In January, Jaguar I-PACE Sales Dropped To 1,000

FEB 10 2019 BY MARK KANE 78

It should go up from this point

Jaguar started the year 2019 by decreasing car sales by 9.0% to 12,799 (also Land Rover decreased 10.9% to 43,733) and the all-new I-PACE is not in a position to offset those drops.

In fact, deliveries reported by the manufacturer amounted in January 1,011, which is less than half of the initial rush months (November and December).

We would be lying if we would said that we didn’t expect at least 2,000, but since it’s a new model, let’s give it some time.

In January, I-PACE sales accounted for 7.9% of the total Jaguar result. Cumulatively, 7,904 I-PACE were delivered.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – January 2019

Felix Brautigam, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We have begun the new year with a stellar start in North America, achieving our best ever January sales and significantly outperforming the industry, this reflects the strength of our brands and demand for our exciting product line-up. The economic slowdown in China continues to impact consumer confidence but, as part of our turnaround plan, we are working extensively with our retailers to rejuvenate sales.

“At Jaguar the sporty compact E-PACE and all-electric I-PACE sold particularly well, driving Jaguar sales for the current fiscal year which are at their highest level ever. Despite this, sales saw a dip in January due to lower demand for the F-PACE and the XF in China.

“The transition from the outgoing Range Rover Evoque and lower Discovery Sport sales in China impacted Land Rover sales, but we are encouraged by continued demand for the refreshed Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. With deliveries of the new Evoque due to start later this quarter we look forward to building momentum as we head into the year.”

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I don’t know.. For January that’s probably not that bad. January is always a bad month for car sales, especially EVs. Jaguar is not a high-volume brand like some of the other vehicles we compare with. I’ve actually been curious exactly how many they are even capable of building in a month? I’m sure it is only built at one plant.

It is built at one plant in Austria. The bad weather in January held up a number of component shipments to the plant. They are also gearing up to change the Model Year.

I’d like to know if the number quoted are deliveries or sales? There is a difference.
AFAIK, there is a 5 to 6 month waiting time for an I-Pace.

There are 35 I-pace’s in stock and ready for pickup at Hornburg Jaguar in Los Angeles. No waiting time at all.

Yes it must be sales, I did a quick search in my area (DFW) and there are plenty on the lots – even see initial signs of price dropping (slightly) below MSRP.

Could be some deals on these in six months if the sales don’t pick up soon.

How good the deals💴?

I just checked the Denver Jag dealer and they have exactly 1 in stock at a cool 89,000$. I really don’t know many people that can afford to drive something that expensive.

My guess is that many dealers aren’t helping the situation. My experience in Colorado is that dealers don’t mind selling you an EV (i.e., not openly hostile), but most aren’t actively promoting them either.

I would love one but not at that price.

Tesla’s biggest partner is the traditional dealer network.

It’s almost as if Tesla is BRIBING them to ASSURE the success of Tesla.

Where does Tesla have money to bribe anyone? They only just started making a tiny profit.

Got to suck to read this, for a person waiting in line for months.

But we talking about Europe

Car gurus lists 34 in the Bay Area at 5 different dealerships. They start at a bit over $70k. A lot of households around here can afford that.

What about the East Coast.
We were in the Polar Vortex in January.
No sane person would be out buying a car.

And it turns out ships require time. Just like there’s going to be a buffer lag in model 3 sales, if Jaguar (who is admittedly a low volume manufacturer) is pushing to more countries with this vehicle then there’s a lag for that to happen.

Magna rumors say 2200 per month and if needed up to 3000.

Seems like the I-Pace sales drop correlates with the Model 3 China and European test drives. Go figure.

I see an I-Pace price drop coming….

And the new Evoque should have been a 200+ mile EV, otherwise, it won’t move the sales needle.

So the Jaguar i-Pace sold about the same number in Worldwide sales as the GM Bolt or the GM Volt.

