Japanese Consumer Awaits Upgraded Nissan LEAF, As Just 500 Sold In October

NOV 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

On a technical level, and much like with sales in the US last month, Nissan LEAF sales in Japan increased by 43% year-over-year in October to 513.

2017 Nissan LEAF

2017 Nissan LEAF

However, 513 is far less than in previous years, and it seems clear that major rush for the 30 kWh version is now long in the past.

November 2015 will be the last year-over-year, pre-30 kWh comparable month, and as such will be easy to beat next month (as Nov of 2015 had almost no inventory and/or sales – just 76 in total), which means that now is the time for Nissan Japan to either lower the price, or introduce a significant upgrade.  We’d bank on the latter.

Also of note: At the end of October, Nissan has sold 70,346 LEAFs in Japan (including 12,647 so far this year).

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January better be bloody amazing after all this peeing around. I used to think that I was infuriatingly slow but Nissan are re-writing the rule book here.

Are there any big car/Electronics shows coming up where Nissan could Reveal an update?

Yea, possibly at CES 2017, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Nevada starting January 5th.

Looking forward to the next LEAF hopefully announced within next 60 days… especially after learning that GM will be trying not to sell BOLTs as they will lose 9k per car ( get them when you can limited number every year.). Nissan has made a small amount of profit on the LEAFs and I would expect them to release a car they can actually afford to sell. Maybe a 42kW car like the Zoe or 48 to lose a little money for the first 6 months and be able to sell them everywhere.

You know the Leaf is in a bad way when so few people are willing to bitch to high heaven about ‘how Nissan sucks’ in the comments section.

Tokyo Auto Show 2017???

Doubt Nissan really cares. If they have a new Leaf in the works they will release it when they are ready. They might be wary given their battery degradation problems.
For some reason Tesla can tell the world about their up and coming product and everyone waits with bated breath, GM announced the Bolt with plenty of lead up, VW is spamming us with incessant promises of their EV’s. Don’t really understand why Nissan isn’t yelling from the roof tops about any up coming model.
I think these manufacturers have a real problem with obsolescence of EV’s. What message does it send to your buyers if the next model has twice the range at the same or lower price, but that is what has to happen until EV’s plateau and become mainstream.

I’m still thinking that Nissan May go the PHEV route. The Bolt EV really placed a dagger in LEAF’s heart. Nissan needs a 60kwh battery pack, and that would mean no profit for them.

PHEVs are a bridge to a time when lithium battery packs are much more affordable. With gas prices on track to go lower still and the discovery of massive supplies of crude in Texas making headlines, I would imagine Tesla’s role in pushing the adoption of EVS forward is even more important.

The new U.S. administration and Congress are surely going to try to relax mpg and emissions mandates. This all works together towards ICEmakers slowing any work towards electrification at least until Tesla forces the issue.

We better hope Musk’s company builds a Model Y and soon a Model A (for affordable) to apply pressure to ICEmakers. Otherwise, we could see 20 mile PHEVs be the utmost – the farthest towards alternative energy they will go.

The Leaf is the heart of Nissans Zero-Emission product line, it will never get any hybrid system.

Of cause, Nissan will expand the e-power system to more models and have larger, chargeable batteries in the future.

GM is losing 9k per car. So they won’t be pushing it once they get enough emissions credits… probably pull it if Trump eases standards. Nissan will release a car that can be sold worldwide without mortgaging the company. 9k per car and no charger net means GM is not serious about selling EVs. We had hopes for BOLT… but now we are approaching EV1 land again.

If Leaf were a traditional ICE car on the European market, it’s sales would begin to fall, because of the age of the model. Its already 6 years old and that is time for a new generation to be announced for next year and the current model should get a discount.

The US market works differently and the generations have longer lifetime, because they are upgraded a little every year, unlike in Europe where there is a facelift every 3 years but almost no changes year over year.

So hey Nissan we need the all new Leaf gen 2 to be announced at CES and a nice discount for the current one.

Though I would be more than happy to see a 40kWh current Leaf with sales starting in spring 2017.

Very wrong conclusion. Nissan has simply not produced any Leafs last month.

Oppama factory line was shut down for retooling for the facelift Note and e-power system.

The new Note is in high demand and Nissan does prioritise the Note production over old models.

November is last year over year month. That means NEXT month the 41 kWh version is introduced?

Still thinking that Nissan cuts the price and rides the current Leaf until second half of the year when we’ll see Gen 2.

I know that isn’t the party line here at IEV, but it makes sense to me.