Jaguar I-Pace Versus Tesla Model X – Race Video


From 0 to 60 MPH and back down to zero again.

How does the newly revealed Jaguar I-Pace stack up against the Tesla Model X?

Watch the video to find out.

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Video description:

In an electrifying 0mph-60mph-0mph challenge, Mitch Evans and Jaguar I-PACE go head-to-head against Tony Kanaan and the Tesla Model X 75D and 100D, to showcase the instant acceleration and braking power of our first EV.

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Note that the guy driving the Tesla asked for the P100D after the first race and they gave him a 100D (non-performance edition) instead. Still, it shows the I-Pace is in the same league as Tesla, and faster than the non-performance versions of the Model X, which is impressive.

Too bad about the range…

Thanks for pointing out P100D. There’s no way Jag would be quicker than 3 seconds in 0-60 MPH. It’s shady as hell of Jaguar to misrepresent like this. Some may even sue for false advertising.

eeeh, you did notice that that woman said it was an X100D AND that it actually was also in letters saying X100D, right? But yeah, sue, sue, sue them all! Murica, hell yeah!??

It is blatantly trying to imply that they’re getting a much higher performance model and it I losing. The difference between the 75 and 100 is mainly just battery size, the increase in performance is negligible as the video demonstrates. The Model X and I-Pace are not comparable, the X is much bigger, roomier and the 100 has heaps more range. This just reminds me of all the GHG calculations comparing the S P100D to a bloody Prius. They have selected the X’s to lose, the I-Pace is smaller and lighter and the chose not to bring in a P100D which the test drivers asked for. It’s a bait and switch implying that they have given the driver what he asks for. Bring on Drag times getting a hold of a I-Pace and flogging it with an actual P100D.

First of all, the Jaguar “bug” on the lower right shows that you are essentially seeing a Jaguar advertisement here. Some comments about the ad: 1) having the Tesla driver ask for a P100D and then substituting a 100D for it, saying “this is what you asked for” is typical bait-and-switch you see all the time in ads. 2) notice when they show the fronts of the cars they have them lined up in a line; and then they show the backs of the cars they are ALSO lined up. The Jaguar is substantially smaller than the Model X, they moved the Tesla forward before they took the shot, thus implying that the vehicles are the same size, without saying it. The watcher is left to imply that the vehicles are the same size, when they aren’t. 3) Notice that 0-60-0 tests something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than 0-60– the 100D is faster to 60 than the Jaguar, which is why the car actually started braking when it was physically BEHIND the Jaguar because it got to that speed faster than the Jaguar. The problem there is that the MUCH higher weight of the 100D works against the car and pushes the… Read more »

Thanks for your comments. I agree entirely – and Tesla would also be pleased to have genuine competition.

What a pity Jaguar marketing dept thought it necessary to produce such a childish, obviously deceptive piece of footage.

Point 3 has to be the most interesting mathematics this year.
Accelerating faster would indeed make it drive faster in fewer meters, but it would also bring it in front of its competitor in the entire acceleration phase. The fact here is clear: the jag is faster than the Tesla. Face it

Look, physics says that if you get to a particular speed in a shorter amount of time you will do it in less distance.

From your quote: “Accelerating faster would indeed make it drive faster in fewer meters, but it would also bring it in front of its competitor in the entire acceleration phase.”

If it takes fewer meters, it will be BEHIND the other car when it hits 60mph.

Ummm wow you really don’t understand how physics work 🙂 if both cars are constantly accelerating to 60, the faster car will be ahead.

No doubt this video is dubious as heck but so is your understanding of fundamentals!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Hey, I want an X100D!!
Where can I find one?
How much is it?

Pleas post a link so I can purchase it now. Pretty please????

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol, ok, I get it. It’s the Model X 100d and not the performance version……lol

At the end they do mention the P100 version might (would) beat it but costs twice as much.

Right, but the driver asked for P100D and they didn’t bother to mention that what he got was not P until the end. Shady!

