Jalopnik Calls Tesla Model X “The Best Minivan $150,000 Can Buy”


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Say what? A minivan…don’t you need sliding doors and 100s of nifty storage compartments to get hung with that tag these days?

Jalopnik’s recent review of the Tesla Model X might not sit well with some, due to the minivan connection, but it’s a mostly glowing review of the X actually and as one might expect of the magazine, is a highly entertaining read.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Here’s the opener:

“Here’s a question no one has ever asked: “How can I get an enormous van that weighs more than 6,000 pounds, rockets to highway speed in less time than it takes to sneeze, and has enormously silly doors like you’d find a DeLorean?” It doesn’t matter that no one ever asked it, though, because the Tesla Model X is amazing. Even if it is a $150,000 minivan.”

The in-depth review of the tested Model X P90D, which was driven from Fremont to Tesla’s Gigafactory, covers most all aspects of the vehicle, including some seldom mentioned handling characterstics.

Tesla Model X "Minivan"

Tesla Model X “Minivan”

The review concludes with this:

“Truth be told, if we had to build an electric minivan ourselves, the Tesla Model X might be the car that we would build. Though we might have it make a little more noise. And ours would be a whole lot worse.”

Intrigued? Read the review in its entirety here.

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I’d like to see a 2 seat option on Model X i.e. no second or third row seats … then we’d have a $150,000 CARGO VAN!

My last mini-van carried a 22 cu ft refrigerator during a residential move.

The U in SUV stands for utility. The X can’t carry large interior loads and it can’t utilize roof racks. Other than towing, it really doesn’t have much utility. I doubt most owners care though.

New model has fold flat second row seats. No third row. That’s a lot of space, plus the frunk and rear smugglers compartment.

Compared to other minivans, that still not very good. My Astro van can carry stacks of 4ft x 8ft plywood laying flat AND two pallets of hardwood flooring AND it can tow 5500 lb. Utility is far better with even 20 year old mini van than X.

Can you fit even one pallet of stuff like hardwood flooring in X?

Well, an Astro is really a truck with a van body so it’s not exactly the same as most minivans.

don’t bother, and if you would read most of SparkEV (drives spark I guess and angry on anyone driving better than that) comments, them are pretty anti-tesla.
Been driving Tesla Model S for a week, covered nearly 2000 miles, owned Mercedes S for more than 2 years, covered 60000 miles. Interior is very basic in Tesla in comparison to MB, but you have everything you need in very small space – 17″ to be precise. And Model S drives so much better. But I’m not screaming all over the place about things I don’t like (which others do) in Model S, or MB S unreliability all over the internet.

Consumer Reports did a Bolt review/discussion, but mentioned the Model X, saying it is “an SUV with no functionality”.


Doesn’t the Model X’s ability to inflate the egos of their well heeled owners count as functionality? 😉

Troll harder. Put some effort into it, at least…

CR are tools. The minivan comparison is maybe not a bad one, because we did replace our Honda Oddysee with a Model X 90D and took plenty of road trips already, loving every minute of it.

We had our first trip in the snow enjoying four wheel drive without having to put on snow chains, it was awesome.

I also read a review of a Norwegian owner of a Volvo XC90 and he said the model X was more capable in the deeper snow because of its weight, high adjustable air suspension and smooth underside and could go where the Volvo failed.

It’s not a truck and not for moving refrigerators but awesome for road tripping and outdoor sports that fiit on the trailer hitch or can be towed. We only had our four bikes on the hitch so far, worked like a charm.

Maybe Tesla should start calling the X a “7 seat UAV”.

UAV standing for “Urban Activity Vehicle”. 😀

Ford actually officially classifies the C-Max as a UAV.

Holy s***. How much room do you weird humans need?

My Smart Car had more than I needed.

How the **** does the X not have enough room for you?


Another Euro point of view

OK but not so far from where I live (Luxembourg, highest average income per capita worldwide last time I checked) I can buy a nice little house for that price. First year depreciation of this car is probably the price of a “normal” minivan. Hard to be excited, I wish we had more news about the $35K (likely $45K) model 3.

That’s because the purchase power of the USD is too high outside of the United States compared to inside of the US. The new president is working on correcting that.

Some think it will be bad but with a pro US stance, Tesla should do really well. It is the most American car company we have, especially once the batteries are all out of the gigafactory. Even the solar side (if the completes successfully) would be more American than the other choices.

To be fair, aren’t all SUV’s just less functional minivans? Aren’t all crossovers compact minivans? People buy them for the look, not because they are better at anything. None of them have the utility of a minivan, all get worse mileage, most are slower, all are more expensive to maintain, and AWD doesn’t matter with a decent set of snow tires – and the AWD system found on most is barely more functional than FWD, anyway. [disparaging comment on SUV owners decision making abilities deleted before mods even have a chance….lol]

If I only had the money..

Really looking forward to the time that 2-year used Model Ys are hitting the market. 🙂

Model X is tres cool, but a luxury item for the rich, for the most part, though I guess the low end models are kinda affordable for upper middle class.

I like “people-carrier” better than the term van. As such the Model X is not too shabby, has the frunk for a bit of extra luggage.

The new fold down seats on the X make me want a Model Y even more…

It’s true. If an electric minivan were available, I would not have purchased the X.

Minivan? Try Full-size Crossover, same category as the current gen Ford Explorer.

Yes, most crossovers are functionally minivans. It’s just minivans aren’t popular so buyers feel better about themselves buying a crossover.

$150,000 for a lot of people is a house so far.

All I can say is for $150,000 I wouldn’t want to be pushing this car Flintstones style.

It’s diffenently a minivan. It’s for carrying half the soccer team or larger families around. But Tesla knows minivans aren’t popular with wealthy suburban moms anymore so they call it a SUV. 98 percent of SUV buyers buy the vehicle as a substitute for a minivan anyways. The Model X makes more sense functionally as comparable price Mercedes G wagon for this purpose. Now if you actually need an SUV and not a minivan obviously the G wagon makes sense for that half of percent of its buyers.