Japanese Government Urges Nissan to Purchase Sony’s Lithium-Ion Battery Division


Is Nissan soon to become the world’s most dominate force in the lithium-ion battery industry?

Well, that seems to be what the country of Japan is seeking in this latest possible deal that looks to tie the Nissan Motor–NEC Corporation joint venture to Sony’s lithium-ion battery unit.

It’s being report that a Japanese state-backed fund is urging (no word if direct financial “influence” is involved) Nissan-NEC Corp to buy Sony’s lithium-ion battery division to prevent rivals in China and Taiwan from getting hold of Sony’s technology.

Sony has been steadily offloading its “non-core” divisions in an attempt to revive its dominance in the consumer electronics industry and it seems lithium-ion batteries are next in line for send off.

It’s believed that the government of Japan will indirectly support the merger (by buying shares of any newly formed corporation that stems from this deal) of Sony’s battery division with the Nissan-NEC joint venture, which could entice Nissan into a possible buyout of Sony’s li-ion technology, manufacturing equipment and supply line.

And here's Sony's logo.

Sony’s Battery Business To Be Absorbed By Nissan/JEC?

But does Nissan really need additional lithium-ion battery production capacity?  It’s facility in Tennessee is capable of pumping out up to 200,000 battery packs per year.  The automaker has additional lithium-ion production sites in the UK and Japan, too.  It seems Nissan is well equipped for future expansion in this segment, so one has to wonder why Nissan would even consider moving forward with the deal.  But governments do tend to have a lot of push, so we’ll see.

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Sony lost the battle against the Chinese and Korean manufacturers a while back, you have to be agile in this industry. If Nissan/NEC do this they should rename their venture..

There are plenty of other reasons besides manufacturing capacity to buy their business.

Technology, customers and brand are all more important in the long run. Excess manufacturing capacity will naturally be consolidated and/or optimized in a merger or acquisition as in these types of deals always gets the business guys in a frenzy looking to reduce costs.

Nissan the “world’s most dominate force” in Li-ion batteries?

Not likely to pass Panasonic and Samsung in LiB production.

Panasonic will also get a good share of automotive sales with the Tesla Model S production at 400 units/week.