Come on, the X P100D costs twice as much as the base I-Pace. Not relevant.

Then they should’ve mentioned it when the driver asked for it and clearly state that the race was NOT P100D at the time of the race. Better, they shouldn’t have mentioned P100D in the first place. By keeping that information until the very end after Jag wins the race, it makes it seem like Jag is quicker than P100D.


It’s advertisement, they won’t show a P100D winning. And they still mentioned it.

IMO it would be shady if they wouldn’t have said which version it was, but they did it in a very classy way. Any Pepsi vs Cola commercial is way worse.

And now Tesla can respond with a P100D vs I-Pace race, which will be great publicity for both EVs.

EVs are so quick, car makers don’t even bother comparing them to petrol cars, isn’t that great?

I noticed that little slight of hand as well. I suspect they were hoping people wouldn’t notice.

Wow,so no difference between the
75D and the 100D?

These idiots have lost their mind
Why would anybody buy from such a manufacturer that manufactures fake tests?

Imagine you buy this Jaguar and there is a problem with the car. What kind of lies are they going to make up?

Like the Ford vs Chevy truck videos? Or Pepsi vs Cola?

Usually those commercials generate more publicity for both makes. You might think they did this to hurt Tesla, but

1) they were very honest about stuff in general, giving out the correct names of the cars.

2) Tons of people are now talking about Tesla Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace. That’s better than not talking about them.

Edit: And they took very nice shots of the Model X. It could even be that they asked Tesla and they were totally ok with this.

The iPace is a significant smaller, more like x3, q5 I guess.
The Tesla Model Y would be fairer to compare with or Model 3 AWD which is already very roomy.
The cheaper Model 3anf especially the Model Y are in the segment of the iPace, but these Tesla Models will have propably have more pace (range, performane, supercharger, autopilot. OTA updates, etc.) for the same price

OK, but there is no Model Y, and there is no Model 3 AWD.

There are AWD Model 3s and they have been seen on the road.

Plenty of Model 3’s in Austria to dragrace against… /s

Agreed that future Model Y will likely be similar, but it isn’t out yet nor will it be for some time. This is within the next 6 to 9 months in the USA. Model 3 AWD should be available. Pricing difference between the two should be interesting. This is still a different class of vehicle though, but might get some cross shoppers.

In jag does not look bad from the outside. The inside does look traditional sturdy but not premium in terms of design compared to Tesla. The front seats look cool though.
Don’t get wrong, this is Jaguars first EV ( thanks to Tesla) and we are all happy about that.

I just want to give a point of view. Tesla has has a design that sets the boundaries for things things that count. For example: high end fast screen which highly be updated in future, frameless doors like a premium sport coupe, clean design in everything, roomy centre console, all glass roof, door buttons inside to open doors, air vent..,all looks slick
No one cares about the sturdy buttons or looks of a Nokia or Blackberry compared to an IPhone

You’re joking right? There is nothing premium about a Model S interior, no rear seat A/C vents, no grab handles, no storage. Frameless windos suck, glass rattles, windows leak, wind noise, door closing with rattles. My Chevy Bolt feels more solid than my Model S.

So this car crushed the more expensive Model X, while the new BMW M5 cruched the same priced Model S 100D

The fun part is going to be pulling up to the I-Pace, and having its driver clueless whether he’s got a chance or none at all.

No need to worry about ICE owners. They’ve given up their chumpy launch theatrics, never knowing if a Tesla is going to contest the fight.

Nope the more expensive is model X P100D, Tesla model 3 full equipment is cheaper than Jaguar and will beat it.

Tesla’s are expensive for the very reason they are free from supercharging from Tesla’s massive supercharging network

Jaguar, nice try, NEXT!

