James Bond Star Pierce Brosnan Buys BMW i8


62-year-old Pierce Brosnan, actor who played James Bond in four movies from 1995 to 2002, is now the proud owner of the ultra-futuristic BMW i8.

Brosnan, a lover of classy, fancy cars, is seen here exiting the BMW i8 after sampling ingress and egress (not an i8 strong point).

According to Daily Mail:

“The actor was on hand to personally collect the keys to his gleaming new BMW i8 after it was delivered at his beach-front residence in Los Angeles, the other day.”

BMW i8 Being Dropped Off To Pierce Brosnan

BMW i8 Being Dropped Off To Pierce Brosnan

As the license plate shows, the vehicle was purchased from Nick Alexander Imports, a Los Angeles area BMW dealership.

Source: Daily Mail

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I wonder if he will ever plug it in.


I wonder what upgrades “Q” has installed.

So… Tesla paid shills have finally found their way to this site. Time to move on then. What a shame

I agree to Ricardo.

It’s a shame that insideevs seems to be more and more a playground for Tesla worshipers who cannot discuss the topic fair and objectively.

James Bond buying Mission Impossible car? For shame.

Maybe this will just hold him over until the Aston Martin Rapide launches in 2018.

Didn’t James Bond switch to BMW for one of the films?

Interesting to note that the i8 traps about the same speed in the quarter mile as the P85D. About 114mph. The P85 only did about 109mph. So in the 60-130mph acceleration, its likely the i8 would actually beat the P85d. Hows that for a little 3 cylinder!

Bond (Brosnan) drove a Z8 in the 1999 “The world is not enough”.

OLD crawling pathetic old old lame elderly…


If I may. What he is saying is that old lame actors, such as Pierce Brosnen buy an i8, while young, forward thinking people buy a Tesla.

Ahh, thanks for clearing that up for me. I agree.

What?? Since he is worth almost a 100 million, I’m sure his life isn’t that much more pathetic than yours, is it?

whether or not he is less pathetic than us does not make him as unpathetic as he could be. I am a fan of his acting though.

I really enjoy reading about the progress of EVs like BMW, Nissan, Aston, tesla and others as in a year or two I plan to purchase one. I’m still waiting to see what tesla will come out with the smaller version (model 3). But what I find as a turn off from the few tesla supports (honestly I doubt some of you have a tesla) chiming in and bashing people that don’t have a tesla. If former Mr. Bond bought EV, he should be congratulated or commended on his choice of an electric. No reason to be boastful, bashing or arrogant about it. Commend people for changing their thinking by going electric.