Japan Plug-In Electric Car Sales Shrink In June Awaiting Bounce Back In July

JUL 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

June was another poor month for Mitsubishi and Nissan flagship plug-in electric car sales in Japan.

Total sales of LEAF, Outlander PHEV and all-MiEVs shrunk by over 50% year-over-year. We don’t have an idea of sales volume of other models (e-NV200, Toyota Prius Plug-I, Tesla Model S, BWM i3 and so on).

Nissan LEAF without a doubt is the leader among all-electric cars, but with 893 sales fell 26% in June.

Outlander PHEV went down by 83% from 1,300 to 221. Well, in July, Mitsubishi is introducing new Outlander PHEV, so we expect a bounce back.

Mitsubishi MiEVs are selling better, up 79% in June to 129, although this is still just a sliver of what we used to see a few years ago.

Total YTD numbers for LEAF, Outlander PHEV and all-MiEVs stand at 9,158, while last year it was 13,475.

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Is there data or info regarding why in each of the three years – there is always a sharp drop going from March to April? It’s like an ending of a fiscal year or tax break period or some such issue.

i presume the ’16 LEAF debuts in Aug. So currently the market is waiting for that.

Random note: we can’t speak to Opama, Japan LEAF production at all right now, but the US scuttlebutt is 2016 MY announcement in August, and the actual debut will be the 3rd week of September.

agree, what I’ve poorly read in Japanese is that its coming in August, (whether that means announced or delivered, I don’t know)