Jaguar future doesn’t look bright.
Jaguar i-pace it’s a good car, but that’s not enough.
I’m sure January is not going to be representative of the following months but it’s a bad sign. It’s not just their electric car, they’ll struggle overall.

As will all legacy carmakers eventually because of the deep investments into dealership and leases coming up, residual values dropping etc.

January is always slower for car sales so that I wouldn’t worry about but the restructuring towards the electric future is going to hurt them big time.

I am actually amazed how fast they were ramping up. If those sales are real sales to end customers and not just saturating the dealer network.

8% of its sales are the I Pace in the slowest sale month of the year. Sounds like the IPace is saving Jaguar

The world would be in a much better position if other manufacturers were at the same ratio.

It’s brand new, no idea what the sustained demand will be.

It's not the car, it's the brand

It’s the brand, not the vehicle. Jag’s brand image is garbage, and has been for decades. They have made some improvements recently, but it’s going to take a lot more than one or two quality products to revive the brand (how long did it take them to redesign the XJ? And the Ford ownership period? garbage). It’s always been an also-ran in the luxury market, and now it’s further tainted by its association with Indian ownership. Basically, the tragic history of the English auto industry – from Healey to BMC to Rover and so many others – can be summed up Jaguar. If any other marque had made the I-Pace, they’d be moving double or triple the volume.

I agree, and I am a jaguar (modest) shareholder. They really have the image of a not reliable company. They got into electric, but they didn’t consider the competition was on technics since nowadays the rich people often have a technical background. Though, they are makinf a lot of developpment which could be fruitful, like the traffic light management system.

If I were buying a Jag this would be the ONLY Jag I’d consider.
But, $89k, even with a lease that’s expensive.

Base model MSRP is 69,500 plus delivery. Tax credit of 7,500 plus state/other incentives.

Jaguars future is brighter than it has been for decades. It’s struggled and been sold multiple times, but it’s current owner seems happy to infuse lots of cash into it.

Maybe the lack of a legit fast charging network is starting to resonate with folks?

CCS network is coming.

@Michael Will said: “CCS network is coming.”

“is coming”… is a hard concept to sell to a prospective car customer especially a typical Jaguar high-line customer.

Imagine Jaguar trying to sell an ICE car that for those occasional long distance road trips required a specialized gas blend and telling a perspective Jaguar customer that gas stations support for that “is coming”.

Certainly there will be some EV early adopters that are drawn to the Jaguar brand and don’t mind the inconvenience of waiting for CSS to get built out… and perhaps that is more than enough for Jaguar.

Does CCS charge as fast as the Supercharging network?

In theory CCS can be very fast, but reality is most first generation CCS in USA are 50kW chargers that have less than half the charge rate of Tesla Superchargers

So theory, “yes” but practically speaking, “no.” That was my point, although some folks dislike the messenger.

The 150kW and 350kW charge points charge faster than Superchargers.

The growth of 150kW and 350kW is faster in Europe than in the USA, although there are some in the US.

Not an issue in Europe and even Tesla has joined the CCS team.

CCS is here. There’s charging networks everywhere and the charging deserts that have not been work on will be work on

Not an issue here in Northern California. I have over 3500 miles on my I-Pace already and plenty of CCS chargers available now.

How do you like the car? What is the real world energy consumption?
I’m looking to buy an EV in April and choosing between buying iPace and waiting for e-tron or, maybe, waiting for iX3.

Love my I-Pace. I’m seeing real world energy consumption around 10% less than my Bolt. That could be explained by how much more fun the Jaguar is to drive. It accelerates and handles beautifully.

You must mean 10% MORE than your Bolt, even then it’s hard to believe given the respective EPA ratings for MPGe and the respective mass, size and power of the two.

Charging networks outside of California are disappointing. However, I don’t think that’s to blame. I think the I-Pace is too expensive, Jaguar hasn’t shaken off its reputation of being unreliable, and dealers are a lot of hassle.

