Jaguar I-Pace Teased For Last Time Before Thursday’s Reveal


Jaguar is about to reveal its first dedicated EV.

After initially previewing the I-Pace electric SUV as a concept at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, the British brand has finally released its final teaser for the upcoming model ahead of the official debut on March 1 and a public premiere at the Geneva Motor Show a few days later. Jag will announce full pricing and specifications for the vehicle at the big unveiling.

All indications suggest that the road-going I-Pace will look a lot like the concept. The design features a blunt front end with a short overhang. The short hood leads to an arching roofline that incorporates an integrated spoiler. Underneath, there’s steeply raked rear glass that connects to a rear end with an ultra-short overhang. The elements combine to create a stylish, little compact crossover.

More Body Styles Possible – Jaguar I-Pace Platform Could Underpin More EVs

Jaguar I-PACE

Inside, spy shots indicate there would be a digital instrument panel. An angled infotainment screen gives the cabin unique look, since most automakers mount the display flat in the center stack.

Jag hasn’t yet confirmed powertrain details for the I-Pace. However, the concept used a pair of electric motors that pumped out a total of 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque. Given the company’s claims that the I-Pace is quicker than at least some trims of the Tesla Model X, expect the road-going version’s output to be similar to the concept or even higher.

The company has put the I-Pace through extensive testing to make sure the EV powertrain can withstand an owner’s abuse. Test mules have covered over 1.5 million miles and an additional 11,000 hours of rig simulations.

Jaguar will also prove the I-Pace’s performance to the public by staging a one-make racing series for the crossover. The  I-Pace eTrophy will run as support events for Formula E. Each race will be at least 30 minutes and will have 20 competitors on track. Modifications to the SUVs for work on the track will include a lower ride height, an additional rear wing, and a diffuser.

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Here comes the best EV ever and with CCS support!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Supper fast CCS charging at 50KW!!!!!…….lol

I like the GUID name…….lol

150 kW and 350 kW units have been installed already.

I’m sure they have 2.4 jigawatt units somewhere, but like 150/350 units, not widely available to public. But even if they have 2.4 jigawatt CCS, they will be crowded with free charging Leaf, i3, Bolts tapered to hell at 90%+ and charging at 6 kW, if that.

back to the future! jigawatt! nice

SparkEV can you maybe come up with something new to say.

Clearly you are bitter.

Poor dude.

Consider my complaint as public service announcement for those who think all EV are like Tesla. I wouldn’t pay Bolt money to wait at CCS, and I’d go insane if I paid Jaguar money and had to sit at CCS for some i3 at 92% with 29 minutes left to go charging at 4 kW when I only need 5 minutes to get home. Yes, it has happened, and sourced my EV experience.

Bitter and sour notice to others before they waste tons of money thinking they’re getting something like Tesla!

Alright excuse my harsh post.

I can relate to this more clearly than any prior.

What does that mean? You got a BEV and had to wait for some free charging EV tapered to hell?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Whatt’s irritating are the PHEV’s that charge 2ub 2Kw on a Clipper creek 40A 208V EVSE’s!!!!
Same with the free to charge LEAF’s.


Not just Leaf. i3 does the same. I once waited for i3 that added 0.01 kWh in 20 seconds using 50 kW DCFC. Do the math, and it works out to 1.8 kW.

I have waited behind an BMW i3 REx charging at 98% full on CCS, only to get out and see it is actually somebody I know from one of my community outreach groups. My buddy was completely oblivious to the “1.8 kw” charge rate EVgo fast charger situation.

Model 3 starts to taper at around half charge level, so what exactly better you would imagine Tesla has? I-Pace hopefully may charge at full speed over 2 C up to 80% just like Kia Soul or Ioniq EV, or your Spark EV. No much difference in practice even at common 125 Amper (“50 kw”) charger when comparing bigger battery I Pace with theoretical peak rate at Supercharger that is far cry from real life average.

Especially if you don’t risk getting stranded and so don’t come to supercharger almost empty to get that peak rate – once in a blue moon when station is half empty to avoid sharing power with next car. Good look finding empty superchargers in California when/if Model 3 production will reach what fans dream about.

The bottom line is that whatever way you spin, battery cars are not yet for people who can’t charge at home or work and need road charging more than once a year or so. It is unlikely such misled consumers outside fanboy/enthusiast niche will be happy and advice others to buy the same.

IPace may charge at 2C, but some yoko free charger that IPace driver is waiting for would be charging at 0.2C. When there’s only 1 or 2 handles per site, waiting is almost a guarantee.

By contrast, Tesla sites have many handles, dozen in case of San Diego. One rarely wait to charge. Even if power is shared, you are at least charging, not having to sit there in fear that someone else may take your spot in line if you leave to go eat or bio break.

As for BEV not ready, if each site has dozen handles and/or prevent free chargers, there’s be no problem even with SparkEV.


Newer VW settlement chargers will have many handles per site. The same is in Europe, many new stations already have multiple handles per site and in general standard charging infrastructure is better developed than in the US. Tesla proprietary one is either lagging or is going to lag soon, depending on location.

Sure Tesla has much better one in the US until now. But look at the price tag and compare apples with apples. Of course you can spend more on bells and whistles when you charge $100k per car and get extra tens of thousands per car in credits, incentives and regular new share sales. How exactly it is going to work when number of cars increases each year and price tag and margins may go lower, down to the market where people don’t have luxury of multi-car collections in their garages? You will soon get the same full supercharging stations as with “free Leafs” you complain every day about. They are already full in certain places where Tesla car concentration is high.

