Jaguar Reluctantly Commits to Producing a BEV Within a Decade


Closest Thing To a Zero Emissions Jaguar We Could Find

Closest Thing To a Zero Emissions Jaguar We Could Find

Jaguar-Land Rover says it will produce a BEV within a decade.

Jaguar Logo

Jaguar Logo

Wait…say what?

Speaking at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar-Land Rover engineering director Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart stated that there’s no doubt Jaguar will do a hybrid in the near future, but further down the road Jag will go BEV too:

“This is an area that is especially important for manufacturers that do premium cars as in this class you can afford more sophisticated solutions that cost more money, but are not affordable in the mass market.”

“And I personally think that the hybrid drive will become the dominant drive train in the upper vehicle classes.  I cannot say too much but we are observing the [electric vehicle] market carefully. There is a market that is much more relevant to us as the second or third vehicle in the family, and it makes sense to have an alternative drivetrain or electric car to compliment the first car in the family.”

Ziebart hints that Jaguar would probably go BIG with its BEV, something along the lines of the Tesla Model X.  Doesn’t every automaker claim to have a Model X competitor coming at some undisclosed point in the future?

Jag is no exception, as the automaker is unwilling to give a precise timeframe on the launch of this BEV Model X competitor.

And this statement from Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar-Land Rover Director Research and Technology isn’t very compelling:

“We will have to have a zero-emission car in the range in order to meet regulations.  We need this by 2025, possibly even sooner for certain markets.”

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read: compliance car coming when necessary only.

or basically the “me too” response.

Words are free I guess.

Decade = Never. I think this is the correct interpretation because if they actually had even vague plans they would have an end date of less than 10 years.

Here is my translation, “Tesla is eating our lunch in the California market, and may even put a dent in our EU market. If that happens, we will be forced to make a vehicle to compete with them. Until then, we will continue to sell $10k transmission replacements to our existing customers. Move along now.”

LOL! + 1

The electrification of transportation should start from the expensive luxury car segment. Let the rich 2 % to pay the development of EV technology!

EV incentives should be e.g. that if car is valued more than $50 000 before taxes and there is an ICE fitted under the hood, then there should be extra $400 tax for every gasoline horsepower.

This would create some urgency for Jaguar to provide all electric cars!

But of course people violently oppose taxes that are directed for the rich. As middle class is doing all the productive work, it goes without saying that middle class should also pay the extra for range compromised Nissan LEAFs.

“Give this Tesla guy some room to eat my lunch, last thing I want is him spilling ketchup on my shirt!”

If EV growth continues at its current rate, they’ll need an EV or three in their lineup if they’d like to stay in business.

Building it with no desire to commit to the technology though makes it more likely the result will be less than it could / should be.