To every Tesla fanboys here talking about the P100D : please, please shut up. I’m happy about Tesla. I’m happy about Jaguar. I’m happy about evs in general. I have a VW egolf and I’ll get an Audi e-Tron so I have no stakes here.
But you are not supporting the cause, which is more electric cars . Your fanboyism is just absurd. The basic P100D cost exactly twice as much as the basic Jaguar S. Be happy there are more electric cars.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

How much is the Jag here? Price as tested?

Just curious because they rarely ever list the price tags, which I think is important because i’m a cheapazz.

@Trollnonymous : 600 000 norwegian kroner base price for the Jaguar, 1 190 000 for the P100D.

@MiguelS NL : It’s about the race video on the launch. They compared with the Model X, 75D to start with ( More expensive, slower and with much less range but more space inside. But also much bigger in dimensions and heavier).
Then the 100D when it was brought up by one of the pilot. But not the 100D because it’s goddamn ludicrous to even compare them when one cost TWICE the price of the other.

Do you people pay any attention? The driver (not pilot!) asked for a P 100D. P. They gave him a regular 100D.

And by having the driver mention the P100D Jaguar can give the illusion of it being a P100D even though it isn’t.

Companies DO get sued for misleading advertising, which means that the people writing the ad copy get slimy so they don’t end up in court.

“Your honor, we only said it was a 100, not a P100D. The driver driving the OTHER CAR went off the script and said the wrong thing. Nobody FROM JAGUAR ever alluded to it being a P100D.”

I think the comments which bring up the P100D are because of the commercial. Jaguar started the silly comparison and bring up P100D, not the others.
The ICE-makers laughed (and more) about Tesla for years (now they can’t), so it’s fair to be critical right of the way about their efforts if we are for ev in general.

Actually, the Tesla driver asked for the P100D.

Jaguar said effectively “here ya go” and gave him the same car with a heavier battery, not the higher performance car he asked for, conveniently glossing over the fact that is WASN’T the P100D.

Dudes, it’s an AD. Produced by Jaguar. You think they’re gonna let the Tesla win? They will contrive something (which they did) to make their car look better.

Just be happy that Jaguar is taking the electric market somewhat seriously.

Of course Tesla’s not going to win in Jag ad. BUT to have the driver mention P100D as if that’s what he’s getting is completely deceptive. It’s like SparkEV asking for Ferrari to race and then bringing out Ferrari kit car made with old Fiero.

Mr T,

Fanboys are hopeless. There is no reasoning with them, they are going to hate and trash anybody who attempts to do something that they perceive as threatening Tesla position no matter what.

An extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, video games (the most common usage), etc.

Known for a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Usually argue with circular logic that they refuse to acknowledge. Arguments or debates with such are usually futile. Every flaw is spun into semi-virtues and everything else, blown to comedic, complimentary proportions.

Indeed, but it’s sooo irritating ! 🙂

Even more so when I actually want all brands to succeed, but this is removing objectivity from everyhting. I’m going to start my own site about EVs in a few weeks, due to this issue of objectivity which get lost between fanboys, bloggers who have shares in a certain company, people who short stocks etc. It will be called , check that domain in 2 – 3 weeks if you want a site that is more informative.

To be clear, no one at InsideEVs owns shares in any automaker. Or, for that matter, offers up their referral code for goodies from the Tesla rewards program.

Thanks, Domenick. I will second that. We make no attempt here to specifically promote or disparage any automaker. We simply report the news that’s out there, whether or not it is positive or negative. We will never own stock in any automaker, nor will we try to twist a story to shed false light on something, unlike some of our competitors who primarily cover Tesla, provide and push referral codes, and sugarcoat the facts. In so doing, there’s also plenty of negativity toward new entrants in the market, and other automakers on those particular websites. I can’t speak for our audience or commenters, as they are allowed to share whatever opinion they have, within reason and without harassment. This means that you will find plenty of pro- and anti-Tesla talk, as well as the same related to the wide array of other brands. I will say that we are human, so we aren’t perfect, and at times something may be misconstrued or misrepresented, but that’s never our intention. Most importantly, we appreciate your opinion and insight!

