In Japan, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales Hit Lowest Level In 8 Months


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Not Coming To The US In 2014, And Probably Not in 2015 Either

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

April 2014 was one of the worst months for electric car sales in Japan.

Earlier, we found that Nissan LEAF sales fell to a 16 month low and now we see that Mitsubishi sales fell to only 51 EVs and 226 PHEVs.

Increased taxes and slightly lowered incentives are probably the main reason for the drop in sales and we believe that the recovery will take at least few months.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sales in April were only 226 units.  That brings its YTD total to 3,890 sales.

Pure electric cars had 51 sales, from which 18 are i-MiEVs, 25 Minicab-MiEV and 8 Minicab-MiEV Truck. YTD sales for all of those electric kei-cars combined exceed 800 units.

Let’s hope that the recovery in Japan happens quickly and that plug-in electric vehicle sales get back on track soon.

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Are they selling in other countries instead (ie. inventory moved elsewhere)?

That was my reaction . . . this may be a supply constraint issue.

Say this with me again. Apr is the Jan for Japan. Their fiscal year starts in Apr, so expect low sales.

The sales boost from earlier in the year was due to the ‘pending’ tax increase, and April was the result of the consumption tax increase that kicked in April 1.

“Japan’s retail sales dropped at the fastest pace in at least 14 years last month after the first consumption-tax increase since 1997 depressed consumer spending.”

evnow is right. There are plenty of dead-months in the year. Remember how so many news outlets critisised about low LEAF sales in January and Febuary because of something to do with poor winter performance? In comparison with otehr countries, the US is rather stable. Irish sales peakes over 23,000 in January, plumets to under 10,000 by April and

… and continually climbs down to no more than 400 sales in December. EV performance can reflect dramatic fluctuations but thankfully the drops in sales aren’t as dramatic compared to regular cars which can drop by 50% to 70% from one good month to the next, but this still attracts one-liner critisisms about how “electric cars failed to spark interest with the public”, or something like that. It’s just awfully annoying, really.

Gasoline in Japan is ~$5.50/gallon, but electricity is 26cents/kWh.

Doesn’t account for the drop.. just thought I’d point that out 🙂

Most utilities provide cheaper night rates too.

It’s a large car by Japanese standards, harder to climb into and then the recent recalls.

I have a feeling Japanese people don’t trust Mitsubishi , but then Honda PHEV’s should be up by comparison?
Maybe they momentarily e note prepared to go EV vs the pricing and thing petrol gas is still viable economically ?
Strange hope it turns around soon.