Japan To Subsidize Highway Travel For Electric Cars

MAR 22 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

All Of The Cahrging Stations Maps We Find Of Japan Show The Island Nation Completely Covered.  This One Shows Only CHAdeMO Units...Still Completely Covered

All Of The Cahrging Stations Maps We Find Of Japan Show The Island Nation Completely Covered. This One Shows Only CHAdeMO Units…Still Completely Covered

Traveling through Japan in an electric car by expressway is pretty easy as there are a lot of CHAdeMO fast chargers available.  The country has a fast charging infrastructure that is the envy of the rest of the world.

Soon (from May til the end of the fiscal year in March 2016), it will be even easier to access the network because the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced an expressway fee subsidy program for 40,000 electric and plug-in hybrids.

To get the subsidy, METI require just information on use of expressways and battery chargers for further projects.

Subsidies will be different throughout the various stages of the project, probably to determine how they affect the use of cars.

“METI plans to use the data to calculate how chargers should be installed on expressways to ensure the smooth use of low-emissions vehicles. The program will cover expressways across the country, excluding six metropolitan expressways.

This is how the scheme works.

Expressway toll fees over ¥1,000 will be fully subsidized until August.

Between September and December, expressway fees over ¥2,000 will only be half-subsidized.

From January on, no subsidy will be paid.

Regardless of the periods, all subsidies will be paid to drivers in a lump sum at the end of the program in March 2016.

The subsidies are capped at ¥20,000 per month and ¥60,000 for the entire period.”

source: The Japan Times

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Given how resource-poor Japan is, and the cost of importing -all- its oil, it certainly makes sense for them to do everything possible to promote adoption of plug-in EVs. It’s certainly much more rational than Japan’s push for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen fuel infrastructure!

Now, if they only hadn’t foolishly shut down very nearly all their nuclear power plants, sharply limiting available electrical power, just because -one- of them had an accident due to a tsunami… But I do understand the government had to bow to the public pressure created by hysteria over “RADIATION!!”


Too bad humans aren’t rational beings.

2nd that Lensman, a 40 year old reactor design withstood 5X the earthquake and +10 foot higher tsunami than it was designed for with far less than predicted consequences and everyone freaked. When looked at rationally nukes are very safe and clean…

Three reactor meltdowns at Fukushima, seems to imply not as great amount of “over-engineering” in nuclear reactors as previously thought.

And as Fukushima is still leaking radiation, or maybe exuding radiation is more accurate, I can see the public outcry.

If there’s any new modern reactor in Japan that isn’t near a fault line, then maybe that one would be a candidate to turn on.