That’s good to hear !

MrT, go to any other EV site, and it will be heavily censored, only opinions expressed are those of the site editors. If you like echo chamber, there are plenty out there. Just find ones that share your views instead of wasting time creating yet another echo chamber.

IEV is a breath of fresh air (relatively speaking; not as wild as old usenet). It allows views that are diverse, and we learn tons from them by having diversity of ideas in EV. Colleges that restrict/prohibit certain ideas/speech could learn from IEV.

+1 InsideEvs is the highest quality and most objective EV covering site right now.

It is a great site and personally people are annoyed because of how this AD is effectively a setup. They’re seriously trying to imply that the Jag is quicker than the Tesla. They could have picked any other premium SUV to target it against but they pick the X. They then give the driver another ‘X’ which is not the top of the line he has asked for but act simply to bait and switch. The X is bigger and heavier and can fit 7 passengers. It should always lose in a match with similar kW vs kW. That’s just physics. I just don’t like the add particularly for an EV vs EV stand point and this is a reason I would genuinely be turned off buying the I-Pace, it a glaring reminder that it comes from an encumbent vehicle manufacturer. There was no features conversion/comparison, dimensions or anything to assess the vehicles. They also pick the 0-60-0 test and the two Teslas they knew would lose.

Which is quicker with 7 passengers averaging 170 lbs?

Doesn’t matter, the I-pace only seats 5.

Model S is also exceptionally useful, and spacious, for a saloon. Instead, they picked the car less configured, the larger 75KWh SUV.

I’m happy for Jaguar. Today is their day. But maybe not the day to release smack-videos.

The i-Pace is 14″ shorter than the Model X. No third seat for you.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

OK, these drag racing really need to include the price of the cars they’re racing.

You might as well drag a Model X against a Top Fuel Drgger or Rocket car and say the Dragger / Rocket car is better.

You could assign your own price per second. For example, you might pay $100 or $1000 or $10,000 to take a second off the time.

Interesting concept. I like it.

Would also be useful for when Porsche shows the Mission E destroying a Model S on a track. You can decide how much you’d be willing to pay for performance you’ll never use.

Most Tesla P owners already have more performance than they use, except perhaps to crash into store fronts. Humans were not designed to control something that fast.

There is next article about I Pace that gives UK price. It is somewhat lower than entry level Model X UK price.

X P100D is much more expensive and so not comparable.

It’s a MUCH SMALLER CAR. The I-Pace is the same size as the Model 3.

I’m sure that jag was the top of the line model
And Im sure the price will be $100-$120k range.
Also the Tesla had the standard 20”wheels and Tires. Not the performance 22” wheels and tires. But the jag had the performance 22” wheels and tires ? put the standard wheels and tires on the jag and the outcome will be different.

This is not a drag race. This is 0-60 and back to 0. That puts a HUGE emphasis on braking strength and the weight of the vehicle.

I’ll give kudos to Jaguar marketing for coming up with the ad. Not sure why it’s surprising that a small SUV accelerates and brakes faster than a large SUV but it gets your attention.

You have to love the way the Tesla driver hangs his head after getting beaten for the second time. Wonder how many takes it took to get that?

I would like people to stop calling either of these vehicles SUVs. Neither one looks like an SUV.

Depends on your definition of a SUV. The first SUVs were trucks with a camper shell on them with no back wall to the truck cab.

Being a 6’4″ adolescent and having to effectively sit in the back of a pickup bed with your legs straight out in front of you, no openable windows, and parents who smoked had a rather profound affect on me.

An SUV is whatever the marketing department decides to CALL an SUV. Most of them used to be called “station wagons” before that fell out of favor.

With all kinds of cars having AWD now days even THAT isn’t a differentiator.