I’ll believe better CCS situation when I see it; or not since I’ll probably be driving Tesla by the time CCS “improves”.

As for Tesla, they have tight control on their charging network, and it’s in their best interest to keep them flowing smoothly to be able to sell more cars. Already, they discourage commercial operators from superchargers. They will never be awful like CCS.

By contrast, CCS incentive is not for smoother customer experience but to squeeze out money from bulk-sales (carmakers, ridesharing) by offering free charging. Just look at few Bolts getting free charging from Lyft/Maven clogging up the entire city’s worth of chargers. This is why CCS will fail.

The last time I read something about the I Pace there was a speculation about a 100KW charger. Hopefully it might even be a 150KW charger.

It is at least a 100kW charger.

The company has confirmed that the I-Pace can charge “from zero to 80 percent in approximately 45 minutes with a 100kW charger.”

Now if it’s above 100kW I guess we’ll find out on Thu.

Just read that too. I was going to complete my answer. But you were faster. thanks. 😉
It‘s a decent speed but 150KW would be perfect.

That is an continuous charge at 100 kW. That most likely means that it could charge at way more than 100 kW.

It would be awesome to see it tested at on of the 150 kW CCS stations that are starting to pop up.

Here comes another troll username in 0467…..!

Get real Tesla troll.

Well, now I wonder if it is John who re-registered a new username under 0467…. to appear to be another enthusiast of the I-Pace?

Seems to be a lot of that re-registered username trolling going on against Tesla in particular on InsideEvs by shills, shorters and haters.

You must be anti-Musk as new competitors is what Musk wants.

It’s true that Elon Musk wants the transportation industry to transition to evs.
Now somehow concluding that the iPace is the best ev ever, is just not realistic nor practical.
It will probably be a decent car, but why not wait until it’s actually in production to make such pronouncements, for otherwise comments, such as yours just seem to be so much BS.

Sorry to burst your bubble. I can’t imagine a single Jaguar customer switching to Tesla. The two demographics just don’t intersect.

Jaguar customers are an identity, in crisis. Tesla sees a lot of those.

Only because I’m atypical, I found it impressive that these cars will run for 30 minutes. The question is what HP they can sustain, during the enduros? Tesla’s can do 30 minutes, at ~250hp, but they have this issue of falling off a 500hp cliff, in <10.

It's all how they set it up. Looking forward to specs.

Come to think of it, Jag customers are famous for enjoyment of V12s. Why would you look for that kind of torque any place else?

I can think of 85+ reasons.

I Pace sure looks a lot better than model eggX.

I have high hopes that the I Pace will be a great car.

Hopefully it makes the rest of Jaguars ICE products look like crap the same way Tesla does to its ICE competitors.

And this competition spurring the transition to compelling PEVs is definitely what Musk and I want.

Price? Will that even be announced on Thursday?

I think it’ll be a cool car. But likely not a very big seller; it’ll be too expensive for that.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Price will be on par with the Jaguar name.
Probably $25K more than a TMx.

Do Model X’s start at around $50k these days?

One of the main pieces of information missing was the price, but now we have a much better idea of it thanks to a leak from early reservation holders in Europe, according to

The publication listed the different variants starting at 82,000 euros and going up to 106,000 euro.

Here are the prices per variant converted into USD and without VAT (via tech01X):

I-PACE S: $76,400 – 18″ wheels, LED headlights, Meridian audio system
I-PACE SE: $83,864 – 20″ wheels, adaptive cruise control, leather, power tailgate
I-PACE HSE: $90,387 – 18 way power adjustable seats, surround audio, other stuff
I-PACE First Edition: $98,773 – heads up display, air suspension, and sunroof

82,000 Euros = $101,000 USD.

And 82,000 Euros includes a heck of a lot of VAT!

So again taking the VAT out and using the $’s they provided as an estimate are Model X’s going for around $50k here in the US these days?

It’s actually very possible this car will start at less than the Model X does with it being all but certain that it won’t start at anywhere near $25k above what a Model X does.

Glad to see it can be purchased without the superfluous hood scoop.

Cool car, but I’m more excited about the upcoming e-tron. Would also like to see Tesla make a less goofy Model X, but that’s not happening anytime soon.

I am sorry to be the barer of bad news but the ones without the hood scoops are the e pace and f pace, I think it’s overhead view of the crossover family, left e middle I and right f pace.

Yeah Hood scoop, huge grill – agh yeah – It looks like an adaption of an existing platform ala Kia, Sol, Ford Focus, Golf E -not so crazy about the design. Love it or hate it Tesla has created distinctive designs from the ground up. The S is one of the most beautiful cars ever produced.
The grill is inexplicable – and a hood. scoop? “Form follows function” is lost on these designers.

Looks like a Ford Edge:

For Dead-ge!

AmeriCon Horror Story!

Its an all new platform, half the grill has a radiator behind it for its battery heating / cooling system (taken from Formula E racing) so no throttling down performance because batteries are getting too hot after a short while. I’m looking forward to seeing a Model S vs I-Pace around a track of more than 1/4 of a mile – say a high speed autobahn dash of 150 miles. Lets see who needs a grill then.

If only they’d start installing Charging Networks….