In January 2019, BMW Group Sold Just 7,234 Plug-In EVs

FEB 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 22

January didn’t bring much growth

BMW Group‘s plug-in electric car sales in January amounted to just 7,234, which is the lowest result in the past 12 months, at the lowest growth rate in several years of just 1.4% year-over-year.

According to the German manufacturer, the reason for that is model changeovers – especially the 330e and X5 PHEV.

Anyways, the plug-in share out of overall volume was close to 4.3%.

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – January 2019

The best-selling model among plug-ins was the BMW i32,598 (up 30.4%). The BMW 530e iPerformance, on the other hand, noted a strong growth rate of 82% to 1,722. The MINI Countryman Cooper S E ALL4 increased 25.7% to 1,027 sales (18% of all MINI Countryman sales).

Sales are expected to improve later this year when new models or new versions hit the showrooms.

“Overall sales of BMW Group Electrified vehicles increased by 1.4% compared with January last year, with a total of 7,234 delivered to customers around the world. This increase was achieved despite limited availability of two key plug-in hybrid vehicles due to model changeovers – the introduction of the new BMW 330e and the new BMW X5 xDrive45e later this year is expected to support further sales growth of the company’s range of electrified vehicles. The BMW i3 is the company’s best-selling electrified vehicle; the introduction late last year of an optional new, more powerful battery helped grow i3 sales in January to 2,598, 30.4% more than in the same month last year. The BMW 530e (fuel consumption combined: 2.2-2.1 l/100 km; power consumption combined: 13.6-13.3 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 49-47 g/km) was also a significant growth driver, with deliveries up 82.0% (1,722).

2019 will also see the launch of the MINI Electric – the fully-electric car will be introduced to the public later this year. It looks set to build on the success of the MINI Countryman Cooper S E plug-in hybrid (fuel consumption combined: 2.5-2.4 l/100 km, power consumption combined 13.7-13.4 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 56-55 g/km), which grew its sales by 25.7% in January (1,027) thereby accounting for 18.0% of MINI Countryman sales. January deliveries of MINI brand vehicles totalled 20,575 (-1.7%).”

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Brand BMW said:

“We’re pleased to have achieved a sales increase in January, despite the challenging market conditions around the world. We do expect slight growth in 2019, although the model changeover of the BMW 3 Series, our all-time top-selling model, will impact sales in the first quarter. Growth will be driven mainly by full availability of the BMW X5, the introduction of the all-new BMW X7 and, of course the seventh generation of the BMW 3 Series. In January, I was also pleased to see sales of our electrified vehicles grow, despite model changeovers of two key models. By the end of this year, the number of BMW Group electrified vehicles on the roads around the world will total more than half a million.”

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January is their slowest month so saying its the lowest sales in the last 12 months brings no news.
And they grew sales YOY (albeit by a small margin).
Maybe the word “Just” in the title show a little bias?
After all, Telsa sold “Just” 8325 cars in the US in January, their lowest in 8 months.

“in the US” !! Article talks about “worldwide” and Janurary is definitely not Teslas lowest in 8 months worldwide.

A “little” bias?? That’s an understatement. Just saw the new 3 series with laser headlights. Awesome technology. Plug in X5 with almost 400hp and over 30 mile AER is going to be a hit. Opulent interior with real crystal, eyeball monitors, etc.

BMW has heavier concentration of East Coast buyers.
And Winter is a “thing” on the East Coast, especially this year.

Given that it’s a single month’s result and that the number is still marginally up from last year, I feel this is not news worthy.

Strongly agree. This is an abysmal way to describe highly pattern-driven sales statistics.

I imagine one of my stats or econometrics professors’ reaction if I had done something like this in class. It would not have been pretty.

Funny, Bjorn raves about the i3 headlights and charging speed, but I don’t recall any mention of his results.

DCQC rate blows away a Chevy Bolt:


The i3 is a Prius with a Gerry’s badge

LOL. The i3 blows away the Prius by 300% across all categories.
Especially, if you turn the fan off, and run Eco-Pro+.

I love my i3 60AH. I really do, but they need to add more range than they did with the 120AH battery in order to compete with the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 is cheaper and goes way farther with more advanced tech.

Agreed. I have a 94AH (33 kwh) version. I think the 2020 i3s should come with a minimum 60 kwh battery and 100 kw charging speed. Keep REX optional too.

Plus widening the tires width.

Any update on the next gen i3. Higher range, metal used, lower price …

When you drill into the data and see that the i3 has a 30% growth rate (BMW recently increased production of the i3 by the same amount) you really have to wonder about the shills writing these articles. Looks like the “Inside Tesla” nickname will take a while to shed. I wish Tom Moloughney wrote more of the BMW articles.


I agree; Tom Moloughney is the best writer on the site.

It’s overpriced for the EV range, so what do you expect?

But this is easy to fix, bring 3 and 5 series BEV versions at almost same prizes as ICE cars

That will happen, but it is going to happen in different way than you think. In EU ICE cars will be more expensive, and EVs and PHEVs will become a bit cheaper in 2020 the new EU CO2 emission regulation start, because the regulation put a price on emission g CO2 / km.

Why won’t BMW just admit the truth: Huge sales gains by Tesla around the world is depressing BMW’s EV sales. Tesla M3 are now being sold in Europe and in mainland China, etc; these two additional markets where BMW EV’s will face more competition going forward.

As Tesla ramps up M3 production, I can’t wait for BMW’s next spin-doctor Pollyanna announcement. It’s not hard for BMW to just say EV sales are up at an anemic pace as more buyers choose Tesla cars.

I think you need to find out the difference between a ”gain” and ”loss”. It usually is quite clear for kids under kindergarten age but sometimes it apparently can take a while to learn.

A gain is usually referred when something is increasing such as sales for example. Loss is usually attached to something that’s decreasing.

For your information BMW actually reported their best January ever. Growth YoY 0.5% thats in a market where US car sales plunged, largely blamed on government shutdown and the polar vortex.

So it would seem to me that Tesla isnt exactly stealing BMW customers, BMW is actually gaining customers

Well said