Europe: 31% More Plug-Ins Sold In January 2017. Renault ZOE In Charge


Renault ZOE

Europe began 2017 with solid growth of plug-in electric car sales, up 31% year-over-year according to the EV Sales Blog report. In total, roughly 19,000 units were sold, which is not only the best January ever, but also one of the better months ever. Renault ZOE took an early lead with 2,602 sales (up 80 percent) after securing 1st place in 2016.

In second place was the BMW i3 (1,818), which gives us one way to compare sales of different battery sizes. Renault is seeing better sales of the new 41-kWh ZOE, while i3 continues to sell the 33-kWh i3. Obviously, these cars are quite different, but with EVs, range does matter. And, if BEV sales are so tightly connected to battery pack capacity/range and price, we are eager to see the Opel Ampera-e later this year.

Nissan LEAF keeps seeing strong sales in Europe, taking 3rd place in January with 1,386 sales (up 29%). This EV’s battery increase – from 24 kWh to 30 kWh – wasn’t all that dramatic, and the Japanese manufacturer needs to do more soon. The top three BEVs sold in Europe totaled 5,806 units, which was 30.5 percent of all plug-in car sales. Tesla sold some 819 Model S (#7) and 586 Model X (#11) EVs.

Comparing Europe to U.S., we don’t see any big changes in January:

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe & U.S. – January 2017

Source: EV Sales Blog

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EVs are still a very small slice but at least sales are continuing to grow thus showing that they are not a product only wanted by a tiny % of people that would quickly be saturated. To contrary….as more EVs are sold and people get to see them and ride in them then more people want them.

The Renault Zoe 40 is so high in France, that in a few months, the other market will rich a huge high sales to. So the 30% is just the begining.
The Opel Ampera-E will also help the European market.