As Tesla has discovered, the US is Not the market you want to be in….just to politically repressed, Asia, Uk, anywher but the US if you want to succeed, why do you think Tesla has cut way back on US delivery staff, they see the handwriting in the wall.

Tesla just had their best January ever.

Jaguar EVs also.

No… the title of the article says Jaguar didn’t… but as stated, January isn’t the best time for EVs.

You have come to a rather perverse conclusion based on available evidence.

The EV market is growing faster in the U.S. than anywhere else outside China. I keep expecting the European market for plu-in EVs to take off in a big way and outpace the growth in the U.S., but that hasn’t happened yet. That may well change due to the EU tightening emission restrictions starting in 2020. At least I hope to see much stronger growth in the European EV market, regardless of the cause!

Yellow vest protest

I would think by percentage Norway would be #1 in year over year growth, isn’t that what you meant?

Or pure numbers? Then China would be number #1 in volume correct?

The US isn’t number 1. By what means do you mean that by?

Yeah, okay, it may well be growing faster in Norway and/or the Netherlands than in the U.S.

I meant the overall European market compared to the U.S. market. I should have been more precise in my assertion.

And yes, Bunny, China has grown faster over the past couple of years, but that’s an artificial growth, created by government mandate, and may well not be sustained. Plus, I did quite intentionally specify “…outside China” in my assertion.

The entire population of Norway could fit into one borough of New York. Can we compare apples with something at least pea sized?

Sindre Eidissen Engelstad

No burough in NY is even half of Norway’s population. We get your point, Norway is small compared to the entirety of the US, but that’s no excuse for exaggerating like that. Norway would be the 22nd largest state if it was part of the US, after Minnesota and before South Carolina.

You could fit two Californias into Germany, yet that doesn’t make California irrelevant.

Texas added almost as many people to its population in the last 10 years as there are people in Minnesota. So, yeah…when we talk about aggregate statistics in the US, we really don’t talk about Minnesota as being significant. It’s a very pretty state in the summer, though!

Yes there is a great deal of ignorance and innumeracy demonstrated on this site.

You have not been following the numbers. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the PEV growth in Europe was higher than in the USA. When Model 3 is discounted, 2018 was also higher in Europe than USA.
In 2019 nearly twice the number of new BEV are entering the European market than the USA market.

USA and European markets are both about ~17million vehicles in size. 2019 could and with Europe having double the PEV sales compared to USA.

“When Model 3 is discounted, 2018 was also higher in Europe than USA.”

And if I was King of Canada, then things would be different. 🙄

“When Model 3 is discounted, 2018 was also higher in Europe than USA”

One of the signs of an aging, washed up country that is so 19th century is the need to discount reality and find ways to convince themselves that they still matter in the world.

The US on the other hand built up China post Nixon. Most of us are proud of what the Chinese have done for themselves. We understand they are a larger economy and have a larger auto market, but are confident enough of all the areas we are great at so we don’t need to discount anything. We might verbally kick them around sometimes but we’re happy to trade goods with them rather than bombs.

For that matter, that’s usually how Americans feel about Europe as well. I’ve never understood the petty nationalism and creepy ethnic supremacy most Europeans seem to need to constantly rub in other people’s faces.

I think the point is that sales of the model 3 were being pushed to the max in the US in 2018 and were zero in Europe creating a temporary distortion. Now the model 3 is going to Europe and the new high end EVs from Audi, MB, Audi and Jag are hitting the market there too.

EVs may in general be more attractive in Europe because of the high price of motor fuels there (because of taxes!) and maybe shorter average driving distances or miles per year.

@ Pu-Pu,
If the Canuck Crown fits, you Musk acquit!

“May the Tar Sands fuel all of my thirsty Autumnal Mead constituents! …”Dilly Dilly!”👑

Wtf you saying

If there wasn’t a incentives cut, Tesla will continue to sell 15-20k Model 3 a month in U.S.