I’m a Tesla owner and I think it’s pretty damn impressive that Jaguar have come up with this car ahead of other manufacturers. It is indeed flattering to Tesla and perhaps unsurprising that the only car they were able to compare with was the model X, nothing else exists yet with similar specs.
I do agree with some of the comments above that the drag race was perhaps a little flawed, possibly misleading. Model Y whenever it arrives is going to be a closer match to the Ipace and as such, comment that you could get two Ipace for an X P100D is just a silly comparison not reflecting the size and spec difference.
In any case, kudos to Jaguar for coming up with such a smart EV at a lower price point, we need more manufacturers to catch up and bring the cost down + make the adoption of these cars more widespread.

Before Tesla I was Jaguar fanboy I still am and very happy to see that Jaguar finally came into the game, I am on my third Tesla but open to get a Jaguar EV again, however this race make no sense, why not to race S 75D. One thing Tesla supercharger is unbeatable and I know that if I get a Jag it will be a city car.

Agree, it’s shocking that Jaguar, a small player in car market, got in ahead of the German manufacturing industry. And did so with a nice looking and well performing model.
Here’s to more EVs real soon and the end of the ICE

The jag is a home run in every way except the lack of a supercharger network.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My thoughts also.

If i’m in the market for a medium suv, this Jag will definitely be in my radar.

Did you check the CCS charger Map ? The first 350kw chargers are being installed. Porsche installs the first 800V chargers.

The supercharger network was a great starting move by Tesla, but ultimately it is not maintainable to compete with the rest of the world. Tesla is already being dwarfed and in a year or two they will have CCS on board.

It’s like a power company would try to set up an alternative voltage network on their own. It worked well in the first days of electrified cities, but not in a mature market.

Tesla makes CHademo adapter to Tesla cars, there’s no reason why Tesla couldn’t make CCS to Tesla adapter and allow Tesla cars to use CCS, Chademo, Superchargers.

By contrast, CCS is stuck to just CCS. They are not likely to make CCS car to supercharger adapter since I doubt Tesla will allow it. That makes CCS cars the limited choice, not Tesla.

The Supercharger Network is an enourmous financial burden for Tesla that will make it non-competitive with other automakers. Eventually it will be unsustainable for TESLA to mainain it.

Glad to see Jaguar promote the I-Pace… hope they are successful in selling a bunch of them. I’m not sure comparing it against a Tesla Model X helps Jaguar.

It’s good to see the jag next to Tesla…. and the Jag looks dated already… predictable versus the imaginative. Sadly, Jag is already at a disadvantage
…and what about the door handles, a clear nod to Tesla model S?
It is awesome to see some legit competition, though
Remember, this is a Jag commercial, it can’t loose any race in its own party

Model eggX looks like an egg. No comparison, the Jag looks great.

Interior looks like crap and exterior is weird. not a clean design.

Especially with that dumb azz grill…. on an EV rofl

Looks better than the dead fish mouth.

Jag “can’t loose any race”, but they sure can “own” the “party”, at least for today’s reveal.

Jaguar has its sights set on Tesla, that is for sure. The Jag I-Pace was the closest car in proximity to the Tesla Model 3 at the 2017 LA Car Show, and not by accident or coincidence.

Now, how will Tesla respond with its Model Y reveal? TMY is definitely the more appropriate sized I-Pace competition, coming from Tesla soon, definitely not the larger Model X. Then Tesla can show its MY ability to compete against Jag in an Apples to Crab Apples comparison.

Well, no matter how you (or Jaguar) twist(s) or turn it, the following can be said:

(A) Competition is good, and even Elon encourages it.

(B) Jaguar would have never come up with its own (admittedly good-looking) performance EV if it wasn’t for Tesla.

(C) If you think about it, the fact that Jaguar is comparing its EV to the Model X is extremely flattering for Tesla and does not put a dent in Tesla’s reputation at all. On the contrary, a comparison to for example an e-Golf or Leaf would have been REALLY embarrassing for a performance car and a luxury brand. 😉

(A) Competition is good, and even Elon encourages it.

Could not agree more!

