News Flash: Japan To Promote Electric Vehicle Uptake In Preparation For 2020 Olympic Games


Japan’s Environment Minister, Nobuteru Ishihara, made if officially known that in the lead up to the 2020 Summer Olympics, Japan will actively promote increase uptake of electric vehicles in an attempt to “ease urban heat island effects and take measures against heat stroke and heat exhaustion toward the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.”

Quoting Ishihara:

“It is important for us to demonstrate how Japanese technology can hold down the burden on the environment.”

The Minister says that electric buses will become increasingly common in and around Tokyo and the Games approach.

It seems electric vehicles are one solution to a problem (environmental destruction) that is sadly spreading to more and more areas of this Earth.

Source: Kyodo News

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I guess since hydrogen fuel cells are always 5 to 10 years away in 2014 six years is cutting it way too close. I wonder if Toyota will be a sponsor of the 2020 Olympics.

Right on time for Tesla Motors.

Perfect timing for Japan to highlight their huge investment in and commitment to FCVs. Even Nissan will have FCVs on the roads before then.

Maybe Japan’s strong commitment to FCVs will soften the memories of the Fukushima disaster.

Given that hydrogen is not a fuel but a transport, the use of fuel cells is totally unrelated to Fukushima or nuclear power in general.

The hydrogen has to come from somewhere. If it comes from natural gas, then you generate CO2. If it comes from electrolysis, then you need electricity, and far more of it than you would charging a BEV.

I doubt if the advent of FCV’s will have much of a ameliorating effect on those that suffered loss of livelihood, homes,and loved ones to the Fukushima nuclear melt down fiasco, which continues, to this day, to poison the environment. That was totally non-sequitor. In other words it made no sense.

There is FUD attempt going on to link EVs with nuclear power. We’ll see more of this kind of thing.