In January 2019 Nissan Sold 2,833 LEAFs In Japan

FEB 6 2019 BY MARK KANE 14

The e+ didn’t prompt new records just yet

After a weak December with just 455 sales, in January Nissan sold some 2,833 LEAF in Japan. It’s enough to take the #27 spot in the model rank, although sales decreased year-over-year by 25%.

We are unable to say how many of those LEAFs are the new, longer-range LEAF e+ with 62 kWh battery, which already should be delivered in volume. There is also no info about any eventual production constraints.

If the higher battery capacity and the range is the thing that Japanese customers were waiting for, we should see strong sales over the year.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – January 2019

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So after launching the 62kwh leaf Nissan sell less in jan 2019 than in jan 2018. That would be a flop.

Its the 5th highest monthly sales number on record for the LEAF in Japan. Great cars. One of the most reliable cars ever made.

They had a fair amount of pent-up demand for the Leaf in Japan, but didn’t have “production hell”, so it is pretty much expected.

Obviously, the amount of pent-up demand for the Leaf in Japan is considerably lower than the pent-up demand for the Tesla Model 3 in the USA.

So why less sales in December 2019 than december 2018 should have been more because of the new 62kwh pack.

I think here in the US the LEAF burned the good will with Gen 1 crappy batteries, with a price so close to an M3, Bolt, Kona, Niro. It will always sell in low numbers now, unless they throw lots on money on the hood or low lease prices which I doubt they will do, now that they got rid of Ghosn the overload.

Without Carlos Ghosn, Nissan will swan dive.

Boycott Japan ‼️

I’m not sure why anyone would say that and I;’m really not sure why anyone would like that you said that. Japanese are very hard working people and since their defeat in WW2 have been allies for democracy, education, technology, and science. One of the west greatest trading partners in prosperity.

But it seems Japan’s democracy is deeply flauwed the way Carlos is treated by their justice system.

The LEAFs have excellent batteries? I guess you havn’t been paying attention the past 5 years sine the lizard batteries came out.

What about the newer 30 kwh packs? They are showing fast degradation. Time will show that not cooling the batteries was a bad idea.

Great news, year end discounts you might be able to get into a 2018 LEAF SV with pro pilot tech package for about $21,000 after incentives, that less than half the price of an entry level Tesla without paint. If your family only needs a regional commuter car the LEAF is one of the most reliable cars ever made an very economical. Hopefully Tesla will be slashing their prices now sales have fallen off a cliff

The limping Leaf, I mean is it even really a story anymore.
Next will there story on the Bolt, or the eGolf.
Though I guess not every story can be about Tesla or the coming, still coming, soon to arrive, competition.

That’s the fifth highest monthly sales on record for the LEAF in Japan? Those are excellent numbers. Whats your problem. We need all manufacturers to sale that many EVs in Japan. we need all manufacturers to sale ten times that many EVs.

Excellent News for the LEAF, 5th highest sale month on record. That’s another 2800 EVs on the road and another 2800 gassers off the road. Along with other EVs let hope another 20,000 EVs are on the road in Japan. Families all over Japan will love those cars for generations. How many cars of the Japanese production lot were exported to the Islands, Kiwis, and down under?