(B) Jaguar would have never come up with its own (admittedly good-looking) performance EV if it wasn’t for Tesla.

Actually they would. EU regulations on CO2 reductions will impose huge fines, and no way JLR can hit target without selling enough EVs to offset their ICE portfolio. Also China is huge market for them, and again is heavily EV focused. They had no choice.

(C) If you think about it, the fact that Jaguar is comparing its EV to the Model X is extremely flattering for Tesla and does not put a dent in Tesla’s reputation at all. On the contrary, a comparison to for example an e-Golf or Leaf would have been REALLY embarrassing for a performance car and a luxury brand.

Agree – they are taking TESLA seriously as a competitor. This is the first real opposition to TESLA – will be interesting to see how it goes.

Pity these are both luxury priced EV’s, not going to be able to afford one anytime soon.
How about those door handles? Clearly Tesla had influenced their design.
Notice all the Tesla fans come out and slap down the comparison because they made it look like Tesla lost. Who really cares? They are both great. iPace has 90kWh battery and Tesla has 75kWh & 100kWh batteries, most likely the motors are quite different as well. This comparison is just as valid as the Tesla drag racing every ICE under the Sun (or Moon as the case may be). Sometimes they will win, sometimes they will lose, the point is more EV’s of good quality are coming now.
Lots of things to find out more it is released, will Jaguar invest in the DC charging infrastructure? Does the iPace have a frunk? Will all their dealers be able to sell/service the iPace or will it be very selective?
Pretty exciting times!

It is indeed a pity the iPace is only made for the luxury segment. It would be real competition and good for the market if they did foresee a range of versions at lower price points. Eg a version (with only one motor or 2 smaller electric motors or just electronically limited version of the motors) with about 250 kW and at a base price point of 45,000 (as opposed to 60,000). Of course acceleration would also be lower (0-60 in 8secs), which is OK because with a passenger you don’t want to accelerate faster anyway …
This would definitely change the market dramatically and be some real competition for all the BWM X3, Audi Q5, Merc GLC. I predict they would not be able to meet the demand. Very much like Tesla is getting such a great response on the model 3 (beating the respective normal series 3, A4 and C class models).

0-60 in 8 sec for $45K EV is dead. That’s slower than 2014 SparkEV let alone Bolt. Heck, that’s even slower than the Leaf. What’s the ad going to say, that it’s the slowest car in the world priced at $45K? No one would buy it.

It is not about speed and performance only. It is also about design, comfort, space, brand. In the ICE world you see lots of pricier cars but much slower than let’s say a Mitsubishi Lancer or Subaru…


Yeah but this was not a drag race. I don’t get why everyone is acting so surprised. This is more of an European thing, you know, communist, cosmopolitan, effeminate. If this were a proper American drag act, the tesla would surely win.

As 65 replies and counting this stunt has done exactly what it was designed to do – an incredibly cheap way of getting everybody to talk about the I-Pace the day after launch. If it had been some video about how handmade the wood veneer on the dashboard was nobody would have bothered. This is Jaguars first electric car – Just like Tesla they have spent very little launching it …. but with maximum impact.

Yes, I aggree, it’s new car launch, why anybody complaining about adverdining it is behoud my gasp.

They probably never saw a TV commercial?

Don’t EV advocates just more more and more traditional manufacturer to jump in it?

Gee, fan are picky.

I personnaly wish ALL manufacturer to launch a good EV, and I include truck, buses, boat or whatever.

” just Want more and more…”


Guess they didn’t usw ludicrous or insane Mode in the Tesla. And, btw, there’s a reason why they didn’t Chose Model S.

Jaguar iPace is 1 foot (12 inches) shorter than Model-X and also has 2 less seater. So we cannot blindly compare just because both are electric vehicles. This is like comparing Jaguar’s own ePace with the bigger fPace.

Why compare with Tesla in a race as if they were sport cars? Why compare with any competitor at the launch event at all?Besides who would buy a Tesla if one can afford a I Pace?