova, since that is what is in the song lyrics?

It’s not quite NSFW though compared to what is going on in most MV.