Jaguar I-PACE Sales Rise To 710 Globally In September

OCT 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 38

I-PACE already represents a few percent of Jaguar sales.

The flow of the Jaguar I-PACE finally reached a decent volume in September.

According to research by AID analyst Matthias Schmidt, 710 I-PACE were sold globally last month.

It’s really not that bad, especially compared to overall volume for the brand of 19,146, which translates to 3.7% of Jaguar sales being the I-Pace. Further market expansion makes us believe that a double-digit share is within range.

Together with the 140 I-PACE in August, and 418 in previous months, in total, some 1,268 I-Pace were delivered through the end of September.

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Gotta starts somewhere I guess.

Tesla is not the only car company with launch difficulties with EVs….

It’s All Hush Hush With Other Auto Makers . The Others Don’t Talk About Their Launch & Production Issues Out In the Open , As Tesla Does.. ….Tesla’s Honesty & Candidness Is Never Appreciated. The Shorts Spin it into Incompetence, Criticism & Bad Press . TO KNOCK THE STOCK PRICE DOWN .

Look – don’t misunderstand the Tesla shorts. They make money from stock price decreases, however they can’t make money unless others sell to drive the price down, so part of their job is write stories saying how bad Tesla is. They don’t believe their stories, they are just trying to make money. Don’t get hung up over it.

Fiat-Chrysler took 8 months longer than they expected to get the production of the current RAM up and running at full speed. When the aluminium F-150 when into production it was delayed by over 6 months while they worked out problems.

Shsssssh. Jimmy Chanos gonna short you.

3.7% of Jaguar sales being the I-Pace. That’s pretty cool considering they’ve only just started making them. Perhaps they will see the light, now their diesels aren’t selling.

Ironically their flagship vehicle the XJ sedan currently only available with diesel engines in Europe, because none of the petrol engine versions were able to comply the new (WLTP based) emission requirements…

The diesel version complies??? Please elaborate.

Why is this so difficult to believe? Diesel cars with particulate filters and nitrous reduction are very clean as long as they don’t disable the clean up. Direct injection petrol cars have a really hard time meeting the standards and most manufacturers choose not to develop particle filters for older engines. Instead they take them off market until the new petrol engine with particle filter is ready.

Another Euro point of view

Real car industry knowledge alert ! Ban the troll ! 🙂

Future Jags will be powered by BMW engines to comply. pretty funny.(no joke)

They are clean by European standards. They don’t meet US particulate and nitrous emission standards, which are significantly stricter. The NOX standards in Europe allows for 400% what is allowed in the US for example. That is the primary reason why you don’t see diesels in the US. Most of the engines that pass in Europe don’t have a chance in the US unless they cheat. Conversely, the US is more lax on carbon emissions, which also undercuts the diesel’s benefits.

Currently the difference on NOx isn’t that big anymore. Those diesels have less than 80mg/km. This is in the same range as petrol engines. Which is why petrol engines now need the particulate clean up so they can be run with less oxygen excess i.e. higher return gas rates which reduces NOx formation. That is why so many manufacturers had to take the petrol engines of the shelves. Next step will see NOx reduction catalysts with urea in both diesel and petrol cars.

Just looking at some of the numbers posted on here, if jag can make a maximum of 2000 I paces a month and jags total sales are 20,000 a month. Will that be 10% of jag sales soon to be all BEV 🙂 happy days.

I also have difficulty with that “Tata Motors” thing…….

Why? Tata gives them the ability to continue to operate in England just as they always have. Are you bothered by Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti with that “Volkswagen” thing…….? Or BMW building Minis, and their first long range EV in China?

Why? It was Ford who almost killed Jaguar and Volvo. (After first „saving“ them.)

Jaguar and Tata have been both been in existence for about the same time – 85 years vs 75 years. In that period, Jaguar had to be sold off 4 different times and Tata has consistently been profitable. I think I’ll trust the people at Tata over the incompetent management at Jaguar.

Selling Like Hot Cakes ! …

Not every company has a celebrity CEO to hype its products on Twitter…. And fans willing to buy anything following the Tweet, like a surf board they’ll just hang on a wall…

Strange that they outsourced production to a niche manufacturer when this could be one of their biggest sellers. I assume sales are currently production constrained.

People in the UK are reporting that their deliveries are being pushed by by two months.

Another Euro point of view

I understood Jaguar realized at a very late stage that the i-pace software sucks.

Magna is not really niche. They have large production capacity. They have been producing cars like BMW 5 series and Mini countryman before.

Magna Steyr is a subsidiary of Magna International, the largest car parts manufacturer in North America. Whatever you drive, chances are there’s a Magna part in it somewhere. “Magna has approximately 168,000 employees in 321 manufacturing operations and 102 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries” (Wikipedia)

The Austrian subsidiary by itself has 12000 employees and has been around under one name or another, making cars since 1904. You may never have heard of them, but these guys are major players in the industry. “Niche” isn’t even close.

Jaguar is going to deliver a lot more in Q4 2018. They have to deliver 3,500 copies of the Jaguar i-Pace to customers in The Netherlands in 2018. Because the tax incentive situation will change in 2019. The low 4% tax will be limited to only the bottom €50,000.- of the price of the EV. The rest of the amount (above €50,000.-) will be taxed at 22%.

As 2.000 per month is the production capacity, almost every Jaguar i-Pace for the rest of the year has to go to the Netherlands

Could be worse than the headline figures suggest. 3rd party leasing companies were offering very cheap deals on I pace a few weeks back ~ £300 per month for 18 months. That’s got to be well below cost on a £60000 car. Deals have gone now, presumably since Jag have hit their minimum target.

Which companies were these? I didn’t see any for £300 a month. Really not happy now I missed that.

In my county alone, Telemark (Norway) 300 were initially ordered. Wonder how many now. Just passed one on the road today, and I expect to see lots more if Jaguar can keep up the ehm… pace.

As of 11 October there were 284 registered in Norway including 130 so far in October. So looks like they are on pace to sell about 400 in October in Norway.

From 140 units in August now 710 units in September.
Order backlog in NL is 3500 units before tax increase start 2019, in Norway 3000 I-Pace are on the wait-list.

Mr. Kane. “The flow of the Jaguar I-PACE finally reached a decent volume in September (710 global sales). It appears you and I have a different interpretation of the words “decent volume.” After all, we are talking about a legacy automaker with decades of automotive experience. Then again, you have mighty GM churning out Bolts in barely compliance numbers.

When Tesla was ramping up, the Fourth Estate was brutal.

Considering that they planned for 20,000 per year, i.e. some 1,700 per month, 710 is already quite a decent volume a few months into the production ramp…

But only in “higher” numbers to countries that give a BIG “money” bonus to the drivers.
I think 80% of this number is sold to not more then 3 or 4 countries that heavy subsidize the EV.
The EV will become the norm someday, but not yet, not yet 🙂

Poor numbers.