“An” not “a”. Actually with the two price cuts, $2k and $1k, instituted since 1/1/19 and the effect of those on sales tax they are only a few hundred more now. We will have to wait some time to see what the real ongoing market demand for the model 3 will be. Also when the model Y comes out it will both create new demand and pull some demand away from the 3.

“We would be lying if we would said that we didn’t expect at least 2,000…”

What a strange statement to make about the car market. It’s well established that selling cars is highly seasonal. If December sales for the I-Pace were only ~2200, then it should be entirely expected that January sales would be significantly less than 2000.

“Tesla Model 3 sold only 6,500 in US, we would be lying if we said that we didn´t expect at leats 15,000”

“…we would be lying if we said that we didn´t expect at leats 15,000”

And the rest of us expected a decline in US deliveries given

It is January
The first month of a new quarter
A large proportion of M3 boarding ships destined for Europe.
The reduction of tax incentives

This is world market, more driven by production and logistics than customers walking in and driving of with a purchase.

I’m talking about the actual real-world new car market, where real-world factors apply. Factors like people not wanting to expose a new car to winter driving conditions, and the fact that new car prices (actual selling price, not MSRP) tend to be highest at the beginning of the year when the latest model year cars are newest. Actual selling prices drop as the year progresses.

I don’t know what you’re talking about… but it doesn’t have much to do with the real world.

“If December sales for the I-Pace were only ~2200, then it should be entirely expected that January sales would be significantly less than 2000.”

Not if you believed that there was a waiting list and deliveries were production constrained.

It’s winter, a slump at the coldest time of year is expected, especially when sales people have to tell people about winter range loss.

As other have noted, I think we may have a basic sales issue here. Dallas (as noted by others) actually appears to have inventory that isn’t moving. I think the car is actually pretty nice, but it is expensive and the CCS equivalent to Supercharging is really still years away (tough in a segment known for 3 year leases). Speaking of expensive, most of the cars appear to be the higher end trims (HSE) and are thus right on top of $90K. Even so, a very modest build is still around $80K (the cheapest build I put together that I could “live with” was $76K). All in a car who’s utility ends up a lot closer to that of a Model 3 than S or X.

I will say that here in Texas of course, the Jag gets the full $7500 federal rebate and the state rebate of $2500 (not sure how much money is left for the latter however) – so that does help. Really wish the Photon Red was available on the lower trims (vs. the darker Firenze red…rumor has it that in Europe it is).

Europe is build to order (special order) only. Colors sold reflect 100% customer preference.

Yep, substantial inventory near Philadelphia too.

80% of people lease EVs, there isn’t yet a lease deal…I would imagine if inventory continues to climb there will be a descent lease deal and therefore more sales…

As long as they do not fix the poor efficiency and the not so fast charging, I don’t see a much bright future

Two observations:

1. There are sound reasons why we almost never quote highly seasonally sensitive statistics on a month-to-month basis without adjusting them for historical seasonal fluctuations. Why the heck is this site even talking about numbers the wrong way?

2. Right now, shows only 396 I-Paces in the entire US. So yes, there might some sitting on lots in various US cities, but in total there’s not many to be had.

They sold 2611 i-Pace in December in Netherlands alone, they sold 15 in Janaury. This is due to incentives ending. I’m sure that made its mark.

wait and see.
To be honest, I do not view this one as being competitive to Tesla, but we will see later this year.

Nobody reporting on Model S sales though.
Everybody reporting that Model 3 is biting in the EV sales from other brands but nobody wants to show us some numbers from Model S.
Not even Tesla, as they said they will only show numbers for S and X combined from now on, like it is the same car.

“they will only show numbers for S and X combined from now on, like it is the same car.”

….or like they are produced on the same line….oh wait. They are.

I don’t think that’s actually the case? Last I heard, they are separate lines. Apart from the drive train, the cars are very different, in spite of the X being derived from the S…