In January Plug-In EV Car Sales In China Almost Tripled

FEB 25 2019 BY MARK KANE 7

While car sales decreased, plug-ins are conquering the market

There is no slowdown of plug-in car sales in China, despite the general car market plummeting down 18% year-over-year in January!

EV Sales Blog estimates 96,000 plug-in electric car sales in January at a growth rate of 175% and an amazing 4.8% market share. That’s almost 1 per 20 cars sold.

If that just the beginning, maybe we will see 2 million plug-in sales for the year? In 2018 it was about 1.1 million.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – January 2019

The five best selling models for the month includes three BYD, which achieved 22% share in the plug-in car segment:

  • BYD Yuan BEV – 10,093
  • SAIC Baojun E100 – 8,312
  • BYD Tang PHEV – 6,908
  • BYD e5 – 3,968
  • BAIC EU-Series – 3,895

January was a slower month for many models, which enabled BYD to shine with over 10,000 Yuan BEV sales. The second best Baojun E100 is a joint project of SAIC and General Motors. Hopefully, GM will take a lesson from over 8,000 sales and try to repeat the volume with some EVs in North America.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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That’s good news but do we know the composition of the power generation to charge them?

Yes, we do.

Wikipedia has it at 26% as of 2016. Probably over 30% now.

Even if they use 100% coal its still cleaner since electric vehicles have 120 MPGe which means 1 gallon of gasoline generates 33 KWh in power plant which can power the EV for 120 miles. If you put 1 gallon in ICE, it will go only 30 miles. And pollution from coal is only 50% more than oil, but goes 300% extra distance. Overall coal powered EV will emit 37% as much pollution as gasmobile.

And china is accelerating the use of cleaner sources like hydro, nuclear, natgas, solar, wind etc.

If you want in metric 48 km/l for a coal powered EV versus 12 km/l in a vehicle running on petrol, diesel may go 15-16 km/l which is still dirtier.

amd you can put in better filters easier at a power plant than a car.

In Europe we use l / 100 km. Km/l just looks wrong 🙂

EVs powered by coal are still cleaner than ICE cars. Surely you know that.